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The Ultimate Guide for the Perfect Bald Head

Complete Guide to Bald Heads Why?Professional treatment optionWhat are the Advantages of Shaving your Head Bald?Disadvantages of Shaving Your Head BaldPros of Shaving your HeadCons of Shaving your HeadHow to Shave your Head BaldFirst TimeMaintenanceTips for Avoiding Irritation from Shaving your HeadBald Head Care Why?Losing your hair through premature balding can be very distressing and […]

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Safety Razors vs Cartridge Razors – Which is Best?

There is no doubt about it, while the disposable cartridge razor is still by far the most popular utensil for shaving, the safety razor is hands down a better choice. Price, quality, environment and style are all factors that come to play in deciding which shaving style is the best. Safety Razors vs Cartridge Razors […]

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Making the Switch to Slant Bar Safety Razors

If you are here then you already know the merits of the safety razor and are looking to move over to realm of the slant bar safety razor. We are here to help you make the switch seamlessly. Making the Switch to Slant Bar Safety Razors What is a Slant Bar Safety Razor?How to Shave with […]

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