The Best Facial Hair Removal Cream for Men

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Cream that allows for razorless shaving, works on all skin types and comes in four different strength categories.

This is not a shaving cream so should not be used in conjuction with a razor. ​ Simply apply the cream to the skin for up to 7 minutes before wiping it off with a cloth.

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Razorless shaving cream that comes in two different strength categories.  Available for purchase only on Amazon.com.

Again, this is not to be used with a razor - apply the solution for up to 10 minutes before wiping the substance and the hair off with a cloth.​

While men’s facial hair tends to be a lot different to women’s hair, mostly darker, thicker and coarser, male skin can be just as sensitive as female skin. This is why depilatory creams marketed towards women are not likely to be very effective on men, and if left on too long may damage the skin, in the same way as they would a woman’s.

Therefore, if you are looking for an alternative to shaving by using a hair removal cream, you will probably be disappointed if you use a women’s cream. Although not as common, there are facial hair removal creams for men on the market and we have rounded up the best ones for you here.

There are many hair removal creams and sprays that currently exist for men, however most of these products are for use on the body and not the face. If you are planning to purchase a hair removal cream to remove facial hair it is important to check that the cream is suitable for the face before buying.

Hair removal cream for the body is not recommended for the face due to the sensitivity of facial skin. The big brands that are very popular with women such as Nair and Veet only make body hair removal creams for men. There are surprisingly few effective male facial hair removal creams on the market.​

1. SoftSheen Carson Magic Shave

The SoftSheen Carson Magic Shave line provides powders and creams aimed to provide what they call a “razorless shave”. Marketed towards dark-skinned men who are more prone to razor bumps, ingrown hair and razor burn, the SoftSheen Carson Magic Shave line works well on any skin, and there are also many great reviews of the products written by women.

These products are available online, in most major drug stores, and are very affordable. As with any hair removal product a skin test should be done 24 hours before use, just to make sure that no irritations develop.

The Magic Shave creams work by applying a thick layer onto the beard, leaving it for up to 7 minutes at the very most and then wiping the cream (and hair) off with a washcloth. If hair remains after application it is recommended to wait for 24 hours before re-applying.

The cream works very well when applied correctly, and is not to be used in conjunction with a razor (it is not shaving cream, but a depilatory cream). It can be used on sensitive skin (it is important to do the skin test first though, as it is with any such product).

SoftSheen Carson offer several products in their Magic Shave line:​

  • Shaving Powders: there are 4 different strength shaving powders formulated to remove up to the coarsest of beard hair. The powder is mixed with water to create a foamy lather and is applied in a thick layer to the face for 4-7 minutes maximum. The powders are specifically designed for black men as they are more prone to razor bumps and ingrown hairs, but they work very well on any type of skin tone, hair color and texture. These powders are called “Shaving Powders” but are not to be used with a razor. They are hair removal powders.
  • Magic Razorless Creams: regular strength, extra strength for very coarse hair, and also a hair removal cream designed specifically for removing head hair. Application and removal take less than 10 minutes and results last up to 4 days.

In the same vein as the Magic Razorless Creams we reviewed above, the Formula 103 creams were initially created for dark skinned men who are more prone to razor bumps and ingrown hairs. The creams, however, work on any type of skin tone and hair type.

Formula 103 comes in regular strength and extra strength for coarse beards. The content is applied in a thick layer to the (dry) beard area, left on for up to 10 minutes and wiped off with a face cloth. If the instructions are followed correctly, hair should come off when you wipe the cream off. Do not leave on for longer than 10 minutes to avoid irritations.

The Formula 103 creams are not available in stores but can be purchased online via Amazon.​


Considering the amount of hair removal creams that can be found on the market nowadays and the advances that have been made with regards to the smell and efficiency of depilatory creams, there are surprisingly few options for men!

While the Formula 103 creams have decent reviews and are efficient, the SoftSheen Carson Magic Razorless Creams are clearly ahead of the game with their line of products and also for the fact that they are available anywhere!

The use of body hair removal cream on the face is not recommended due to the risk of irritations. It is also not recommended to use facial hair removal creams marketed for women on men’s beards as they are unlikely to be effective.​


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