Switch to Double Edge Shaving and Save the World!

There are so many benefits to switching to double edge shaving, but many people brush them aside, wrongly assuming that it would be too much work.

Read below for reasons why the switch will not only help you do your bit towards making this world a cleaner place but will also benefit your personal life!

Switch to Double Edge Shaving and Save the World!

Doing Your Bit for the Environment

Going green and making stronger efforts to preserve the environment are on more and more people’s minds these days.

With the colossal amounts of waste that we produce every year, a good way to start is to cut down on disposable goods, and invest in products that don’t require replacing, or at least won’t need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Assuming that you change cartridges or razors once a week, it doesn’t take long to work out how many you are throwing away on a yearly basis. All of that plastic and metal ends up in landfills and takes forever to disintegrate.

While some companies make their razors out of recycled plastic, the most popular brands don’t. However, double edge safety razors are crafted from metal and made to last. Even the most affordable razor will last for years!

By switching to double edge shaving you can really start cutting down on what you dispose of in garbage every week. It’s important to start somewhere, and with each small change you are making a difference.

Once you have purchased your first safety razor you can start thinking about the products you have been using during your shave and how they may be effecting the environment.

How about moving from shaving foam in a can to a more luscious shaving soap in a recyclable box? Or even better, how about making your own shaving creams and soaps?

Not only are you doing your bit towards becoming more environmentally-friendly, you will also be aware of every ingredient that goes into your product and therefore can avoid any additives and/or chemicals.

It’s possible to make a big batch of soap that will last you and your friends for years!


You are now probably wondering about what happens with the blades that you use, because while the razors aren’t disposable, the blades are.

This is a great question to have, because while the solution is quite easy it is not completely straight-forward. Used blades can be sent to a recycling plant, but not as is, as there is a risk of them cutting someone, or ending up in the environment and hurting an animal.

What you can do is make a small opening in a can of soup broth, empty the can, and fill it up with your blades. Once it is full, seal the top and send it off to be recycled!

This way you make sure that your blades are packaged up in a way that they cannot harm anyone or anything. In addition to being safe, you will also make your shave 100% eco-friendly.

If you are concerned about the packaging of your shaving soap or cream, make sure that you purchase a soap or cream that comes in recyclable material.

Many soaps come packaged in paper or cardboard boxes, others in plastic containers or wooden bowls. You can’t go wrong with a Van Der Hagen soap, both super affordable and very popular, while containing minimal packaging.

Add a good reusable bowl or shaving mug, as well as a good quality shaving brush and you are set for a while. You most likely won’t have to replace the soap too often either!


In addition to being more environmentally friendly, when you switch to double edge shaving it is easier to make sure that you are using cruelty-free products.

While most cartridge razors aren’t tested on animals, a lot of the companies who sell them also sell products that have been tested on animals.

Most safety razor companies only manufacture razors, so they are usually automatically cruelty-fee. There are also companies such as Jack Black that are certified by PETA as cruelty-free and their safety razors are not only highly effective but also beautiful!

None of their products have been tested on animals or contain ingredients tested on animals.

If smooth skin is as important to you as maintaining a cruelty-free hair removal regimen, then double edge shaving is definitely a great option! You can still use a shaving brush too – just opt for a synthetic one!

Saving Money

Who doesn’t want to save money? The notion of going green or being more environmentally friendly often goes hand in hand with the notion that it will make everything cost more money.

In regards to shaving this is exactly the opposite! While the initial investment in a safety razor may be more expensive than a cartridge razor (especially if you also purchase a shaving brush and bowl), that is where it ends.

Replacement cartridges cost much more than replacement blades cost, so much that by switching to double edge shaving you will most likely end up saving on average over $200 a year!

You can find an excellent, mid-range safety razor for about $40, and will spend less than $20 on 100 blades. If you change blades every 4 or 5 days, your stash will still last you 4 or 5 months!

Also, if you use shaving soap, an average sized puck will last for months. So no need to worry about that cost adding up too much either.

If you end up making your own soap or cream, then you can also assume that you will save money there, especially if you create in bulk.


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