Best at Home Waxing Products for Legs – Roundup Review

Waxing is an ever-popular hair removal method, and products for use at home have improved over the years as demand has risen.

There are many varieties now on the market, from hot wax that needs warming to super easy pre-waxed strips that you can take on your travels and use anywhere with no fuss or bother.

Natural sugaring products are also on the market, and although they are strictly speaking not actually wax, they work in the same way and produce the same results and so we have included some within this review.

Waxing at home can be tricky, but the legs are just about the easiest to start with as they are easily accessible and less sensitive than some other areas.

Best Waxing Products for Legs

These are some of the products we have bought and reviewed

Which Product Should You Buy?

Leg Waxing Best Buy

Sugar Strip Ease Hair Remover

For my "best buy"  I have picked Sugar Strip Ease Hair Remover.  

I really like this product because it is 100% naturally produced, containing just sugar syrup and water, and certified as cruelty-free.

It is simple to use (can be warmed in the microwave) and suitable for use on all almost all parts of the body, with 15 reusable strips that are a good size for waxing the legs.

The lovely, almost honey-like scent makes it very pleasant to use and I found it to be effective at removing leg hair.

Retailing at around $20 for a 9 oz jar, it is not the cheapest product we have reviewed, but overall it is my favourite and it represents pretty good value for money (there is sufficient product for several treatments).

Spatulas are provided and any residue can be easily washed away with water.

Hot Legs Cool Gel Wax 12.4 oz

Hot Legs Salon Quality Cool Gel Wax is another good quality, value for money product, retailing at a very reasonable $17 for a good sized,12.4 oz (350g)pot.

Designed to be used cold, there is no need to warm it first, it is soft and spreadable and ready to use straight away, to make things super-easy.​

There are 6 reusable cloth strips included as well as a wooden spatula, slanted at each end to make it easy to spread the gel following the contour of the legs.

The product is sugar-based and, as with Sugar Strip Ease above, any residue can be removed simply with water.​

Parissa Wax Strips Legs & Body

I found Parissa Wax Strips for Legs and Body to be almost as effective as the Hot Legs product above.

Consisting of 40 pre-waxed strips designed to be simply warmed between the hands, they are perfect for use when travelling.

Also included in the $14 price tag is a bottle of Azulene finishing oil, to remove any wax residue and leave the skin feeling soothed and moisturized. 

Veet Wax Strip Kit legs and body

The Veet Ready to Use Wax Strip Kit is one of the best value-for-money products we have reviewed, at around $8 for 40 strips plus finishing wipes.

Formulated for use on sensitive skin the product is dye free and promises to be effective on hair as short as 1.5 mm.

The strips are good size for treating legs, and they can also be used on other parts of the body, but not on the face.

Veet produce a separate wax strip kit for facial use as part of their large and popular hair removal range.

Sally Hansen Lavender Spa Wax Kit

The Sally Hansen Lavender Spa Wax Kit is a warm wax kit which can be easily heated in the microwave.

There are 8 wooden application spatulas and 20 good sized cloth strips included with the product.

A small bottle of Azulene finishing oil completes the kit, for use post treatment to remove residue wax.

​It works for sensitive skin and can be used all over the body, by men or women.

Available for around $11 for the kit, it is relatively inexpensive and there is sufficient product for several half-leg treatments.

Moom Express Natural Wax Strips legs and body

Moom Express Natural Wax Strips​ are double sided pre-waxed strips (20 in all), with no heating required and no mess.

They can be used on legs and body, designed with removal of hair from large areas quickly and easily.

Available at around $12, they are not the cheapest strips available, but they still represent pretty good value for money.

Also included with the product is a bottle of delicately fragranced post treatment oil for removing any wax residue.​

Full Reviews of Each Product

Sugar Strip Ease Hair Remover

Sugar Strip Ease

Sugar Strip Ease is safe to use all over the body, but for our purposes I tested it on the legs, and found it to be very effective.

The strips are a good size for leg treatments, measuring 7cms x 20cms.

There are 15 strips provided with the product, and they can be washed clean with water for re-use.​

There are 3 spatulas included, 2 large and one small.

The sugar wax can simply be heated in the microwave and then when it has reached the right consistency, it is easily spread thinly over the treatment area and a strip is smoothed down firmly over the top.

The strip is then zipped off quickly, against the direction of hair's growth as close to the skin as possible, in one swift movement.

We have carried out a separate full review, which includes an instruction video.

Things we Liked

  • Inexpensive compared to visiting a salon - around $20 for a 9oz jar, sufficient for several treatments
  • Natural - made from 100% natural ingredients and certified cruelty-free
  • Good Results - and pleasant to use
  • Easy Clean - cleans with warm water, no need for oil as with many waxes
  • Microwaveable - safely heat in the microwave (with lid off), but can also be heated in a pan
  • Quick & Efficient
  • Lovely Scent

Things we didn't Like

  • Time Consuming - Time required for heating and clear-up
  • No Extras - after care lotion and talc is available in the range but needs to be purchased separately

Hot Legs Salon Quality Cool Gel Wax

Hot Legs Cool Gel Wax

Sticky consistency with no heating required

Straight off the bat, when the pot is opened the first thing you notice about this product is the rich green colour and slightest scent of peppermint.

It is soft and sticky at room temperature, but is best stored somewhere that is not too cold as it will be less easy to use.

There is one slanted wooden spatula​ included, which measures 105mm  20mm and is a good size for larger areas such as legs.

The 6 polyastro strips each measure 230mm x 75mm, which is great for use on the legs and they can be cut down for smaller areas.  These are washable, with water, and fully reusable once dried.

​It is worth noting that this product needs to be spread very thinly for best results, as the thicker the gel, the less effective it becomes.

Things we Liked

  • Inexpensive - comes in a good sized 350g pot for around only $17
  • No Heating Needed - very easy to use straight from the pot, so no need to worry about burning yourself
  • Effective - good for coarse hairs
  • Sensitive formula - designed for use on sensitive skin
  • Easy Clean Up - residue removed and strips washed easily with water
  • Versatility - suitable for use on body and face

Things we didn't Like

  • Hair Regrowth Required - Minimum 5mm in length to be really effective
  • Number of Strips - there are 6 provided, but for large areas you may need to purchase additional strips
  • After Oil - available but not included as with some products, so need to purchase separately

Parissa Wax Strips for Legs and Body

Parissa Wax Strips Legs and Body

This product consists of 20 double-sided pre-waxed strips (40 in total), with the waxed area measuring 140mm x 55mm.

The wax is sandwiched between 2 clear plastic strips.

To use, you simply warm between your hands until the wax softens and the sheets can be easily pulled apart to give 2 ready to use wax strips.

The transparent strips make it easy to see the area you are waxing, which I liked.

The 8ml bottle of Azulene oil included is perfect for removing wax residue from the skin post-treatment and can be applied with a cotton wool pad.​

The best thing about pre-waxed strips are their simplicity, and the fact that they can be easily packed for use anywhere.​

Things we Liked

  • Inexpensive - 40 strips for around $14
  • Effective - removes most hair efficiently
  • Large Strips - great for use on legs
  • Easy to Use - no mess or microwaving, clear strips make it easy to see what you are doing
  • Use Anywhere - great for travelling
  • Azulene Oil - removes wax residue and soothes the skin

Things we didn't Like

  • Regrowth - Needs to be long enough for strips to be effective - around 5 mm
  • Effectiveness - removed most hair, but one or two strays remained

Veet Ready to Use Wax Strip Kit

Veet Wax Strip

Wax strip - rounded at one end

There are 20 double-sided strips in the kit, each consisting of wax sandwiched between two semi-opaque backing papers.

The wax area measures 130mm x 30mm, and once warmed between the hands, the strips can be carefully pulled apart to form 2 usable strips.​

The strips are printed with a graduation marks showing 1.5mm and 1/6" ​measures to easily check that the hair is long enough to be treated effectively.

They are rounded at one end to form a tab, to make it easier to grasp when you are ready to zip them off.​

I found that they worked very well for me when tested on legs and arms.  They can be used more than once in a session, but I found that after using twice they had insufficient grip and became ineffective.​

Also included are 6 individually wrapped wipes to use after waxing, to remove residue wax and soothe the skin.

Things we Liked

  • Inexpensive and Good Value - at just $8 or so for 40 strips
  • Finishing Wipes - with plenty of oil to remove wax residue easily
  • Short Regrowth - effective for hair as short as 1.5m
  • Easy to Use - no heating or mess, great to take on your travels
  • Quick - good sized strips for covering large areas

Things we didn't Like

  • Instructions Only on Box - The instructions are given on the box, so you need to retain it.  Also some of them are in impossibly small type!
  • Additional Wipes - you will probably need more than 6 to last for 40 strips- worth of treatments

Sally Hansen Lavender Spa Wax Kit

Sally Hansen Lavender Spa Wax Kit

Straight away on opening the lid, you notice the vivid colour,  which I must admit I am not too keen on.

However, the faint lavender scent is pleasant and mild and the wax is simple to heat in the microwave to a soft, pliable consistency.

There are plenty of the 197mm x 74mm strips - 20 in all, although it is a good idea to purchase some extras, plus there are 8 wooden application spatulas included.

I found that the wax did harden up again quite quickly, so it was necessary to re-heat a few times during treatment, but it was effective and removed hair first time.​

Not as simple to use as the pre-waxed strips and a little more messy - you need to be careful to avoid getting the wax on clothing, carpets etc., but a good strong wax, that will remove coarse hair.​

The Azulene oil provided is good for removing residue wax after treatment and, although only a small bottle, a little goes a long way.​

Things we Liked

  • Value for Money - Way less expensive than a salon and good results
  • Sensitive Skin - can be used on sensitive skin
  • Microwaveable - easy to heat in the microwave
  • Strips & Spatulas - a generous quantity and good sized for larger areas such as legs
  • Azulene Oil - great for post- treatment use to remove residue wax

Things we didn't Like

  • Colour -  Synthetic looking and not to my personal taste
  • Time Consuming - can take a while and wax needs reheating during treatment
  • Messy - care needed to avoid spillages

Moom Express Natural Wax Strips

Moom Express Wax Strips - legs and body

Pull off against direction of hair growth

The wax is set between two clear strips, the wax area of each being 140mm x 55mm.

They just need to be gently warmed between your hands until the wax softens and becomes pliable, then carefully pulled apart to give 2 pre-waxed, usable strips.​

According to the instructions they can apparently be used several times​ duting a treatment, though in practice I found that more than twice rendered them ineffective.

The finishing oil has a very delicate hint of cucumber, and is good for removing any remaining wax after treatment.

​They are certainly very easy to use anywhere and great to pack for travelling - and especially good for inexperienced at-home waxers.

Things we Liked

  • Cost effective - but not the cheapest on the market - at around $12 for 20 strips
  • Finishing Oil - pleasant to use and good for removing left over wax post treatment
  • Good Size - to remove hair from large areas quickly
  • Clear Strips - easy to see the area you are treating and where you need to position them
  • Easy to Use - no heating or mess

Things we didn't Like

  • Effectiveness - Not quite as efficient as some of the other products - still the odd hair left
  • Hair Length Required - needs to be long enough for the product to be effective

Waxing at Home - Top Tips

Waxing at home is a great option for if you are on a budget and has the additional advantages of convenience and privacy.

However, there is a method to waxing for best results, and there are many choices of product available on the market, so there will likely be some trial and error involved initially.

In our opinion the products reviewed above are some of the best and most effective we have found, but no matter how good the product, you need to master the method and so we have outlined below some key points for you:

Exfoliating Exfoliate

Regular Exfoliation Reduces Ingrown Hair

  • Clean Skin/Exfoliation - it is important that the skin is clean and clear of make up, oils and other skin products prior to waxing.  Regular exfoliation between treatments is advisable, to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.
  • Patch Test - Always carry out a patch test 24 hours prior to treatment.  This is important even if you have previously used the product with no adverse effects, as allergy can develop at any time.
  • Hair Length - make sure that the hair you are removing is the right length - this should be outlined in the instructions provided but is usually 3mm - 5mm.  If your hair is not long enough, then leave it to grow for a few days, but equally important is to trim down any longer hair.  If your hair is too long it will drag and be more painful.
  • Do not Bathe or Shower - for at least an hour before waxing, and not immediately after waxing.  You should also avoid direct sunlight, swimming and using deodorants or astringents for 24 hours.  To soothe the skin after treatment you can use a mild moisturiser, or quite often an oil is included with your at home product.
  • Use Baby Powder - skin must be very dry to ensure that the wax adheres well.  In very warm conditions or for sensitive areas, it is a good idea to rub some baby powder into the skin prior to treatment.
  • Test Temperature - if using hot wax, make sure that it is not too hot and test on a small area on the back of your hand prior to use.
  • Cold Wax Strips - should be warmed gently between the hands to soften the wax.  A good tip is to use a hair dryer for this, which works very well.
  • Application - always apply in the direction that the hair is growing, and smooth down in the same direction.  If using hot wax, spread it thinly as it will become less effective if too thick.
  • Hold Skin Taut - with your spare hand.  This will avoid pulling and ripping at the skin, making it less painful.  This is especially important in areas where the skin is looser and more sensitive, such as underarms and bikini line.
  • Remove Strip - grasp firmly and remove quickly, against the direction of hair growth in one swift movement, keeping as close to and parallel with the skin, so that it is being pulled back across itself.  It is important to do this quickly to be effective.

More Information

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