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Braun's Silk-epil Lady Shaver is battery operated (2 x AA batteries) for convenient use anywhere - ideal for travelling. It is safe to use wet or dry and comes with 3 attachments, including an exfoliation pad, for a great, smooth finish. It has an integral trimmer for tackling longer hairs. Includes one year limited manufacturer's warranty in the USA. All in all a good little shaver, currently available for around $48.


4.0 out of 5 Stars

Product Overview

The Braun Silk-epil Lady Shaver, LS5160WD model, is conveniently operated by two standard AA batteries, and is waterproof for use wet or dry.

​Measuring 14cms from top to bottom, it is ergonomically shaped for a comfortable hold whilst shaving.

​The integral trimmer, with specially rounded tips for a gentle glide is perfect for tackling longer hairs, if you have left a while between shaves.

Braun Silk-epil LS5160WD Lady Shaver

Braun's limited one year warranty applies to this product in the USA, covering defects in original material and workmanship.

Contents of the Box​

  • Silk-epil Lady Shaver 5160
  • Bikini Trimmer Attachment
  • Exfoliation Attachment
  • Optishave Attachment
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • Cleaning Brush

A Close Look at the Product​

The shaver head consists of a rounded floating foil and integral trimmer, which flexes to follow the contours of the body.

Whilst shaving, it is important to maintain as close contact to the skin as possible, even in awkward areas, to minimize the necessity for going over the same area repeatedly, which increases the risk of irritation.

braun-silk-epil-lady-shaver-rounded-head (1)

Adapts to the body's contours

The trimmer has specially rounded tips to the prongs, to help it  glide smoothly against the skin whilst trimming longer hairs as close as possible without damaging the skin.

The ​integrated SoftStrip is designed to stretch the skin to help the hair stand up for increased efficiency.

There is a sliding TrimLock button with settings for either bikini or legs.

There are 3 attachments included with the shaver, each of which clips over the shaver head to perform its function:

  • Trimmer Cap - the trimmer cap is designed for safe shaping and trimming of the bikini area to a uniform length (4mm).
  • Glide Cap - the glide (or OptiShave) cap is used to ensure an extra close shave for the legs.  It works by cushioning the head for a smoother glide, and helping you to maintain the optimum angle for the most efficient shave.
  • Exfoliation Attachment - this can be used as an alternative to the glide cap when shaving your legs, to gently exfoliate the skin and leave it ultra-smooth and clean.
braun-silk-epil-lady-shaver-shave-exfoliate-trim (1)

The shaver is powered by two standard, replaceable 1.5v batteries which provide approximately 90 minutes of shaving time.

It is recommended that batteries are replaced as soon as you notice a decrease in the shaver's vibration and that both batteries are replaced at the same time.  

As with all battery operated products, they should be removed from the device if storing for a long period of time without use.​

Tips for Using the Shaver

Prior to using for the first time it is important to read the manufacturers instructions, paying particular attention to any safety precautions.

​Here we have outlined some of the basic instructions for use, to give you an idea:


​Slide the TrimLock to the correct position (with the leg symbol) and place the Glide Cap attachment onto the shaver head.

Turn on the shaver and holding the it at a 90 degree angle to the skin, glide it slowly across the skin against the natural direction of the hairs growth, exerting very slight pressure.

Braun Silk epil SL5160WD Wet or Dry

If you have not shaved for a while and hair is longer than usual, you can remove the glide cap for quicker pre-cutting.

It is important that both the shaver foil and trimmer are in contact with the skin.

If using wet, make sure that the skin is very wet so that gliding is not impeded.

Exfoliation Attachment 

This can be used on your legs instead of the glide cap - simply replace it with the exfoliation attachment.

Braun Silk epil LS5160WD Lady Shaver

Continue as above, ensuring that trimmer, foil and exfoliation pad are all in contact with the skin.

Underarm and Bikini

Use the shaver without the glide cap or exfoliation attachments.

Make sure that your skin is stretched taut - particularly important in these areas where the skin is naturally looser.​

For trimming the bikini area, slide the TrimLock to the bikini position.

To trim hair to a uniform length, use the bikini trimmer cap over the shaver head.

Move the device slowly, against the direction of hair growth.​


​The shaver head can be removed for cleaning by pressing the release buttons on either side.

Debris can be removed by tapping it very gently on a flat surface and then brushing with the cleaning brush provided.

Avoid tapping or brushing the delicate foil as it may cause damage.

It may also be cleaned by running under a tap, but make sure that it is completely dry before re-assembling.​


Keep your device in top condition and extend its life by lubricating the foil and metal parts with light machine oil​ every 3 months, or after each use if used/cleaned wet.

Foil and cutter block needs replacing if you notice a reduction in performance efficiency.​

Why Shave as Opposed to Other Methods?

Shaving is the method of hair removal with the shortest lasting results, as it only cuts the hair at the skin's surface.

It is for this reason that ladies with dark hair and pale skin tend to opt for ​other methods of hair removal, to avoid the shadow effect created by the darkness of the hair just below the skin's surface.

Others prefer the longer-lasting results or permanence​ of other methods such as waxing or laser treatments.

However if you have lighter hair you may achieve good results from shaving, if you are prepared to include it in your regular routine, and there are several advantages:

  • Pain Free - shaving is one of only two methods of hair removal that are completely painless, the other being depilatory creams.  Although generally pain-free, depilatories do require the use of harsh chemicals on the skin, which may lead to irritation and allergic reaction.  Many shavers nowadays include features specifically designed to be more gentle in use, to make them suitable even for sensitive skin.
  • Cost Effective - the ongoing cost of shaving with an electric shaver is limited to the occasional replacement of blades and foils.  This compares well against such methods as waxing, depilatories and costly laser treatments, all of which require a fairly considerable outlay across the year.
  • Convenience - shaving is easy to do anywhere, with minimal mess or fuss.  This is particularly true of electric shavers which, when used dry, can be simply brushed free of debris following your shave for most of the time.  Even travelling is easy, with rechargeable models usually including multiple voltage chargers or standard batteries being widely available.
  • Ease - again, there is little technique required for electric shaving other than ensuring that your skin is taut and the shaver head is at 90 degrees to the skin. If your skin is taut, there is little risk of razor burn or nicks.
  • Versatility - most shavers can be used all over the body, including bikini line, with various attachments and features included.  Many can be used wet or dry, and some wet use shavers can be used with shaving cream or gel etc.  If using at home waxes or depilatories, you may have to buy different versions of the same product for different parts of the body e.g. wax strips for legs, which are larger than those for bikini.

Product Q & A's​

Is it cordless, and are the batteries rechargeable?

Yes it is cordless, but it uses 2 standard AA batteries which need replacing as and when the device slows.

Can you use shaving cream or gel with this product?

No, not advisable, but it can be used wet or dry.  If you have sensitive skin we would advise you to use this shaver dry.

How long do the batteries last before they need replacing?

Two new batteries should provide approximately 90 minutes of shaving time​

Can you use the shaver plugged in?

No, there is no mains cord - the batteries are not rechargeable.​

Can this be used for underarms shaving?

Yes, it works well, but do ensure that your skin is nice and taut to avoid pinching!​


This is quite a good little shaver from Braun, convenient for travel with its replaceable batteries, if you don't want the bother of continuously recharging.

Can be used wet or dry, although not with shaving creams etc. so best used dry for sensitive skin.​

Things we Liked

  • Convenience - battery operated for use anywhere
  • Wet or Dry - waterproof for use in shower if desired
  • Quick and Easy - simple to use
  • Good Brand - Braun are a major brand for shavers
  • Bikini Comb - for safe trimming of delicate area
  • Exfoliation Attachment - added extra, for revitalised skin

Things we didn't Like

  • Replacement Batteries -Need to purchase batteries
  • Hard to Open - casement is hard to open when replacing batteries
  • Noisy - a little noisier than some other models

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