Best Tweezers for Eyebrows

The best tweezers for eyebrows are those with slanted tips.  This is because the slant can be angled to run parallel to the skin, making easier to grasp each individual hair for tweezing in the direction of hair growth (also termed plucking).

​They also offer the versatility of a pointed end which can be used to isolate any pesky stray hairs that are proving particularly difficult.

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer

Generally you can't go wrong with Tweezerman products, and the Tweezerman Slant Tweezer has won an Allure "Best of Beauty" Award for 14 years, as well as several other accolades.

Manufactured in India from stainlees steel they are a good a quality, precise and well designed tweezer with a sleek and unfussy appeal.  The matt-finish enamel coating gives a lovely, comfortable feel and at a retail price of less than $20, they really are good value for money.

With their precise alignment, sharp tips and perfect tension they are easy and efficient to use with no slipping.

Tweezerman provide a free sharpening service for the life of all of their tweezers if they become dull through normal use, with the additional offer of a 50% off coupon once they can no longer be sharpened.​

They are available in various colours, as well as in a Steel finish and there is even a funky Animal Print version.​

Whilst this is Tweezerman's  best-selling, award winning slant ​tweezer, they also have a wide grip slant and a mini slant tweezer in their range.

The wide grip is a good idea if you have any difficulties holding tweezers, for added control.  Really, the mini slant is more for if you want a second pair of tweezers for "on-the-go".​

Rubis Classic Slant Tweezer​

These Swiss made tweezers from Rubis are elegant looking, with a sand-blasted stainless steel finish to provide a good grip and a lovely brushed, pewter-like look.

Retailing at just under $30, they are towards the the top of mid-range and this is reflected in the quality of the product.

The three key elements of a good pair of tweezers are all well covered in this product; precise alignment, hand-filed tips and perfect tension so that they are very effective in grasping hairs precisely every time, even the very fine ones.​

​There are several different colours in the Rubis Classic range, including red, pink, black and white, all made in the same surgical quality stainless steel but with a soft touch colour coating.

Revlon Expert Slant Tip Tweezer​

If you are looking for a decent pair of tweezers on a budget, these pretty much fit the bill.  Retailing at just under $7 they are definitely an affordable addition to your beauty toolkit.

The Revlon Expert slant tip tweezer is made in China and has a diamond patterned embossed black coating, giving it a good grip and an almost crocodile-skin look.​

The arms are shaped to widen out in the middle to further improve the grip and control.

What you get for your money is a well aligned, attractive and practical pair of slant tip tweezers from a well-known manufacturing Brand​.

On the whole they perform well, although I did experience a couple of slippages when I tried them for myself.​

​The tension in the arms of these tweezers is noticeably firmer than some others, which may not necessarily be a bad thing.   However, to use them over a period of time for tweezing brows may become uncomfortable if you are prone to weakness or arthritis etc. in your hand and fingers.

All in all, although ​not perfect, they represent pretty good value for money at an affordable price.

OceanPure Slant Tip Tweezer​

The OceanPure Stainless Steel Tweezer retails at around $7 - $8 and is a cracking little tweezer for the price.

It has the winning combination of good tension, precise alignment and  sharp tips - all the things you look for in a tweezer!

They are slim and sleek looking, without the grip features of their Revlon counterpart, but in terms of performance i.e. not slipping, they just about edged them in my book.

​There is also a Neon Range with a coloured, textured coating, available in black, orange, pink, purple and yellow.

​OceanPure Slant Tip Tweezers come complete with a handy little draw-string storage/carrying pouch for protection.

Slice Combo Tip Tweezers​

The Slice Combo Tip is actually a pointed slant tweezer, so has a more acutely angled slant and a sharper, more exaggerated tip than the regular slant-tip tweezer.

I have included it, as I am aware that some swear by this style, and this one is of particularly good design (by Michael Graves).

They are not a budget item, retailing at around $20, however the look and feel of the product, with it's soft touch rubberised colour coating and ergonomic, wide grip for control, still makes this a good value for money product.

​In use, the tweezers are effective and efficient, with perfect alignment and nice sharp tips. The tension is firmer than some, but as mentioned in the Revlon overview above, should only actually cause a problem for those with weakness in their hands.

​I recently carried out a full review on both this product and the Tweezerman pointed slant with direct comparisons, and I was surprised to find that I preferred the Slice version (not to be confused with the regular slant, of course)

​So if you are a fan of the pointed-slant tweezer, this is the one we would recommend.


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