5 Common Myths about Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has grown massively in popularity over the past 30 years since its invention.  However, there is a lot of misinformation spreading over the internet about this method of hair removal, so we want to set the record straight with our 5 key myth busters:-

1. Laser Hair Removal Permanently Removes Hair

Laser hair removal is not a method for permanent hair removal.  There have been no clinical studies to suggest that this is the case and the FDA explicitly states that laser hair removal does not remove hair permanently.

Where this gets confusing is that laser hair removal can offer permanent hair reduction. What's the difference​?  To qualify for permanent hair removal then the device must be able to remove hair from the area treated without any regrowth.  To qualify for permanent hair reduction, however, the treatment simply needs to ensure a reduction in the number of hairs.

Although results vary widely (depending on a number of factors such as the type of laser that's being used, skin colour, hair colour, the length of the treatment, hair density etc.) laser hair removal has been reported to offer up to 80% reduction in treated hair.

However - laser hair removal does not permanently remove your hair.​

2. Home Laser Kits are as Effective as Lasers used in Professional Hair Removal Clinics

While there are a number of home laser kits available on the market, they are nowhere near as strong as the lasers that a professional laser practitioner uses in a salon.

In order to meet legislation requirements (in the US, these are outlined by the FDA), home laser manufacturers have to abide by a strict set of guidelines that dictate how strong the laser in the device can be.

Given that the user of a home laser kit is not a trained professional, the threshold is much lower than what's used in a hair removal clinic.​

Home laser kits have their place in the market and can give good results for certain customers, but can't be compared to the kind of results that you'd get from a trained practitioner with industrial grade equipment.

3. Laser Hair Removal is Pain Free!

Not true - unfortunately.  Laser hair removal has often been compared to having an elastic band flicked on your skin with a rapid frequency along with a burning sensation. 

While laser hair removal is generally considered to be less painful than electrolysis, ​it can't be considered pain free.

4. Laser Hair Removal is Effective on Everyone

Laser hair removal is actually ineffective for those people that have light hair (blonde/red) or dark skin (more than 3 on the Fitzpatrick Scale).  

In fact, it can actually be dangerous for anyone with dark colour skin to have laser hair removal.  Inappropriate use can lead to quite severe skin burns, which is why it's important that you choose a fully qualified practitioner.

Laser hair removal targets melanin - melanin is responsible for pigmentation in both hair and skin.  The laser can't differentiate between skin melanin and hair melanin and that's why dark skin can be dangerous.  

Laser hair removal is most suited to people who have light coloured skin and thick, course, dark hair. 

5. Genital Laser Hair Removal can Cause Infertility

This is another myth born more out of irrational fears than out of scientific research. The laser is designed to target the hair follicle and will not penetrate any deeper - certainly not deep enough to affect any organs.  This is true no matter which part of the body you are targeting with laser hair removal.

Genital laser hair removal will not make you infertile!​


I'm a computer science graduate, have a passion for self development and created this site as a side project due to the lack of complete, understandable, helpful and truthful information about hair removal available online.