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Underarm Waxing – All Your Questions Answered

Underarm Waxing Is Underarm Waxing Safe?Which is the Best Wax for Underarm Hair?Tips on Waxing your Underarms at HomePreparationTechniqueAftercareHow Long does Underarm Waxing Last?Side Effects of Waxing your UnderarmsPros and Cons of Underarm Waxing Is Underarm Waxing Safe?Basically waxing works by sticking to the hairs and ripping them out by the root, in the same […]

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Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 3001 vs 5001 – What’s the Difference?

Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 3001 and 5001 – Comparison First ImpressionsThe TechnologyWho Can Use Them?SafetyWhere Can They be Used?Power LevelsLamp CartridgesModesTreatment Area (Spot Size)Comparison TableConclusion In terms of price the Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert 3001 is currently available online for a fraction under $300, whilst the 5001 comes in at around $354. So what is the […]

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How to Choose the Best Safety Razor for You – Complete Guide

Guide to Choosing a Safety Razor AggressivenessClosed/Open CombButterfly or 2/3 Piece?Weight and BalanceHandleHow to Shave with a Double Edged Safety RazorWhy Choose to Use a Safety Razor? AggressivenessOK, so you will notice that razor descriptions often mention how aggressive a razor is. This sounds pretty scary when you don’t know what it refers to – I […]

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Top 10 Ladies Safety Razors to Suit all Pockets

Ladies Safety Razors – Top Ten Our Top Ten PicksTop PricedMid PricedBudget PricedA Closer Look at the ProductsVikings Blade Crusader Adjustable RazorMerkur Long Handled Safety RazorEdwin Jagger Heather Safety RazorParker 29L Ladies Long Handled Razor​​FREELOGICS Razor Kit for Men or WomenPutali Ltd. Safety Shaving Men or WomenElkaline Unisex Shaving Kit with Travel CaseSteelcut Safety Razor […]

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Leg Hair Removal – Which Method is Best for You?

Complete Guide to Leg Hair Removal Best DIY Pain-Free OptionsShavingDepilatory CreamsBest DIY/Professional for Longer-Lasting ResultsWaxing EpilatingBest DIY/Professional for PermanenceLaser/IPLElectrolysis I think we can all agree that unsightly leg hair is as real pain in the neck; growing back quickly and requiring constant attention, especially in the summer. If you have been blessed with thick, abundant dark hair […]

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How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs

Getting Rid of Ingrown Hairs What are the Options?ExfoliationMedicationHot CompressTweezingCan I stop Ingrown Hairs from Happening?Minimizing the Risk Ingrown hairs are something that just about everyone will experience at one time or another and often, left alone, will cause no problems and grow out eventually. They are particularly common in those with naturally thick, curly hair […]

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Female Face Shaving – Pros and Cons

Female Face Shaving – All you Need to Know Why Shave your Face?Dispelling a Common MythAdvantages of ShavingDisadvantages of ShavingWet Shaving vs Electric ShavingWet ShavingElectric ShavingSummary of DifferencesProduct RecommendationsGuide to Facial ShavingPreparationMethodAftercareFace Shaving Summary of Pros and Cons Why Shave your Face?First and foremost, the reason for removing hair from the face varies from person […]

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