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Beard Oil – Why Use it and How to Choose?

Why Use Beard Oil and How to Choose the Best for You What is beard oil?Why bother with it?AppearanceNourishingMoisturizingSoothingSofteningWhat to Look ForCarrier OilsScentHow to Use Beard OilSome RecommendationsHonest Amish – Classic Beard Oil 2ozHonest Amish – Pure Beard OilThe Gentlemen’s Beard Oil and Conditioner Softener 1ozBeard Oil by Mountaineer Brand, WV Timber 2 ozJawbone Brothers […]

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Electric Shaver vs Wet Shave – Which is Best for Me?

Electric Shaver vs Wet Shave EfficiencyConvenienceEase of UseSensitive Skin?CostSummary of Pros and ConsElectric ShaversRazors​A Final Word EfficiencyIt is just about universally agreed that a wet shave with a good quality razor will ultimately leave you with the closest, smoothest results. ​When you shave with a razor, the blades are actually in contact with the skin […]

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How to Make Your Own Shaving Cream at Home

How to Make your Own Shaving Cream Why Make your Own?Best Recipe – Ingredients You Will NeedStep by Step GuideUtensilsMethod​Storage​Ingredients in Detail (with options)Coconut OilShea ButterAloe Vera GelLiquid Castile SoapBaking Soda​Essential Oils​Cost​A Quick and Simple Make IngredientsMethodStorage​Containers Why Make your Own?Making your own shaving cream can be very satisfying, not least because you dictate the ingredients […]

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The Ultimate Guide for the Perfect Bald Head

Complete Guide to Bald Heads Why?Professional treatment optionWhat are the Advantages of Shaving your Head Bald?Disadvantages of Shaving Your Head BaldPros of Shaving your HeadCons of Shaving your HeadHow to Shave your Head BaldFirst TimeMaintenanceTips for Avoiding Irritation from Shaving your HeadBald Head Care Why?Losing your hair through premature balding can be very distressing and […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Waxing Hair Removal at Home

Complete Guide to Waxing at Home Why Wax at Home?When is a Salon Best?​Why Choose to Wax – Pros and Cons​ShavingDepilatories​TweezingEpilatingWhat is Wax Best For?Waxing or Sugaring?​Choosing the Best Products – What are the Options?Hot or Cold WaxSugaringMaking Sugar Paste at HomeIngredients​To MakeTo Use​How to Wax for Best ResultsPreparationMethod​After Care​​PainTipsPain Reducing Products​Oral Pain ReliefSide Effects​ […]

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Hair Removal at Home – the Ultimate Guide

Complete Guide to Hair Removal at Home Why Choose Hair Removal at Home?ShavingBest For?Choosing a RazorStraight RazorBest MethodElectric ShaversPros of ShavingCons of ShavingTweezingBest for?Choosing Tweezers​Best MethodPros of TweezingCons of TweezingWhat About Threading?Waxing/SugaringBest for?Female WaxingMale WaxingEpilatingBest for?Best MethodPros of EpilatingCons of EpilatingDepilatory CreamsBest for?Pros of DepilatoriesCons of DepilatoriesIPL/LaserBest for?Pros of IPLCons of IPL Why Choose Hair Removal at Home?There […]

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Why and How to Sharpen Tweezers

Sharpening Tweezers Why Sharpen Tweezers?Sharpening ServicesTweezer ManufacturersTweezer Online Sharpening ServiceDIY Tweezer SharpeningBrowgal Tweezer SharpenersHow to Use​Simple SandpaperTo Finish​More Information​ Why Sharpen Tweezers?Buying a decent pair of well-aligned and tensioned tweezers with precise, sharp tips can be a great investment and if you look after them well, they will last you for many years. Nothing worse […]

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How to Use Hair Removal Creams and Gels

How to Use Hair Removal Creams and Gels Before you StartChoosing the Right ProductSkin TestPossible Side EffectsGeneral Usage InstructionsPrecautionsAnd Finally .. Before you StartThere are a huge variety of cream depilatories available today, at an array of costs ranging from around $5 upwards. When deciding which to buy, however, there are more things to consider […]

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