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How to Build an Awesome Travel Shaving Kit

It can be a real pain to transport your favorite shaving products when travelling, and this often leads to a mismatched bag of quickly thrown together products. What you need is a well thought-out and fully stocked Dopp kit that you can pick up and take with you, wherever your destination may be. How to […]

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Skarp Laser Razor – A New Era for Shaving?

We are always on the look-out for new and innovative hair removal devices and techniques, and when we heard about the Skarp Laser Razor prototype our ears pricked up with anticipation. Is this the beginning of a new era for shaving? Skarp Laser Razor – A New Era for Shaving? The Innovators and the IdeaHow […]

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Shaving Cream vs Shaving Soap – Which is Best?

We use shaving creams and soaps to soften hairs for an easy shave and to protect the skin from the razor. The lather created by the product helps lubricate the area to be shaved, which in turn helps the razor glide over the skin, providing a clean shave without irritations or cuts. So is it […]

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