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Should Men Shave their Pubic Hair?

Should Men Shave their Pubic Hair? What is the Point of Pubic Hair?Why Shave your Pubic Hair?Aesthetics​To Look Bigger?CleanlinessSensitivityTo PleaseIs Shaving Pubic Hair Safe?Side Effects of Shaving Male Pubic HairHow Long Will it Take for Male Pubic Hair to Grow Back?Shaving Pubic Hair – Pros and ConsConclusion Similarly to armpit and head hair, your pubic […]

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Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 3001 vs 5001 – What’s the Difference?

Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 3001 and 5001 – Comparison First ImpressionsThe TechnologyWho Can Use Them?SafetyWhere Can They be Used?Power LevelsLamp CartridgesModesTreatment Area (Spot Size)Comparison TableConclusion In terms of price the Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert 3001 is currently available online for a fraction under $300, whilst the 5001 comes in at around $354. So what is the […]

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How to Choose the Best Safety Razor for You – Complete Guide

Guide to Choosing a Safety Razor AggressivenessClosed/Open CombButterfly or 2/3 Piece?Weight and BalanceHandleHow to Shave with a Double Edged Safety RazorWhy Choose to Use a Safety Razor? AggressivenessOK, so you will notice that razor descriptions often mention how aggressive a razor is. This sounds pretty scary when you don’t know what it refers to – I […]

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Leg Hair Removal – Which Method is Best for You?

Complete Guide to Leg Hair Removal Best DIY Pain-Free OptionsShavingDepilatory CreamsBest DIY/Professional for Longer-Lasting ResultsWaxing EpilatingBest DIY/Professional for PermanenceLaser/IPLElectrolysis I think we can all agree that unsightly leg hair is as real pain in the neck; growing back quickly and requiring constant attention, especially in the summer. If you have been blessed with thick, abundant dark hair […]

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SmoothSkin Bare vs SmoothSkin Gold 300 IPL – How do they Compare?

SmoothSkin Bare vs SmoothSkin Gold 300 IPL Hair Removal Smoothskin Bare Ultrafast IPL Hair Removal SystemSmoothSkin Gold 300 Intelligent IPL Hair Removal SystemComparison TableConclusionWhat to Expect from IPL SmoothSkin Bare is the latest and fastest IPL device manufactured by SmoothSkin and the SmoothSkin Gold 300 is the most powerful. There is almost $100 difference in price, […]

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Ultrasonic Face Spatulas for Home Use – 5 of the Best

Best At Home Ultrasonic Face Spatulas Our Picks​A Closer Look at the ProductsKINGA Facial ScrubberELEVEN EVER Facial Skin ScrubberKINGDOM CARES Facial Skin ScrubberCOSBEAUTY Ultrasonic Skin ScrubberLabelle Trophy Skin SpatulaWhat are the Benefits of Using Ultrasonic Skin Spatulas? Ultrasonic face spatulas are commonly used in salons, but now there are many products on the market for […]

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Dermaplaning and Microdermabrasion – What’s the Difference?

Dermaplaning or Microdermabrasion? – Ultimate Guide DermaplaningThe ProcessResultsDermaplaning – Isn’t it Just Shaving?Side Effects?MicrodermabrasionThe ProcessCrystal MicrodermabrasionDiamond MicrodermabrasionWhat’s the Difference?ResultsSide Effects?How to Choose?SimilaritiesDifferences​ Dermaplaning and microdermabrasion are basically both forms of mechanical exfoliation, a full explanation of which is given in detail in our Complete Guide to Skin Exfoliation.Briefly, the purpose of exfoliation is to remove […]

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