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Underarm Waxing – All Your Questions Answered

Underarm Waxing Is Underarm Waxing Safe?Which is the Best Wax for Underarm Hair?Tips on Waxing your Underarms at HomePreparationTechniqueAftercareHow Long does Underarm Waxing Last?Side Effects of Waxing your UnderarmsPros and Cons of Underarm Waxing Is Underarm Waxing Safe?Basically waxing works by sticking to the hairs and ripping them out by the root, in the same […]

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Eyebrow Grooming for Men – Complete Guide to Getting it Right

Complete Guide to Eyebrow Grooming for Men A Few Facts About EyebrowsWhy do we Have Eyebrows?Why Do you Need to Groom Your Eyebrows?What are the Best Options?TrimmingShavingTweezing/ThreadingWaxingTop Tips to Getting it RightWhat are the Pitfalls?Summary A Few Facts About EyebrowsThe average pair of eyebrows consists of about 500 individual hairs, although this can be considerably […]

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Grooming and Removing Ear Hair – Advice and Top Products 2018

Advice and Products for Removing Unwanted Ear Hair What is Ear Hair For?Is it Safe to Remove Ear Hair?Trimming/ShavingTweezingWaxingDepilatory CreamsLaser/ElectrolysisFAQ’s What is Ear Hair For?Ear hair performs some very important functions and is vital for our aural health. Without wanting to get into too much technical detail, in a nutshell these include: Protection – the […]

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