The Best Value for Money Shaving Sets

Shaving sets are a great gift for any man, and especially for those who love a traditional wet shave. They are also a wonderful idea for traditional shaving beginners as it gives them a great start.

There are many options on the market and we have found five of the best value for money sets that you can find. These sets are affordable, good-looking, well designed and crafted.

Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Shave Set

The Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Shave Set is a fantastic starter set.

It comes with everything you need for a wet shave: combination brush and razor stand, pure badger hair shaving brush, a monogrammed apothecary mug and a cake of hypoallergenic shaving soap.

While this set does not come with a razor, the razor stand can hold most razors. A classic Parker, Merkur or Edwin Jagger will fit perfectly with this set, and are also great beginner razors (link ).

Retailing at less than $25 this set is great value for money. While you still need to purchase a razor, for next to nothing you have a sturdy stand and cup, a popular Van Der Hagen soap and a pure badger shaving brush.

While the brush isn’t the most advanced that money can buy, it’s a good starter brush, and can be upgraded to a silvertip once the technique has been perfected.

All in all a sturdy, good-looking and highly affordable shaving set.

Merkur Shaving Gift Set

The Merkur Shaving Gift Set comes with the Merkur 23C (180) long handled safety razor, a combination razor and brush stand, a bowl, a pure badger hair shaving brush and a 2.25 oz cake of Col Ichabod Conk Shave Soap.

All items are chrome-plated and look pretty stunning together. Merkur design highly effective shaving gear and their razors are some of the most popular safety razors in the world.

The 23C (180) is great for those with bigger hands and also a favorite with women (link ) as it helps access harder to reach areas.

This gift set costs just under $85 and while on the higher end price-wise, it is well worth it.

While an experienced wet shaver may prefer something a little more unique, this set is a great starter set, or even a set for those who are looking to go back to a more traditional way of shaving.

The bowl is a little light-weight and while the brush is of great quality, it isn’t of the best grade badger hair. However, with good care this set will last a very long time, and will make some one very happy!

Boss Razors Shaving Gift Set with Safety Razor

This 3 piece chrome-plated gift set from Boss Razors is both exceptionally good looking and of great value at $40. In addition it works really well!

The gift set includes a safety razor, a badger hair shaving brush and a well-designed combination razor and brush holder.

The set also comes nicely packaged, perfect for a gift. We love the gorgeous twisted chrome design in both the razor and shaving brush handle that gives the set a pretty unique look.

The razor is very well weighted, making for a good, controlled shave, and takes most double edged blades.

If you are looking for a small set that isn’t too expensive, this is a great buy as it really appears to be much more expensive than it actually is.

While the shaving brush may need to be replaced after a while, the razor will last for years, and still look and feel great!

Parker 71R Safety Razor Shave Set

The Parker 71R Safety Razor Shave Set is just stunning and would make a great gift for anyone interested in a traditional wet shave, both for a beginner and for the more experienced shaver.

The Parker 71R is a finely engineered and designed safety razor which is mild to medium aggressive, which makes it good for beginners and seasoned shavers alike.

It has a brass frame and a 3-piece head as well as a non-grip handle – so important for those who shave in the shower!

The shaving brush has a beautiful black handle and is made from pure badger hair. The great thing about this brush is how soft and dense it is, great for those with sensitive skin.

The razor and brush come with Parker’s most popular stand which is both sleek and sturdy. All of the above will cost you about $80, which is a great price for such a beautiful and useful set. You will find that the components of this set will last for years, as long as they are well cared for.

Harry D Koenig & Co 4 Piece Shave Set

This is a great set for those who prefer to shave with a cartridge razor.

For $40 you get a handy handle that holds a Mach 3 razor handle, a shaving bowl, soap and a shaving brush.

The set is silver-plated and looks good in the bathroom. It also packs away nicely so that it doesn’t take up too much space.

You can use any Gillette Mach 3 cartridge blades with the handle, and if you prefer you can replace it with a safety razor, as it will also fit in the stand.

The shaving brush is made with boar hair, and lathers well. While there are more expensive and higher quality sets for cartridge shavers on the market, this one is great value for money and also looks great to boot!


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