7 Reasons to Switch to Double Edge Safety Shaving

If you've been following this blog recently then you'll have noticed that we're commonly talking about the merits of shaving with a double edged safety razor.  

Why?  Because it's so much better, in pretty much all ways.  And to prove it, we've put together our top 7 reasons for making the switch to double edged safety shaving.​  

1 - It's Cheaper! More Than $3,000 Over 10 Years Cheaper

I recently wrote a post that showed how you can save over $200 / year by switching to shaving with a double edged safety razor.  And these are conservative numbers...

If you needed 4 cartridge refills per month @ $30 per pack and factor in the cost of a can of gel per month at around $4 per can, then you're talking over $400/year.  Cost savings with this example would be closer to $350/year.

On the flip side, the danger of shaving with a safety razor is that you get hooked and join the ever growing number of hobbyists that like to experiment with lots of new razors and blades each year.  This, of course, comes at a cost.  However, I don't think that comparing a hobbyist safety shaver's expenses with your average Joe's cartridge razor expenses is a fair comparison.​

Bottom line is:- safety shaving is a lot cheaper.​

2 - You're Helping the Environment

It's no secret that disposable cartridges are no good for the environment.​  Approximately 2 billion of them are sold and disposed of every single year in the US alone.  

Ditch the disposable cartridge in place of a beautiful, chrome plated razor that you can hand down to your grandchildren 50 years from now.​

3. Less Irritation

I've written about this in detail here, cartridge razors have been designed to give you as close a shave as possible with one pass - that's why there are so many blades.

The side effects of having five blades running across your face is that it's much more of an irritant and often causes razor bumps, burn and other unwanted side effects.​  What's more, with safety shaving, you are encouraged to press the head down against the surface of the skin for the closest shave - a cardinal sin if you have sensitive skin.

Lots of people find that simply switching over to double edge safety shaving completely solves the irritation that they have with shaving.​  The one blade, multi pass approach is so much friendlier less aggressive on your skin.

Cartridge razors are one of the worst things that you can use if you have sensitive skin. While the multiple blade approach is great for speed and efficiency, it's very harsh on your skin and can cause havoc with sensitive skin

Ingrown hairs and bumps after shaving can be really unpleasant, cause itching and make the whole hair removal experience a nuisance

4. Say Goodbye to Ingrown Hairs

Following on from the previous point, I've not noticed a single ingrown hair since switching to double edged safety shaving a year ago...

​The crazy thing is that, now, I can even go against the grain without worrying about ingrown hairs or other irritation.  This would have been like suicide with my older Gillette Fusion 5 blade razor - I would have been paying the price for weeks, especially with my acne prone skin.

5. Cleaner Cuts

Check out this microscopic photo taken of two hairs after being shaved with i) a double edged razor and ii) a cartridge razor. 

You can see how much cleaner the cut is with its clean, angular cut.  Cartridges, on the other hand, tear at the stubble, resulting in softer, irregular fibrous ends.  [source]

What this means to you?  Pain and irritation free cutting, even with dense beard growth.

6. It's Enjoyable! (Yes, really!  Shaving can be enjoyable!)

The ever popular Merkur 37C slant bar razor

I can hear you already...Shaving? Enjoyable?  It's true - traditional wet shaving is fun.

People actually look forward to shaving!

​Instead of dreading the process and the unwanted side effects that you're going to get from running that multi bladed machine over your face, imagine whipping up your own lather from beautifully scented organic substances and carrying out a three pass shave with a beautiful chrome plated razor that glides through even the densest of beards without and hassles.

It's hard to communicate this point unless you've actually tried it, but traditional wet shaving is an experience that we look forward to in the morning. It's a relaxing part of our daily routine.

7. Huge Choice of Soaps/Creams/Razors and Blades

One of the great things about safety razor shaving is that you are guaranteed to find a combination of products that suits your beard growth and skin type perfectly.

There are over 82 different types of blades, a huge array of shaving soaps and creams, and as many razors to match - you will always be able to find the right ​combination for you.

Have massively dense beard growth?  Consider getting a more aggressive slant bar razor complete with ​feather blades (one of the sharpest blades on the market - see our sharpness chart) so that shaving is like slicing through butter.

Suffering from shaving irritation and have less dense beard growth?  Try using a less aggressive Merkur 34HD ​along with Derby blades for an ultra smooth irritation free shave.

Don't believe that there's much of a difference between blades?  Read this.​

The Conclusion is Clear...

​Switch to double edge safety shaving and you'll be a richer, smoother, healthier, happier, "greener" and sexier person!

You should really give it a shot.

Still don't believe me?  Maybe these sites will convince you! :-

Or maybe you'd prefer some testimonies from some average Joe's:-

If that doesn't convince you, nothing will 🙂


I'm a computer science graduate, have a passion for self development and created this site as a side project due to the lack of complete, understandable, helpful and truthful information about hair removal available online.

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