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The patented Billion Dollar Brow Buddy is a nifty little tool designed to make symmetrical shaping of your eyebrows easy. It is complete with a brow pencil and full instructions as to how to draw the required shape on your brow prior to tweezing . A simple idea but a very effective one. Overall, a pretty positive review.


4.3 out of 5 Stars

Product Overview

The Billion Dollar Brow Buddy is essentially a tool for determining the points on your eyebrow where your brow should start, finish and arch to achieve the perfect shape, prior to tweezing.

It is manufactured in China, and is complete with a white brow pencil for drawing on the shape of your brow, once you have marked the three relevant points.

Shows the Brow Buddy packaging

It is a simple and ingenious little tool, which retails at around $20, available in silver or pink plastic.​

What you Get

As you an see from the photograph, the Brow Buddy tool comes in a box, with the white brow pencil and a fairly comprehensive instruction leaflet included.

The tool itself rather resembles a pair of frogs legs - th​at are still attached at the hip!

Shows the contents of the kit

​The instructions are pretty clear, with pictures to show exactly how the tool should be used to determine where the 3 key points of the brow should be.

The brow pencil is white, so it is clearly visible on the brow once the shape is drawn in - the idea being that any hairs straying outside of the white lines can be tweezed.​

​Once finished with the tweezers, the pencil line can be removed to reveal perfectly shaped brows beneath - what could be simpler!

A Look at the Billion Dollar Brow Buddy

Shows the Brow Buddy in my hand - spooky resemblance to frogs legs!

Straight off the bat, I was a little disappointed that the tool was made in quite flimsy looking plastic.

To be fair, it looked exactly as advertised but I think I was just expecting something a little more substantial for my $20.

Measuring 14.3 cms from top to bottom and 5.8 cms ​at its widest point when closed, there are finger indents on each leg for holding.

So, I thought I would test the ​claim that "The Brow Buddy takes the guesswork out of how to achieve the perfect brow!"

I followed the 5-step instructions to the letter and yes, it was fairly straightforward but it is also fair to say that there is still some skill required and some practice needed.

Actually, the same method can be used for free with any straight edge e.g. a pencil or ruler to find the start, arch and end of your brows, once you know the formula to follow.

Having said that, where the Brow Buddy really scores is that the design means that you can achieve symmetry more easily with it than by using any other straight edge.

Shows the cogs at the centre of the Brow Buddy - ensures that each leg opens equally for perfect symmetry

This is because the two "legs" of the tool are cleverly joined in the middle by inter-linked cogged wheels - so that when you open them each leg opens at an equal distance.​

I guess that my main reservation about this product is that I don't think you would need to use it more than 2 or 3 times at most.  Once the perfect brow is achieved, maintainance is generally pretty straightforward.​

How to Use Video

This short video demonstrates exactly how to use the Brow Buddy:

So to re-cap, these are the 5 steps to follow:

Eyebrow Shaping Illustration

Illustrates one side - using the Brow Buddy you should do both sides at the same time for perfect symmetry

  1. Start Point - With the Brow Buddy in the closed position place it with your nose in the centre against your face.  Mark the point where the inner edges meet your brows on either side (fig. 1)
  2. Arch - Looking straight ahead, open the legs of the tool until the inner edge lines up with the outside of the iris and draw a thin line where it meets your brows on each side (fig.2)
  3. End Point - Open the legs until the inner edges meet the outer corners of your eyes and again, mark the point where it meets your eyebrows (fig.3)
  4. Bottom of Brows - Open the legs of the Brow Buddy fully and use the straight edge to connect the points following the natural brow line below each brow.
  5. Top of Brows - Follow the same procedure, following the natural brow line at the top of each brow.

Once you have your lines drawn, you can shape the brows by tweezing any hairs straying outside of the lines, using a good quality, slant-tipped tweezer.

You can make your brows as thick or thin as you prefer, but be warned - eyebrow hair grows slowly, so if you over-tweeze, you could be living with the effects for up to 6 weeks!  Much better to err on the side of caution, you can always remove a bit more if required.

For more information about eyebrow shaping and tweezing see our article:

How to Pluck your Eyebrows with Tweezers​

Things we Liked

  • Pretty Easy to Use - The instructions are clear and it is easy to use
  • Symmetry - you can easily get both eyebrows to look the same using this tool
  • Clever Design - a quite simple yet clever little tool to make life just that bit easier

Things we didn't Like

  • Cost - The $20 dollar price tag seems quite pricey for this product, given that you may not use it very much

Our Final Thoughts

Altogether, I think this is a pretty clever, well thought out little device which delivers on its promises, albeit not quite as easy to use as it looks.

​However, with a bit of practice, I can see that the product works - and works well.

My only thought is that, once the perfect brow shape has been achieved, would the necessity still be there to use the tool?

That is something that you can decide for yourself - it has to be said that there are plenty of fans of the Brow Buddy, as testified by the numerous great reviews that can be readily seen

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