Clean and Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit Review

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Clean and Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit

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Paul McCarthy

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One of the best home hot waxing kits available on the market. Clean and Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit comes complete with a variable temperature wax heater, education DVD & instruction booklet, 4 different sized roller heads, after wax lotion and skin conditioner for post treatment.


Editor's Choice

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Contents of Product

  • Waxing spa warmer
  • 3 large original wax
  • 3 medium original wax
  • 3 large roller heads
  • 1 medium roller head
  • 1 small roller head
  • 1 fine roller head
  • Epilating cloths
  • 50 pack - large, medium and small
  • After wax lotion - 5oz
  • 1 "Remove" skin conditioner 5oz
  • Educational DVD & Instruction booklet


Home waxing kits are becoming more and more popular as people opt to save money from going to a waxing salon for a "professional" job.  

Given that the product has recently dropped significantly in price from $338.00 to in the region of $90 (that's a $250 saving), the cost is now similar to what you would pay for one session of waxing at a clinic but contains enough supplies for months and months of waxing making it an extremely cost effective alternative.  

Waxing from home, as opposed to professionally, can certainly give a big cost saving for consumers.  The investment price is paid off after one, two at most, home waxing sessions.

Ease of Use

If you're new to home waxing kits then you may be worried about learning the correct technique to make sure that the treatment is both effective and doesn't cause any irritating side effects (such as a red rash) after treatment.  The Clean and Easy team appear to have taken this into account by including an excellent instructional video that shows you exactly what you have to do to get the best out of the product.  

The instructional video shows you how to warm the wax up, apply the wax onto the treatment area and wax against the grain of the hair.  Inexperienced waxers will have no difficulties following the video for a successful treatment.

Contents of the Product

The kit really is an all-in-one solution and includes pre-treatment wipes, all the equipment required for the treatment, wax, strips and even post treatment lotions to limit any irritation that may occur after the waxing session.  As you'd expect, everything needed for waxing treatment at home is included in the product.

Despite this we would prefer to have seen the addition of talcum powder (baby powder) to keep the treatment area dry.  This is something that, as a consumer, you have to purchase separately for the best post wax treatment.

Furthermore, the number of included antiseptic wipes, lotion and oil could be increased to be more in line with the quantity of the rest of the product contents.​

Is the Product Messy?

One common complaint with waxing is the mess that it can sometimes leave behind - the Clean and Easy Waxing spa kit handles this area very nicely indeed and is one of the most mess free home waxing products that we've reviewed.

One of the main reasons for its mess free credential is due to the fact that the kit comes with a wax roller which dispenses the wax evenly over the treatment area making it very simple, fast and clean to apply, even for those who are inexperienced at waxing. 

Heating Apparatus

​The product comes with an adjustable wax heater giving you control of the temperature of the wax.  We only experienced good results with the wax heater on maximum heat settings for 30 minutes before we began the treatment.  A minor complaint about the heating process was the mild burning smell that seemed to come from the heater.

We were impressed by the consistency of the wax after half an hour of heating. Even application of the wax over the treatment area was easy and came off clean without any hiccups.

Technical Details

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4 lbs

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74 (average 4.0 stars)



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Things we liked

  • Competitive market price and cost effective against salon waxing
  • Messy free application with the rollers that come with the pack
  • Smooth, even and easy wax application
  • Waxing instructional video that anyone can follow to learn the correct technique
  • Comes with everything needed for full waxing treatment
  • Enough contents to last for a large number of sessions
  • Ability to refill wax using wax cartridges
  • Good value for money

Things we didn't like

  • Talcum powder not included in pack
  • Could have a higher volume of antiseptic wipes and oil
  • Mild smell of burning from the wax heater while heating the wax

This is one of the best home waxing kits on the market.  If you're a first time waxer, or an experienced home waxer, you can't really go wrong with the Clean and Easy Waxing Spa Basic kit.  It's one of the most popular products on the market and it receives our seal of approval - highly recommended.


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