Best Waxing Products for Men

Waxing at home can be just as efficient as a salon wax, for a fraction of the price. While there are not as many options for men as there are for women, there are still quite a few out there.

Waxes are not always created equally and we have therefore created a selection of the best male waxing products on the market today for you. 

Recommended Waxing Products

1. BodyHonee Men & Woman

The most remarkable attribute to the BodyHonee sugar wax is that it is so natural you could eat it. Literally! It is made from three simple ingredients: sugar, salt and lemon juice.

This, paired with how effective the product is, makes it into a top choice for both men and women.

It works well on both fine and coarser hairs and can be used anywhere on the body, apart from the face, even on the more sensitive areas.

The wax requires only 30 seconds of time in the microwave to be of optimal heat, and can easily be applied with one of the provided spatulas.

The kit also comes with 10 wax strips. While there is enough wax in the pot to cover most of the body, there aren’t enough strips so it is advisable to purchase an extra batch of strips before you run out.

BodyHonee wax comes in two options, fine to medium hair and thick/coarse hair. It’s 100% natural make-up means that it is completely water soluble and any excess wax can easily be removed with a quick splash of water.

It’s also fantastic for use on sensitive skin and those who do not tolerate more chemical solutions.​

Things we Liked

  • 100% natural
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Works well on coarse hair

Things we didn't Like

  • Not enough wax strips and spatulas in the kit

2. Clean & Easy

The Clean & Easy Professional Waxing Spa Basic Kit is the perfect replica of a salon kit for use at home.

The hot wax kit contains:

  • A waxing spa warmer
  • 3 packs each of large, medium and small wax,
  • 1 medium, small and fine roller heads,
  • 3 pack of large roller heads,
  • 50 pack each of large, medium, and small epilating cloth strips,
  • an educational DVD and booklet,
  • after wax remover
  • and a restore lotion.

Both the novice and the expert can use this kit with ease and the fact that it costs the equivalent of one session at a professional salon and comes with enough content for months of waxing joy makes more than worth its value.

Within 30 minutes the wax is heated to a great consistency, and the roller applicators make applying the wax so clean and easy – hence the name!

The other great advantage of the Clean & Easy Spa Kit is that it works well on both fine and coarse hair, so it’s great for both men and women.

It works well on all areas of the body, as the different sized rollers adhere well to the contours of the body as well as to hard to reach areas.

There are only a couple of areas that could be improved on: the addition of talcum powder to the kit to make it really complete, and higher quality wax strips. However, the major qualities really outweigh any cons.

Things we Liked

  • Professional wax-grade kit
  • Months worth of product for the price of one professional wax
  • Super easy to apply and remove

Things we didn't Like

  • Wax strips are not very efficient
  • Lacking talcum powder in the kit

3. Parissa Men's Wax Strips with Tea Tree

You may have a preference to cold wax strips over salon-style hot wax or sugaring. If this is the case then Parissa’s Men’s Wax Strips are for you. There are 20 strips per box, sized perfectly for use on the chest, back and shoulders.

Strips can be cut for smaller areas if need be. Both wax and strips are made from all-natural ingredients and are therefore very eco-friendly, and also a great option for sensitive skin.

The cold wax strips are very easy to use, no need to heat them up, they can just be applied to the skin and pulled off for an efficient hair removal. If the instructions are followed correctly there should be no need to pass over the area again.

They are perfect for a quick and easy last minute wax, touch ups or in a travel kit. These cold wax strips were developed specifically for male hair, and work extremely well on coarse hair.

They are a great and affordable option for on the go waxing and perfect for those who don’t like the potential messiness of hot wax.​

Things we Liked

  • Completely eco-friendly product
  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable

Things we didn't Like

  • Not always as effective as hot wax

4. Moom for Men

Another highly recommendable, very affordable and easy to use home sugaring product that has been developed for dealing with coarser male hair.

While Moom for Men comes in a slightly smaller size than its BodyHonee counterpart (6oz instead of 10oz), it does also come with several application spatulas and reusable wax strips.

The latter is an excellent plus as they can easily be washed and used time and time again. The jar can conveniently be popped in the microwave for 30 seconds to a minute to be heated.

The wax itself is 100% organic and is water soluble, a great advantage over sticky oil soluble waxes.

Any post wax remaining residue can simply be washed off with warm water.

While the low price is a wonderful advantage, the 6oz of wax that comes in the package is barely enough to cover one or two sessions, especially if your aim is to cover 2 limbs or a full chest for the first time.

However, results are pretty great and can last between 4 and 6 weeks, so for the price it really is worth it.

The natural ingredients are great for sensitive skin and the composition does a great job at adhering to any type of hair and pulling it out at the root without much difficulty.

Things we Liked

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use
  • 100% organic
  • Reusable wax strips

Things we didn't Like

  • Small sized jar of wax


There are some excellent waxing products available for men on the market now, from salon style warm wax and home sugaring products to cold wax strips. The 4 options above are currently the best on the market considering their price and efficacy, and all work extremely well on male body hair.​


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