The Complete Guide to Brazilian Bikini Waxing

What is Brazilian Waxing?

Brazilian waxing is not referring to the type of wax that is used. Instead, it refers to the amount of hair that is removed during the waxing session.

  • American waxing removes everything that can be seen when wearing a swimsuit
  • French waxing is removing everything but the "landing strip"
  • Brazilian waxing is removing everything around the buttocks, vulva, anus, and perineum

Basically, it's a complete wax of the entire region, leaving it as hair-free as the day you were born. All hair is removed in a single waxing session.

There are a two different types of wax used:

Hard Wax

Hard wax is applied, allowed to harden and cool, and then removed with the fingers. It's great for those with sensitive skin.

Soft Wax

Soft wax is heated until it softens to the consistency of honey, and is applied with strips of fabric. It is not as effective at removing shorter, thinner hairs as hard wax, but it's better for covering large patches of the skin at once.

For the most part, Brazilian waxers will use soft wax, as it's easier to use on the curves and contours of your swimsuit area.

Pros and Cons of Brazilian Waxing

Pros of Bikini Waxing

  • It gets rid of that hard-to-reach and tough-to-trim hair around your genitals without the need for razors, epilators, or lasers
  • It's a fairly quick, easy method of removing pubic hair, and it does a more complete job.
  • No more hair peeking out from beneath your bikini
  • The hair thins out as you wax regularly
  • It's easy - you can even do it at home
  • It gets rid of the black stubble common after shaving. No more razor burns

Cons of Bikini Waxing

  • It's one of the more painful methods of hair removal
  • It's not permanent, and the hair will grow back.
  • The hair has to be fairly long in order to remove it effectively with wax, meaning you'll have visible hair as you wait for it to grow.
  • Having no hair in the pubic region increases your risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections
  • It's fairly costly, and there is a risk of wax burns.
  • Can lead to ingrown hairs if not done properly

Alternatives to Brazilian Waxing

​Interested in another way of getting rid of the hair around your private parts? Here are a few of the other hair removal options to consider:


Sugaring on female leg

​Instead of using hot wax, a heated paste made of sugar, water, and lemon juice is applied to the area to be treated. It can be ripped off with just the fingers, similar to the way hard wax is removed. It's a bit less painful than a Brazilian, though the truth is that any type of hair removal in that area tends to be a bit uncomfortable.


​You may not get the same smooth feeling you get with a wax, but shaving is a less painful way of getting rid of hair around your Brazilian area. It's hard to do the shaving yourself, as the angles are a bit awkward.

Depilatory Hair Removal Creams

Depilatory hair removal creams either burn away the hairs quickly, or they slowly weaken the hairs until they fall out on their own. You want to be very careful to follow the instructions with strong hair removal creams like NAIR, as there is always a risk of chemical burns with depilatory creams.  

Woman body midriff

What Happens during a Professional Brazilian Waxing Session at the Clinic?

So, you've decided to try a Brazilian wax at your local waxing salon, but you're probably a bit hesitant and unsure of what to expect.  Below you can find out everything you need to know about the waxing session.


Some waxing technicians will ask you to trim your pubic hair before you arrive at the salon, but they will often trim it themselves (for an additional fee), if the hair is too long. The ideal length is roughly ¼ inch for fine hair, or ½ inch for fine or thin hair.​


​When you arrive, you'll be asked to disrobe completely and lie on a table. Your feet will likely be placed in stirrups, giving the waxing technician access to all of the parts to be waxed. Don't worry; everything is completely private! Note: If the hair is too long, your technician may give you a trim to ensure the hair is the right length for the waxing.


​The soft wax will be applied to your skin, and the strips of fabric will be pressed gently into the wax as it hardens. Once it has cooled enough, the strips of fabric will be ripped off. This part will be fairly painful.

Inside a beauty salon

Inside a typical beauty salon

Post Treatment​

It's likely that the waxing technician will recommend a soothing cream for you to wear after the treatment. Your sensitive bits will be stinging and tingling a little, and there may be some discomfort.​

How Long does it Take?

You'll find that professional waxing technicians are VERY fast, and they'll pour on the wax, apply the fabric, and rip them off with quick hands. The entire session should last less than 30 to 45 minutes from start to finish, and you can be in and out quickly.

How Long do the Results Last?

The results of a Brazilian bikini wax will last for anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the thickness and color of your hair. Dark, coarse hair will grow back more quickly than fine, light-colored hair.​

It's recommended that you get a Brazilian waxing every 3 to 4 weeks if you want to stay completely smooth in the bikini area. The hair will not be able to grow back fully before it is removed once again, and over time the hair will thin out.​

A note about Safety - Cleanliness

One very important thing to keep in mind: make sure your technician is VERY clean.

The wax should be fresh and clean in order to avoid the spread of disease, and the tools used should also be sanitized. The technician should always wear gloves during the waxing, and the applicator should be brand new.

Your risk of infection is higher after a waxing session, so it's important that you protect yourself during and in the 24 hours following a waxing session

Tips for Reducing the Pain

​A Brazilian bikini wax is going to be at least somewhat uncomfortable, however there are a few things you can do to reduce the pain:

  • Take an aspirin 30 to 45 minutes before the session. It will not only reduce the pain, but also prevent swelling and irritation after the wax.
  • Schedule it well away from your time of the month. During menstruation, your skin is VERY sensitive, and it will be more painful. Also, your pain threshold is highest between 3 and 5 PM, so that's the best time of day for the appointment.
  • Wear loose clothing after the wax. Tight clothing will rub against the skin, and the friction can lead to pimples, heat rashes, and chafing. Plus, the risk of contact with bacteria is much higher if you wear tight clothing.
  • Use an antibiotic cream to prevent irritation and infection, or consider Aloe Vera Gel. Apply soothing creams (designed for sensitive skin) to the area for a couple of days after the waxing session.
  • Take a shower if the waxed areas are getting itchy or sensitive. Don't go swimming at a pool or beach for up to 24 hours after the session.
Recommended Products to Ease the Pain

Clean + Easy Numb Anesthetic Solution 4oz

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Vienna's Lavender Face and Body Mist

100% natural product that calms and relaxes skin. Also ideal to relieve sunburn.

Advil Liqui-gel 200 mg

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DIY Waxing at Home

If you want to save yourself a bit of money, you may want to do your own waxing at home. Your average high quality day spa will charge you between $50 and $100 for a Brazilian waxing.

Note: Avoid "too cheap" Brazilian waxes, such as at Korean nail parlors or low-rent spas. They're more of a risk than you should take.

Instead of spending $75 for a Brazilian wax, you can do it yourself at home. For a DIY Home Brazilian Wax, you'll need:

  • The right type of wax. Test the types of wax on the market to see which works best for you.
  • Applicators. Used popsicle sticks are NOT sanitary, so it's good to buy applicators brand new.
Recommended Brazilian Home Waxing Kit

GiGi Brazilian Waxing Kit 14 oz

Easy-to-use Brazilian home waxing kit to remove unwanted hair from the pubic area.

Brazilian Waxing at Home - Step by Step


To begin, heat the wax to the right temperature. You can heat it in the microwave or on the stove, but your best bet is to use a wax warmer. It's far less messy, and it will keep the wax hot throughout.


Trim your hair to the right length, and apply a bit of cleaning lotion to the sensitive area to be waxed. Once the wax is ready, apply it to your skin, press the fabric into the wax, and let it cool.


Pull the skin around the wax tight as you rip off the fabric. Repeat the waxing for as long as necessary.


Finish with a cool shower to reduce the pain and swelling in the treated area.

How to Find a Good Bikini Waxer

Here's how you can find a great spa for your regular Brazilian bikini waxes:

  • Read Yelp reviews -- Yelp is a great source of information on the quality of service at spas and waxing salons. Read both positive and negative reviews before selecting a single place.
  • Ask your friends -- If any of your girl friends get regular waxes, ask them where they go. A recommendation like this can save you time and money.
  • Do research online -- Don't just turn to Yelp, but Google "best Brazilian wax in (your city)". You may get some great results you'd never find on Yelp

Make sure that the place is clean, uses sanitized tools, and treats you with dignity - you should feel as comfortable as possible with the people treating you.


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