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This ladies epilator from the well-known and trusted Braun brand features a wide epilation head and their Microgrip tweezer technology to remove very short hairs. Complete with 7 extras including a shaving head, this bonus edition also comes with a separate Braun facial brush for deep cleansing and exfoliation. Rechargeable, suitable for wet or dry use. Available currently online for just over $100. Great value for money, a versatile hair removal device.


4 out of 5 Stars

Product Overview

The Braun Silk-epil 9 series of epilators have a 40% wider epilation head than the Silk-epil 3, 5 or 7 series, to cover larger areas more quickly.

This model is complete with a shaver head and trimmer cap so that you have the convenience of only needing the one device for both functions.

The device is fully rechargeable for cordless only, wet or dry use, and is fully charged in just one hour for 40 minutes epilation. 

Massage rollers in the epilation head are designed to minimize discomfort and the tweezers can remove hairs from 0.5 mm in length. 

Braun Silk-epil 9 9-579 epilator bonus edition

Features include a pivoting head, integrated light and two speed settings for you to choose from, as well as a facial cap for removing hair from this delicate area.

The Silk-epil 9-579 comes complete with a Braun facial brush.

What's Included

Braun Silk-epil 9 9-579 Women's Epilator Bonus Edition

Contents of the Box

Included with your device are:

  • Braun Epilation Device - with epilator head installed
  • Charging Stand
  • Shaver Head - easily interchanged with epilator head
  • Trimmer Cap - for trimming longer hairs (bikini area)
  • Massage Cap 
  • Skin Contact Cap 
  • Braun Facial Brush - comes with a bonus Braun facial brush for deep cleansing and exfoliation (2 AA batteries included)

A Look at the Features

MicroGrip Tweezers

The Braun Silk-epil 9 epilators feature long, wide and deep tweezers to make them more efficient and enable them to pick up even very short hairs (from just 0.5mm long).

There are 40 tweezers to the wide epilator head, giving 200 plucking motions per second, for fast epilation of larger areas e.g. legs.

Microgrip tweezers Braun Silk-epil 9
Pivoting Head
Braun Silk-epil pivoting head

The whole head pivots backwards and forwards to closely follow the contours of the body.

This helps to ensure that the maximum number of hairs are reached in one pass and makes it easier to keep the head in contact with the skin at all times.

Massage Rollers

The massage rollers help stretch and smooth the skin.

This, combined with the pulsing vibrations of the device, are designed to give the most comfortable experience possible.

Braun Silk-epil 9 pulsing actions
Two Speed Settings

The device has two speed settings, the slower one for gentler epilation and the faster for maximum efficiency.

You may choose to select the setting depending on the area being epilated;  for more sensitive or delicate areas e.g. underarm setting 1 would be advised, whereas for less sensitive, larger areas such a the legs, setting 2.

If you are new to epilating it is a good idea to start with the lower setting until you get used to the process and have the chance to see how your skin reacts.

Rechargeable Battery

The Li-ion high energy dense rechargeable battery is fully charged in just one hour.

A fully charged battery will give 40 minutes continuous cordless epilation, for use either dry or wet in the bath or shower.

Epilation Caps

The two white plastic caps clip over the top of the epilation head.

The one with the wider openint of the two is the power cap, which ensures maximum skin contact so that you can cover areas more quickly.

The narrower opening one is the facial cap, designed to cover part of the epilation head, so that it is more gentle and targeted for the face.

Shaver Head and Trimmer Cap

The shaver head is easily interchanged with the epilation head to convert the epilator into a shaver as required.

The trimmer cap is clipped on over the top of the shaver head for safe trimming of longer hair e.g. bikini area, if preferred.


There is an integral light which is illuminated all the time that the epilator is switched on.

This is angled to light up the epilation area to make it easier to see even the most finest hair, and to ensure that you achieve the best results.

The Bonus Braun Facial Brush
Braun Facial Brush

The battery operated facial brush is perfect for deep cleansing to effectively remove traces of make-up and daily grime.

Exfoliates the skin, getting rid of dead skin cells and build - up of sebum to leave the face smooth and clear.

The device is 100% waterproof, for use in the shower.

How it Works

Epilators work in the same way as tweezers in that they grip the hair and pluck it out from the root.

Braun 9 epilator head - close up of tweezer

The Braun 9 epilator has 40 sets of metal plates acting as tweezers on a rotating head to pull multiple hairs at once, so that epilating large areas, e.g. legs and arms can be done quickly and efficiently.

As the head rotates the plates open and close to catch and pull the hairs out then release them ready for the next hairs.

How to Use the Epilator


The epilator is charged using the charging stand and takes an hour to complete.

Whilst charging the light on the appliance flashes green, it stops flashing and stays on steadily to indicate that it is fully charged.

This light flashes red to show when recharging is required.

It is recommended that the appliance is recharged after each use.


Always carefully read and follow all the instructions in the leaflet provided, paying particular attention to any safety warnings and precautions.

Make sure that the epilation head is clean and an appropriate cap is in place prior to use.

Caps are changed by pressing their lateral ribs to remove

When the device is switched on, the Smartlight will illuminate.

Braun Silk-epil 9 9-579 used in the bath

Below is a brief summary of how the device is used, just to give you an idea:

  • Select speed setting (I or II)
  • Stretch skin taut with your left hand and hold device at 90 degree angle so that there is good contact with the skin
  • Glide without exerting pressure, against direction of hair growth
  • Legs work from lower leg upwards
  • Bikini and Underarm use skin contact cap and setting I for these sensitive areas
  • Face use facial cap and setting I for these sensitive areas
  • Clean the epilation head after each use to maintain optimum performance and prolong its life.  Use the brush after dry use and clean under running water after wet use

The shaver head is for dry use only, on speed setting II, for shaving legs, underarms or bikini line.

The trimmer can be attached to trim hair to 5mm in length.

How Painful is it?

The level of pain rather depends on the area of the body being epilated and the pain threshold of each individual.

However, no form of hair removal that rips the hairs out at the root are going to be pain-free.

Some individuals find that it is too much for them, whilst for many the pain is bearable and in any case reduces over time, with regular us,e as the skin becomes used to the process.

Here are our tips to minimize the pain:

  • Use lowest setting - use the gentle setting to start with, until you get used to the feeling and see how the skin reacts
  • Trim long hairs - the longer the hair, the more painful it tends to be, but you do need to leave sufficient to be gripped
  • Shower or bath - prior to epilating, with water as warm as you can tolerate, to open the pores so that the hair is more easily released
  • Taut skin - it is really important to make sure that you hold the skin very taut with your spare hand, especially in areas where the skin is looser and more sensitive e.g. underarms, to avoid pulling and pinching
  • Baby powder - if you are using the epilator dry, then rubbing in a little baby powder will ensure that the skin is moisture free and also help the hairs to stand up
  • Use wet - the overall sensation tends to be gentler if you epilate while showering or bathing (make sure the area is good and wet) and using a little shaving cream or gel can also help, although it does make the epilator less effective and so prolongs the process
  • Exfoliate - regular exfoliation to remove dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria will not only help the epilation process but will also help to prevent ingrown hairs

Where Can it be Used?

The epilator can be used on most parts of the body:  legs, arms, underarms, bikini area and face.

The epilator can be used on most parts of the body:  legs, arms, underarms, bikini area and face.

When using any epilator for the face, make sure to attach the correct cap, use the lowest setting (especially for the first few times) and keep away from the eyes (including the eyebrows) and scalp.

We would recommend that you wear panties when epilating the bikini line.

Never epilate where you have irritated or broken skin, rashes, spots, varicose veins, warts, moles or skin tags.

Varicose Veins

Seek medical advice prior to use if you have diabetes melititus, haemophilia, immunodeficiency, any skin disorder or if you are in any doubt whatsoever.

Are There any Side Effects?

One of the great things about using an epilator for hair removal is that side effects tend to be few, mild and transient.

Commonly experienced are:

  • Open pores - skin can be left with a plucked chicken look immediately after epilation
  • Redness - unsurprisingly, skin can be left red and tender, possibly even very slightly swollen, but this should pass very quickly
  • Blood spots - you may experience tiny pin-pricks of blood which are nothing to worry about providing you follow good aftercare procedures to prevent infection and will likely cease with regular use
  • Ingrown hairs - these are more bothersome and are a side effect of all hair removal methods involving plucking from the root, as well as shaving. Regular exfoliation together with good preparation and aftercare will help to minimize this risk.

Why Use an Epilator?

As explained earlier, an epilator pulls the whole hair out from the root, so that the results can last anything up to 4 weeks.

This is one of the main advantages of epilating as opposed to shaving, which merely cuts hair off at the skin's surface and so the result is very short-lived. 

Additionally, epilating does not result in the stubbly effect associated with shaving but rather tends to produce finer, lighter regrowth over time.

Waxing also pulls hair from the root, but it takes a bit of time and can be messy, plus there is the ongoing cost of repeatedly buying wax, strips etc.

Using an epilator requires a higher initial outlay, but if you keep it well maintained, it should last for many years, and it has the flexibility of being used either wet or dry.

Unlike waxing, which can remove the surface layer of skin with the hair, epilating has no effect on the surrounding skin.

Finally, epilators can remove shorter hairs than waxing, so there is less need for unsightly re-growth between treatments.

Q & A's

Braun FaceSpa 830 how to use

Can it be used whilst charging?

No - this product is for cordless use only, for safety reasons and can be used wet or dry, anywhere.  

Can you buy replacement heads for the facial brush?

Yes, they are available for sale separately.

What is the difference between this model and the spa model?

The actual epilator device is the same, the difference is in the attachments.  The spa model comes with an exfoliating attachment.

Are the results permanent?

No - it removes hair in the same way as tweezers, similar to waxing, from the root.  Results can last anything from 1 - 4 weeks depending on the area and the individual.  You may find, though, that regrowth is lighter/finer over time with repeated use.

Do you need to apply anything to your body before use?

No it is not necessary, although if using dry, you need to make sure that the skin is completely moisture free and so using a little baby powder rubbed in can help with this.  It will also help the hairs to stand up, making it easier for the epilator to grab them.

Is the facial brush rechargeable?

No - it uses two replaceable standard AA batteries (supplied with product).


In conclusion, this Braun product offers great value for money -  for a one-off cost of just over $100 it provides a good quality epilator, shaver and facial cleanser.

It has all the most important features and is suitable for use all over the body including the face.

If you are looking for a good quality product with the versatility to meet almost all of your personal grooming needs, you can't really go wrong with this device.


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