Best Depilatory Creams for the Bikini Line

Due to the very nature of how depilatory creams work, they all contain strong chemicals which can cause irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin.

When choosing a cream for your sensitive bikini area, it can be difficult to decide which to choose, and ultimately boils down to personal preference and which works best for you.

We have found a few that we believe provide effective hair removal for this intimate area for a reasonable outlay.

Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream, Sensitive Formula, 13.5 oz

Veet, one of the best known and respected Brands in the sector, feature a large range of popular hair removal products.

This​ gel cream is designed for sensitive skin and can be used on the bikini line, as well as legs, arms and underarms. We found it to be easy to use, and it worked well, in just 5 minutes.

​It comes in a convenient pump dispenser bottle and is complete with a spatula for even application and scraping the product off after use.

The ingredients include Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, which help to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth.​

This product retails at around $8.50 for a fairly generous amount of cream, and is certainly sufficient for many applications for such a small area as the bikini line!​

Things we Liked

  • Value for money - sufficient cream for many applications
  • Efficient - works well
  • Easy to use pump - no mess
  • Quick - maximum 6 minutes
  • Good for Sensitive Skin

Things we didn't Like

  • Odour - not the best, but not overwhelming

Avon SSS Fresh & Smooth Bikini Line Hair Removal Cream -  2.5 oz

Avon's bikini line hair removal cream is specially formulated to be fragrance - free, for sensitive skin.

Removes hair pretty quickly - anything from 2 1/2 minutes up to 8 minutes absolute maximum.

What you get for your money, though, is a small tube of depilatory cream - probably only sufficient for 3 or 4 uses.

Given the retail price of around $7.50, it does not represent as good value for money as the Veet sensitive formula, however if it works for you??

Ingredients include soothing Aloe and Meadowfoam oil, to leave skin soft and moisturized after use.

Things we Liked

  • Quick - from just 2 1/2 minutes
  • Odour - fragrance free formula
  • Good for travelling - small size
  • Sensitive Skin Formula

Things we didn't Like

  • Small size of tube - just 2.5oz of product
  • No Spatula

Bikini Zone Bikini Area Hair Remover Creme - 2 oz

Bikini Zone is another depilatory specially formulated for sensitive skin.

​Although it apparently has a "fresh, cucumber and melon scent" I can't say that I found it particularly great.

That said, the product works well and is quick to use, from just 4 minutes, with the absolute maximum recommended time being 10 minutes.

Amongst the ingredients are Aloe and Chamomile to soothe and moisturize.​

At a retail price of just over $7 for a small, 2 oz tube, this is not the most cost effective cream, but there should still be enough for at least 3 applications, for the bikini line.​

Things we Liked

  • Effective - Worked well
  • Convenient - small tube for travelling
  • Quick - worked in the 4 minutes recommended
  • Good for Sensitive Skin

Things we didn't Like

  • Odour - Not as good as promised!
  • Small size - relative to cost
  • No Spatula

Nair Bikini Cream with Green Tea, Sensitive Formula - 1.7 oz

Nair's bikini cream with green tea is specifically for the bikini line for those with sensitive skin - and is also perfect for that delicate underarm area too.

It comes in a small, 1.7 oz tube​ which retails at around $6, so more expensive than some for such a small amount.

If you are only using for the bikini line, there should be enough for at least 2 applications though.​

​Although the odour is not perhaps as pleasing as advertised, it certainly was not overpowering and better than some of the others we have tried.

Overall, works well in the 6 - 10 minutes recommended timeframe.​

Things we Liked

  • Works well - within recommended time of 6 - 10 minutes
  • Sensitive Skin Formula

Things we didn't Like

  • Small Tube Size - relative to cost
  • No Spatula

Veet in Shower Hair Remover Cream - 10.1 oz 

Another Veet product, we have chosen this because it has the added convenience of being able to shower whilst using.

It is suitable for use on sensitive skin and bikini line, as well as the legs, arms and underarm areas.

The generous size of 10.1 fl oz (300 ml) provides many applications for bikini line and is available at around $13, so better value for money than the smaller tubes.

Much as with the pump version, the odour is not the best and results were not quite as quick.  

Nevertheless, it was effective within the 5 - 10 minutes recommended, and if you prefer an in-shower depilatory cream, this is well worth a try.

Things we Liked

  • In Shower Use - convenient for removing cream
  • Value for Money - quite a good size for the price
  • Sponge Applicator - for ease of use
  • Sensitive Formula - good for sensitive skin

Things we didn't Like

  • Unpleasant Odour

Gigi Hair Removal Cream W/Balm for Bikini and Legs

This product consists of a 2 oz (50g) tube of hair removal cream and a 0.5 oz (14g) tube of post-depilation calming balm.

The odour of the cream is not particularly pleasant, but the calming balm is a great addition, leaving the skin soothed and moisturized.

Currently retailing at $6.26, this product represents reasonably good value for money, given the addition of the post-treatment balm.

Gigi hair removal cream for bikini and legs works in 5 - 8 minutes, and we found it to be pretty efficient, and there should be enough for 2 - 3 treatments of just bikini line.

Things we Liked

  • Quick - works in 5 - 8 minutes
  • Post treatment balm - great for soothing the skin
  • Effective
  • Good value for money

Things we didn't Like

  • Small size
  • No application spatula
  • Odour

Hair No More Advanced Hair Vanishing Creme - 6 oz​

Retailing at around $28 for a 6oz tube, this is the most expensive of the hair removal options reviewed.

​Can be used for bikini line, as well as arms, legs, back and chest.

This cream  definitely has the best odour of the bunch, just lightly scented, and not offensive.​

​Works in 3 - 10 minutes - we found 5 minutes to be effective.

Things we Liked

  • Odour  Relatively pleasant and not too strong
  • Quick - worked in just 5 minutes
  • Effective - removed all hair in treatment area well

Things we didn't Like

  • Cost - Relatively expensive
  • No Applicator - spatula not provided

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