Comparison of Tweezerman Tweezers with Photos

Tweezerman is a well-known and respected Brand synonymous with good quality products and excellent customer service.

Left to Right: Slant, Mini Slant, Wide Grip, Pointed Slant, Ingrown Hair Splintertweeze

 Tweezerman offer a free sharpening service for the life of all of their tweezers, and when it becomes impossible to sharpen them to perfection, will send a 50% off coupon for the purchase of a replacement, comparable pair.

They have a large range of tweezers of with varying colours, patterns, designs and sizes, retailing ​from around $10 for the mini slant to upwards of $35 for their top of the range tweezers.

Included in this review is a selection from the range which we have picked out to demonstrate each different tweezer tip and key design feature.​  All are manufactured in India, from top quality stainless steel.

Tweezerman Slant 

This best seller for Tweezerman has won an Allure "Best of Beauty" award for an impressive 14 years and counting, as well as several other awards.

Slant tipped tweezers are the most versatile and easy to use; the slant tip can be angled parallel to your skin, so that pulling out hair in the direction of growth is easy.

Coupled with this, when more precision is required, the tweezer can be turned to use just the pointed end of the tip.​

​The product measures 9.5 cm from tip to bottom, and sits nicely in the hand, quite light, but certainly not flimsy.

​As you would expect, they have perfectly precise alignment and sharp tips to ensure that tweezing is effortless, and there is no slipping in use.

The tension of the arms is set to provide just the right resistance, although it is possible to increase this, should you desire, by gently pulling the arms apart.  Be careful doing this; should you go too far, it cannot then be undone.

Although they are available in a steel finish, for my money, the matt-finish enamel colour coating gives them a lovely comfortable feel, as well as good looks.

The Tweezerman Slant is available in various colours and there are also animal print versions, which would certainly stand out in your cosmetic purse!

​At a retail price of less than $20 these top quality tweezers represent great value for money, at a mid-range price.

Tweezerman LTD Mini Slant

These cute little tweezers are a miniature version of their "big brother", the award winning slant tip reviewed above.

​They have the same precise, hand-filed slanted tips, perfect alignment and tension, but measure just 6.9 cms from tip to bottom, to fit conveniently into purse or pocket.

The enamel coating has a shiny finish, as opposed to the matt finish of the larger slant, and unsurprisingly, they are much lighter.

​None of these differences affect the performance, however; they grasp the hair and hang on to it just as effectively, to consistently remove hair cleanly from the root.

They are a little more fiddly to use and not as easy to control as the regular slant, but the Tweezerman LTD Mini Slant make an ideal, convenient second tweezer to keep for on-the-go​.

With this in mind, they come in a handy little plastic storage/carrying tube​ to keep them safe and in top condition.

​This product is available in several different colours or a steel finish, and at a retail price of around $10 are unlikely to break the bank!

Tweezerman Professional Wide Grip Slant

The unique feature of these tweezers in comparison to the others is in the name;  they have a special wide grip design for easy grip and added control.

At 8.4 cm long, the Tweezerman Professional Wide Grip Slant Tweezers are a little more that 1cm shorter than the standard Tweezerman Slant, very slightly heavier and the slanted tip is a fraction shorter.​

At its maximum the width is 2.6 cm with an oval cut-out for finger and thumb to grip.

Anyone who has weakness or difficulty holding and using tweezers for any length of time will appreciate this feature, I am sure.​  I have mild arthritis in my hands, and I certainly liked them.

In terms of use, they are equally effective​ and have all the usual good qualities (sharp points, precise alignment and perfect tension) of the other Tweezerman slant tweezers that we have mentioned above.

They are available in stainless steel finish, as those pictured, or colour coated​ black, blue and red.

For the retail price of between $15 - $20, I think they are pretty good value for money.

Tweezerman Professional Pointed Slant

Pointed slant tweezers are designed to combine the features of the slant tipped tweezer with those of pointed tips.

The Tweezerman Professional Pointed Slant tweezers have the usual sleek look of sophistication that you come to expect from the Brand and at 9.4 cm long, are very similar to the regular slant.​

The difference between these and the regular slants are that the slant itself is more acute, which in turn makes the pointed end of the slant much more pronounced.

This is clearly illustrated in the photograph below:

From left to right, Tweezerman Slant, Point and Pointed Slant Tips

The fact that it is sharper and more pointed means that you need to be more precise when using it.

My personal preference is for the regular slant, as I find it easier to use without pinching, and the alignment seems slightly superior; I experienced one or two hairs slipping when I used the pointed slant.

This, combined with the fact that it can't really replace the needle-sharp pointed tip for work under the ​skin, means that I would always go for the two pairs in my beauty kit!

​There are many fans of the pointed slant, however, which is a good tweezer for eyebrows and can pick up even the finest of stray hairs, so I guess in the end it really is down to individual choice.

​The pointed slant retails at around $17.

Tweezerman Ingrown Hair Splintertweeze

​The name really does describe the use of these tweezers; their needle-sharp points with the usual perfect alignment and hand-filed tips make them great for removing ingrown hairs, splinters and any other foreign object from just below the skin's surface.

The Tweezerman Ingrown Hair Splintertweeze​ measures 11 cm from end to end - longer than the average, which helps make them easy to hold firmly in the hand for maximum control.

Always store with cap in place for safety and to protect tips

They are also very effective for grabbing the tiniest, finest little hairs for tweezing​ cleanly from the root.

These tweezers are available at a very reasonable retail price of around $14 and would be a worthwhile, good quality addition to any​ beauty/medical kit.


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