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Why is Sugaring Better than Waxing?

Why Sugaring Beats Waxing What’s the Difference Between Waxing and Sugaring?WaxingSugaringWhat is Sugar Wax and Sugar Gel?Waxing vs Sugaring – Comparison TableConclusion What’s the Difference Between Waxing and Sugaring?Waxing and sugaring are often ranked together in terms of hair removal because they are both epilators which use similar procedures.   In other words both waxing and […]

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How to Wax Your Eyebrows

Waxing Your Eyebrows – A Complete Guide Why Wax Your Eyebrows?Waxing vs ThreadingSummary of Pros and ConsChoosing Which Wax to UseHow to Wax your Eyebrows at HomeFemale Brow ShapingMale Brow ShapingMethodBest Brow Waxing ProductsOur Picks Why Wax Your Eyebrows?Waxing can be a good way to shape your eyebrows as you can be more precise with […]

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The Complete Guide to Shaving for Ladies

Female Shaving – Your Ultimate Guide Why Shave?What are the Pros and Cons of Shaving?Summary of Pros and ConsWhat Areas can Ladies Shave?LegsUnderarmsBikini LineFaceHow to Choose the Right Shaving ToolsElectric Shaver vs RazorCartridge vs Safety RazorHow to Prepare for ShavingWhat you NeedTop Tips for The Best ShaveCaring for Your Skin Post ShaveShaving Side Effects and […]

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What are the Best Ways to Remove Hair at Home?

Best DIY Hair Removal Methods What are the Choices?ShavingDepilatory CreamsWaxingEpilatingTweezingIPLWhen is it Best to Leave Hair Removal to the Professionals? What are the Choices?The truth is that most forms of hair removal can be carried out at home, but some are easier, safer and more effective DIY methods than others.Additionally, which option is best to […]

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Depilation or Epilation – What’s the Difference?

Depilation or Epilation – Which is Best? What is Depilation?Depilation MethodsWhat is Epilation?Epilation MethodsDepilation vs Epilation – Which is Best?Pain ThresholdArea of the BodySkin TypeHair TypeMedical ConditionsConvenienceIndividual Preference and Expectations Essentially, depilation and epilation mean the same thing in that they are both terms for the intentional removal of unwanted hair. It is basically the process […]

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12 Best Facial Hair Removal Products

Eyebrow ChoicesTweezerman Slant TweezersSlant tweezers – ideal for eyebrows and strays.  Stainless steel with enamel finish. Hand-filed, well aligned tips.  Around $16. Buy Online Finishing Touch BrowsBattery operated, attractively designed brow trimmer with precision shaver tip that conveniently fits in your purse.  Around $17. Buy Online Parissa Brow Shaper Wax StripsPack of 32 clear-backed mini […]

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