Best Products to Relieve the Pain While Waxing

Waxing can be very painful, that's why many prefer to use numbing cream to help dull the pain.  

Here we have a list of the best topical application numbing products available for pain-free waxing.  You can simply rub these creams onto the treatment area before starting your waxing session - make sure you read the instructions for each product as they vary from one product to the next.

Numb Master 5%

This is a lidocaine substance that gives you a full 1 hour of numbing effect.  Wait 20 - 25 minutes after application to get the full benefit of the numbing cream.  

This is one of the strongest waxing pain removal products on the market and, in our opinion, the best for waxing.  

Numb Master really makes a difference to the waxing experience, making it much more bearable!

Dr. Numb

Dr. Numb is another lidocaine substance that some people swear by and it contains the maximum lidocaine substance allowed by the FDA (5%).  

For best results, you'll need to apply the cream before covering it with saran wrap (cling film) - this keeps the area warm and helps activate the numbing affect of the cream.

NumbFast 5%

This is another very popular waxing pain removal product that contains 5% lidocaine.  Again, you'll need to use saran wrap to activate the substance and get the best out of this product.

How Do These Products Work?

These numbing creams have an active ingredient called lidocaine, an FDA approved substance and powerful local anaesthetic.  

You should always the instruction manual that comes with the lidocaine product that you use, however you can use the following steps as a guide for the best results:-

  1. Clean treatment area - Thoroughly clean the treatment area to make sure there is no dirt / dead skin.  We already recommend taking a hot shower before waxing to open up the pores - you can use this time to also thoroughly clean the area to be treated.
  2. Apply first layer - Around one hour before waxing you should apply the first layer liberally to cover the treatment area.  For best result, make sure you use plenty of the cream
  3. Apply second layer - Almost immediately after the first layer has been applied, you should apply a second layer.  While the first layer will have been predominantly absorbed by the skin, the second layer will sit on top of the skin so that it is still visible.  Again, don't skimp on the amount of cream being used.
  4. Wrap with saran wrap - Once the second layer has been applied, you should then wrap the area with saran wrap (otherwise known as cling film).  If you are waxing your back, for example, you would wrap around the entire torso tightly.
  5. Remove wrap before treatment - after at least 45 minutes (an hour is preferable), you remove the saran wrap and wipe off any excess cream.  At this point, the treatment area should be numb and you can go ahead with a nice, pain free waxing session!

These Products are Also Used for Tattoos

The lidocaine products mentioned above are so powerful that they are also used to reduce pain for people that have tattoos performed.  Here is an interesting video to show the application process and the difference it makes for someone having their tattoo done:-

Other Ways to Reduce Pain while Waxing

Aside from using topical anaesthetic, we recommend that you also apply baby powder to the treatment area, avoid coffee and alcohol, exfoliate prior to waxing and apply a post wax treatment solution.  Click here for a full list of ways to reduce pain while waxing.


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