Complete Braun Electric Shavers Review

Braun Shavers

Braun are a well known and respected market-leading Brand in the sector, and manufacture a huge selection of electric shavers ranging in cost from just $20 for a basic model right up to $390 for an all-singing, all-dancing bells and whistles model.

In this review, we have looked at the various features on offer within each Series to help you decide how important each one is and its value to you when making your choice, as well as giving you our top picks.

Braun electric shavers are all foil shavers - they do not make any rotary shavers.  

Foil shavers are generally considered to give the closest shave and are the best if you shave daily, have fine, straight hair and if you have sensitive skin.

Braun electric shavers come with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.​

Our Pick of Braun Shavers

Series 1 190s

In the lower price bracket, a great little shaver on a budget at around $40. Rechargeable, cordless use and sensitive to pressure for close, even shaving.  Good for first time users.

Braun Series 3 310s Wet & Dry Shaver

Series 3 310s

Rechargeable, cordless wet or dry use, with triple action shaver head to follow your contours, and central trimmer incorporated.  Bottom of the Series 3 range, a great shaver for the price at around $45 online.

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3050cc

Series 3 ProSkin 3050cc

This model comes with Braun's MicroComb feature to guide the hair and a clean and charge station for convenient, automatic hygienic cleaning and maintenance.  Would make a perfect gift, available at around $100 online.

Braun Series 3 Shave & Style

Series 3 Shave & Style 3010BT

Ideal if you have a beard, this model comes with the addition of a trimmer head and 5 trimming comb attachments for easy grooming (without the clean and charge station). Available for around $90 online.

Braun Series 5 5090cc with Clean and Charge Station

Series 5 5090cc

Advanced pivoting head and individual suspension of cutting elements for an even closer and more comfortable shave, plus improved clean and charge station.  Dry use only.  Currently available for around $200 online.

Braun Series 5 5040s

Series 5 5040s

This model has all the advanced features of the 5090cc above, but it can be used wet or dry and comes without the clean and charge station.  Currently online for around $190.

Braun Series 7 790cc in cleaning station

Series 7 790cc

Top notch shaver packed with features and 8 directional shaver head for a close, comfortable shave even on sensitive skin.  Dry use only, can be used cordless or corded.  Available online for around $175.

Braun Series 7 799cc

Series 7 799cc Wet & Dry

​Similar to the 790cc model above, but suitable for wet or dry use.  Comes with 2 bonus replacement cleaning cartridges.

Braun Series 9 9090cc

Series 9 9090cc

Four cutting elements, clean and charge station and Intelligent SyncroSonic technology, this shaver is designed to catch all types of hair in one move.  Available for around $220 online.

Braun Series 9 9290 Wet & Dry Shaver

Series 9 9290cc Wet & Dry

​Top of the range ultimate shaving experience, with 5 cutting elements including titanium coated trimmer, clean and charge station and travel pouch.  Currently online for around $330.

More Detailed Reviews

Series 1

We looked at three Smart Control shavers currently in the Series 1 range, with recommended retail prices from around $30 to $70.

Series 1 shavers fall within Braun's basic​ shaving technology category.

Series 1 Features

SmartFoil on box

Close-up of SmartFoil  (from the box)

All of the shavers in the range benefit from being 100% waterproof for easy cleaning and a rubberised grip for a firm hold.

Each model has a slide out trimmer for shaping areas with longer hair e.g. sideburns, mustache etc. and a protection cap.​

The special patented SmartFoil​ is specially designed to capture hairs growing in different directions for an efficient shave in all areas.

130s Shaver

Braun Series 1 130s

This is the least expensive of the three and is the only one that is for corded use only, great if you prefer not to bother having to keep recharging batteries.

It has automatic voltage adaptation (100 - 240v) for travelling abroad.  

​The 130s is marketed as a great, easy to use first shaver for beginners.

190​s Shaver

Braun Series 1 190s

In addition to the features mentioned above, the mid-range 190s model has a rechargeable Ni-MH battery for cordless use, providing 45 minutes use from a one hour full charge.

You can do a quick 5 minute charge which will provide enough power for one shave and there is an LED indicator showing the energy level in the battery.

It also includes a touch sensitive system which adjusts automatically to the amount of pressure that you are exerting.

195s Shaver

​This model has the further additional feature of optimized cutting elements to give a closer shave.

This triple action system consists of twin SmartFoils with a trimmer​ incorporated in the middle.

The 195s is the more expensive of the three.​

Series 1 Top Pick

My top pick of Series 1 is the Series 1 190s for a low cost, rechargeable device with touch sensitive technology that you can currently pick up for around $40 online.

For the cost of the 195s, you can upgrade to a Series 3 model with its superior technology.​

Series 3

The Braun Series 3 shavers range in RRP from $30 up to $200 and there are numerous models within the range.

Within Series 3 there are a further two model Brands easily available;  ProSkin and Shave & Style.

Series 3 Features

Braun 3 Flex-head

3D Flex-head system to perfectly follow facial contours

All Series 3 shavers include SmartFoil and the triple action cutting system featured in the 195s model.

​The two foils and middle trimmer pivot individually, to maximise contact with the skin through all the contours of the face, for a more efficient shave.

Some models have a MicroComb feature which is a series of ridges like a comb, situated on each side of the middle trimmer to guide the hair in.

The majority can be used wet or dry, so safe to use in the shower with shaving cream or gel if desired.

310s Rechargeable Wet & Dry Shaver

Braun Series 3 310s Wet & Dry Shaver

The Series 3 310s is a fully rechargeable shaver for wet & dry use, which has an affordable recommended retail price of just $45.

It is a basic Series 3 model, which still has the main features without the added MicroComb, which is reflected in the price.

It can be used wet or dry, cordlessly only, with a full charge time of one hour, which gives about 20 minutes of shave time.

There is also the quick, 5 minute charge option for 5 minutes shaving.

This is a great little shaver if you are on a budget.


Series 3 ProSkin models feature a rubber, ergonomic grip with dots to give a secure hold in the shower.

ProSkin 3050cc

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3050cc

Includes clean and charge station

Some models, such as the ProSkin 3050cc, which is our pick, include an alcohol based clean and charge station

​The advantages of the clean and charge station are:

  • Convenience - cleans, charges and lubricates your shaver head automatically
  • Optimises performance - keeps shaver head in top condition
  • Hygienic - alcohol based cleaning solution
  • Charges whilst cleaning - keeps the shaver ready for use
  • Dried Automatically

The station has 3 cleaning modes depending on how intense it needs to be and is programmed for automatic selection so that you do not have to decide, you just press the button.

The MicroComb feature is also included with this model.​

Available at around $100 online, this is a great product for the price.​


Shave and Style models have the addition of a trimmer head and 5 trimming combs to trim your beard at 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7mm lengths.

Shave & Style 3010BT

Braun S 3 Shave & Style 3010BT 3 in 1 Electric Shaver

Trims for the perfect beard

Our pick of these is the Series 3 Shave & Style 3010BT which is available online for around $90.

​If you already have a Series 3 shaver and want to upgrade you can purchase the Braun Shave & Style BT32 for around $30, which consists of just the trimmer head and comb attachments.

(Suitable for all Series 3 models except Cooltec).

​Series 5

Series 5 Features

Series 5 shavers not only have the flexible head system of the Series 3 models, they also have individual suspension of each cutting head and the whole head pivots for maximum possible skin contact.

Further features include:​

Braun Series 5 5090 FlexMotionTec

40 degree pivoting shaver head

  • CrossHair blades - for the closest possible shave from an electric shaver
  • UltraActiveLift - designed to tackle the most problematic areas of the neck and chin
  • LED Display - battery status and hygiene
  • MultiHeadLock - provides 5 lockable angles for ultimate precision
  • Precision Trimmer - for trimming sideburns and mustache
  • Rechargeable - full charge 1 hour for 45 minutes shaving, quick 5 minute charge for one shave
Braun Series 5 5090 Shaver Head

UltraActiveLift and CrossHair Blades

5090cc Shaver

Our top pick of the Series 5 shavers, this one has it all, including a clean and charge station for optimum hygiene, although you can charge just with the lead and plug for convenience when travelling.

Only for dry use, but waterproof for rinsing clean under a tap.

Braun Series 5 5090cc with Clean and Charge Station

The MRRP for this shaver is $199.99, so it does represent a bit of an investment but the shaving technology is advanced and the product gives a good, comfortable, close shave.

5040s Shaver

If you want a similar shaver that can be used wet or dry the Series 5 5040s fits the bill for around $190, but comes without the clean and charge station.

Series 7

Series 7 Features

Series 7 and 9 shavers are at the top of the Braun range.   With the ultimate in shaving technology, they really do compete with traditional wet razor shaving for comfort and closeness.

Braun Series 7 4 shaving elements

​Series 7 models have 4 individually suspended and floating elements on a pivoting head, with Braun's Micro and MacroMotion technology, giving 8 directional flexibility.

The term MacroMotion means that the 40 degree pivoting shaver head can maximise skin contact across the longer contours of the face.​

MicroMotion means that the individual suspension of each cutting element enables the shaver head to maintain skin contact on the smallest contours of your face.​

There are 2 optifoil elements to the head, with a special ActiveLift Trimmer to manage flat lying hairs and a skin guard to smooth the skin sandwiched in between.

There are 5 settings ranging from sensitive to turbo, so that you can select the best for you.

Braun's Intelligent Sonic technology is designed to adapt automatically to the density of your beard, providing extra power as and when required.

All of these features ultimately mean that you should not need to go over the same area more than once, significantly reducing the risk of skin irritation.

790cc Shaver

Braun Series 7 790cc

Our pick of the Series 7 range, this model comes complete with clean and charge station and has a MRRP of $289.99.

Although recommended for dry use, it is 100% waterproof for rinsing clean under running water.​

Fully rechargeable in one hour for 50 minutes cordless shaving time, you can also use the shaver whilst plugged into the mains with the power cord provided.

799cc -  Wet & Dry Shaver

Similar to the Series 7 790cc, this model can be used wet or dry and comes complete with 2 additional clean and charge replacement cartridges.

Series 9​

As you would expect, at the top of the range, Braun's Series 9 shavers are the bees knees in shaving quality and technology.

We have picked out two, the first can be bought for around $100 less, the second has every bell and whistle currently available:

9090cc Shaver

The Braun 9090cc Shaver has four individual, independently flexible elements to the shaver head, providing Braun's Micro and MacroMotion technology.

Braun Series 9 Shaver Head

Close up of the 9090cc shaver head

The four elements work together to give a smooth, close shave with minimal irritation:

1  40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute to remove all types of hair

2  Trimmer specially designed to direct and cut hair growing from all directions​

3  Lifts and cuts hairs that are lying flat

4  OptiFoils​ for a close finish

Other features include:

Braun Series  pop up trimmer

Slide out Trimmer - integrated trimmer for precision shaping e.g. sideburns and mustache.

Multi Head Lock - for shaving difficult to reach areas, to lock shaver head into required position (5 options)​

​Waterproof - although recommended for dry use, the device is 100% waterproof for rinsing clean under running water

Advanced Clean and Charge - 5 action, alcohol based clean and charge station, selects cleaning programme (3 options), cleans, charges, lubricates and dries.  ​

LED Display - shows battery and hygiene status and travel lock indicator

Travel Pouch​

9290cc Wet & Dry Shaver

Braun Series 9 9290 shaver 5 elements

This top of the range shaver has all the features of the 9090cc model above, but with 5 specialized shaving elements and titanium coated trimmer.

The 5 floating shaving elements provide 10 dimensional movement to adapt even closer to your contours.

The additional fifth element is a protective skin guard to smoothen the skin whilst shaving, to give the most comfortable shave possible.

Can be used wet or dry and has a countdown LED display to show how many minutes of shaving time are left.​


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