The Complete Male Guide to Genital Hair Removal

Getting rid of hair around your genitals can be quite the challenge! It's one of the most sensitive spots on your body, so it's hard to imagine anyone rooting around down there with a razor, an epilator, or even a laser beam. Your testicles no doubt shrivel up at the thought of the pain that could be inflicted with a treatment gone wrong.

Before you cast aside all hope, here is what you need to know about getting rid of your genital hair:




Pubic hair removal cream (Apply directly to genital region)

Hair Trimmer (Great for trimming down the area before shaving or applying cream)

​Cream (apply direct to groin area) - leaves you feeling very smooth.

The two most popular forms of genital hair removal are by shaving and using creams.  We go into both methods in more detail below:-

Temporary Solutions

large razor


​One of the best temporary solutions for men to get rid of their genital hair is shaving. If you shave, you have total control over the razor blade, so there's less risk of anything going wrong. The angle may be awkward, but you can always use a mirror or two to help you get it just right.

How can I limit Genital Irritation from Shaving?

If you suffer from shaving irritation, you may want to take some time to read our ultimate guide to irritation free shaving.

The pubic region contains very sensitive skin so it's really important that you treat this area with care.  Some people, with more sensitive skin, may be prone to razor burns that show up as little as a few hours after shaving and can last for up to a few days.  

The good news is that over time the irritation gets less as your body gets used to it. Most people report that their first time shaving the region was the worst.

Never the less, there are a number of steps you can take to limit the amount of irritation that you experience while shaving the genital area:-​

  • Use a Sharp Razor - The sharper the razor, the better.  Using a blunt razor can lead to your hair being pulled out rather than cut, which while not only painful can also lead to longer term irritation.
  • Use sensitive shaving cream - it's worth investing in a shaving cream that is designed to be very mild and help prevent shaving irritation.  We have a list of them here.
  • Shave in the direction of the hair - If this is your first time shaving the genital region, then it's definitely recommended to shave in the direction that the hair is growing.  Over time, as irritation lessens, you can move to shaving across the hairs or even against the grain - but don't try this initially.
  • Consider switching to a safety razor - conventional cartridge razors typically have a multiple blades (sometimes up to 5 or 6) which can cause unnecessary irritation. Recently there has been a big trend to switching back to traditional double edged safety razors because they cause less irritation and are a LOT cheaper.
  • Don't scratch or rub the area - the first time you shave your pubic region, you will likely feel like you want to scratch the area in the day or two that follows, however don't do this.  Scratching inflames the area and causes further irritation.  If the irritation gets too much, you can use something like Benadryl itch stopping gel for relief.
  • Use baby powder instead of moisturiser post shaving - Commonly people are told to use a moisturiser after shaving, however a lot of people find that this can actually exacerbate the irritation.  Instead, your best bet is to use talcum powder (otherwise known as baby powder) to keep the treated area smooth and dry.  We recommend Johnson Baby Powder.
  • Consider witch hazel immediately after shaving - Witch hazel can really help reduce irritation - you can apply it liberally immediately after shaving the treated area to held reduce inflammation.  We recommend Thayers Witch Hazel.
  • Stick with it - Nearly everybody reports that the first time is the worst and over time the side affects of shaving the genital region get less and less.  Give it a month or two before you decide whether this is the right method of hair removal for you.
Recommended Products to Limit Genital Shaving Irritation
Johnsons baby powder

Johnsons Baby Powder

Apply this product immediately after shaving to relieve irritation from shaving in the pubic area

Witch hazel bottle

Thayers Witch Hazel

This particular witch hazel product is a best seller due to its ability to soothe treatment areas after irritation.

How to Shave the Genital Region

Here's how to shave your "fun parts":


Use a beard trimmer or buzzer to trim the hairs around your nether regions. It's always easier to shave shorter hairs.


Get in the shower to rinse off. Hot water is always best, as it softens the skin and opens the follicles--giving you better access to the hairs.


Gently start shaving, moving with the grain of your hair. You do not want to press down with the razor, but let the blades do the work. Make sure the razor is sharp.


Once you've gotten rid of most of the hairs, go against the grain. It will help to get rid of any stragglers.  Only do this with extremely light pressure and if you're not prone to irritation.  


Be very careful when shaving the testicles. The loose skin is very easy to cut, so make sure to stretch it tight with your free hand as you run the razor over it.

The same method applies for the perineum, the crack, and around the anus. Just take your time, be gentle, and make sure to apply witch hazel and baby powder to the areas immediately after treatment to ease any irritation.

Pubic Hair Removal Creams

Are Hair Removal Creams Safe for Genital Hair Removal?

​Depilatory creams contain strong chemicals that break down the hair and when misused can cause discomfort and chemical burns.  While these products can usually be used on the genital area, we recommend you take the following precautions to limit the chance of any unwanted side effects:-

  • Trim first - we recommend that you trim the area first so that you can use less of the chemical solution and get the same results.  Using less substance will help limit the irritation.
  • Choose your timing wisely - Don't use depilatory hair removal creams if you have open sores (razor cuts, for example) to limit the exposure to the cream. 

How to use Depilatory Hair Removal for the Genital Region

With creams like Nair or Magic Shave, you can usually get rid of those hairs with minimal amounts of pain--provided you use them correctly. Make sure to follow the instructions precisely, or you could end up burning your tender bits.​

Nair for Men 13oz

One of the most popular depilatory brands of hair removal specifically for men.  This is a strong solution so don't leave on for too long.

Magic Shave Cream

This is a depilatory cream that leaves the genital region feeling really smooth after use.  Not as strong as the Nair so is less likely to irritate.

Here's how to use cream for your nethers:​


Find a cream that's suitable for male genital region.  We recommend Nair.


Test it on a less sensitive body part. Apply a bit of the cream to your leg or thigh, and let it sit for the prescribed amount of time before washing it off.

If there's no pain, you're doing it right. If the skin is sensitive, you left it on for too long. You may even want to wait a day or two to see if your skin reacts badly to it.


Apply a smooth, even layer of cream. You don't want to apply too much to a certain area, as it's more likely to burn if you do.


Wait. Do not wait an extra minute or even a few more seconds, but keep your eye locked onto that clock. When it's time to wash off, you wash off and now!


Rinse the cream off with lukewarm water. Use a soft wash cloth to remove any traces of the cream, though be gentle.


Apply some Vitamin E lotion or moisturizing cream to your skin if you feel any irritation.

These hair removal creams are cheaper than quality razor blades, and you'll find that they get the job done well.

Permanent Solutions

Most people use the temporary methods that we've described above, however some people become discontent with the amount of time and frequency of the temporary removal methods and look for more permanent solutions.  In this case, there are two options that you have at your disposal:-

Laser Hair Removal

Is laser hair removal safe on the Genital Area?

Man having laser hair removal on back

​Laser hair removal is safe on the genital area when the correct laser and settings are used.  The genital area usually has a darker skin tone than the rest of your body which makes that area more prone to burns from the laser.  

Most clinics that carry out laser hair removal on the genital region will use the Nd:YAG laser (as opposed to a laser like the Alexandrite laser) because this laser has a greater wavelength making it more suitable for use with darker skin tone.

Does Laser Hair Removal have any Affect on the Male Genital Organs?

​Simply - no.  The laser doesn't penetrate deep enough to affect any organs in any part of the body.  There is certainly no chance that laser hair removal over the genital region can cause infertility.

Is Laser Hair Removal Suitable for the Genital Area?

​Laser hair removal is often one of the best choices for genital hair removal if the person who will be having treatment done has:-

  • Dark and dense hair in the pubic region
  • Light coloured skin

If you have dark coloured skin, then you're limited to professional laser hair removal with a laser such as the Nd:YAG.  This type of laser isn't available in home laser hair removal kits, only at professional salons, and it has a higher wavelength making it more suitable for people with darker skin types.

Tip: If you're going to go ahead with laser hair removal in the genital area, then follow our step by step guide to ensure you find a good laser hair removal practitioner near you.  

Pros and Cons of Genital Laser Hair Removal

Treatment will usually take a month or two before significant results can be achieved, even if you go for professional laser hair removal treatment rather than using one of the home laser kits that are on the market.  Here are some of the important things to consider if you're thinking of going ahead with laser hair removal on the genital region:-


  • Permanent hair reduction - there are lasers on the market that have been approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction - this means that the density of hair will be reduced over a long period of time.
  • FDA approved for safety - the lasers that are used in most clinics have been FDA approved as being safe
  • Cost saving in the long term - although the initial cost outlay is quite high, cost savings can be made in the long term by negating the necessity to buy other hair removal equipment (razors, depilatory creams etc.)
  • Less hassle over the long term - long term hair reduction can mean less time performing temporary hair removal methods.


Tria home laser kit

The Tria 4X is one of the most popular home laser hair removal devices currently on the market

If you're considering home laser hair removal, then you may consider the Silk'n SensEpil or the Tria 4X.  To find a professional laser hair clinic in the local area, then read this guide.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

This is the only form of hair removal that has been deemed permanent hair removal by the FDA.  The drawback is that it's quite a time consuming process because hairs needed to be treated individually, one by one.

Is Electrolysis Safe for Genital Hair Removal?

Yes, electrolysis has the most complete clinical study profile amongst all the hair removal methods given that it has been in use for over 100 years (in comparison to laser, which has been used for around 35 years).  

Electrolysis frequently asked questions header

To learn more about electrolysis, you can check out our electrolysis FAQ post

How is Electrolysis Commonly Used for Genital Hair Removal?

There are two occasions when electrolysis is commonly used for genital hair removal:-

  • Light hair colour or dark skin colour - when the subject wants a more permanent form of genital hair removal but has light hair colour and dark skin colour, it means that they are a less ideal candidate for laser hair removal and are left with electrolysis as their main option.
  • After laser hair removal - commonly electrolysis can be used to "finish off" the genital area after laser hair removal has reduced the volume of hairs in the area as much as possible.  This is a faster and more cost effective method than doing electrolysis hair removal from the start.

I'm a computer science graduate, have a passion for self development and created this site as a side project due to the lack of complete, understandable, helpful and truthful information about hair removal available online.

  • Avatar utkarsh says:

    my genital hairs have grown upto 3-4 inches and they are falling as scalp hairfall please tell if theres any option of permanent removal i hav been shaving it for long time nd believe it seems to b like hell or a amazon jungle on my penis please help me

    • Avatar paul says:

      In short:- You can try using Nair for Men (be careful and only leave on for as long as instructions say) or you can use the Norelco bodygroom trimmer.

      A permanent solution could be professional electrolysis. This is the only permanent method of hair removal available, and will cost quite a bit, but with guaranteed results. This treatment involves removing each hair individually and so is quite time consuming, but given that we’re talking about a small body part (unlike a back or chest) then it’s a reasonable solution. You’d need to find a reputable company and get a consultation with them.

      I wouldn’t recommend home laser hair removal on that region of your body due to the darker pigments that this area generally contains. You can have a consultation with a reputable professional laser hair removal salon (you should be able to get this for free) to discuss your options. If you have light coloured skin, then it may also be an option.

  • Avatar vishal says:

    Which is the best for public hair in this two?

    1) Philips BG1025/15 Body Groomer For Men (Black)

    2) Gillette 3-in-1 Men’s Body Groomer with Beard Fusion ProGlide Styler Body Groomer For Men Which is the best

    • Avatar Paul says:

      Hello Vishal, you can’t really go wrong with the Philips, although I would recommend the Norelco Bodygroom as a superior alternative to both the products you’ve mentioned

  • Avatar PineMan says:

    I have always shaved my pubes on a regular basis (once a week, when they starting to get a bit stubbly). I had tried Veet in the past, and whilst it made an excellent job of it, the burning pain afterward was excruciating for quite a few hours. After that, I went back to the good old fashioned Bic Orange (Sensitive) 1. However, I always remembered the extra smoothness that the Veet gave, so I started considering if the benefits might warrant the pain, so I did a bit more research, and found that quite a few independent reviews had found the same thing with Veet, but recommended Nair. I thought it was probably the same thing, but decided to go for it, and bought some Nair with Cotton Oil.

    Once in the bath, stopwatch in hand, I applied the cream, as directed for 5 mins & rinsed thoroughly all around with a sponge, removing all traces. However, regrettably there had been little or no effect. The directions said 5 – 6 mins, but it also said no more than 10 mins, so I reapplied it & went for a 9 minute application, at which point nearly everything was stripped away. After another good rinse I did another 4 min application to the few remaining patches. Then finished off with a light going over with a razor – although this wasn’t really a matter of shaving, by this time, more a matter of scraping away the remaining traces.

    After so many repeated applications I was dreading the afterburn pain, but there wasn’t really anything to speak of – just a barely noticeable discomfort on the scrotum, which soon passed.

    As anything with a new product is generally a matter of trial & error, I think that next time I use it, I’ll start with a full 10 minute application & take it from there. I also think that on my next order I might get the stronger formulation. However, I would suggest that anyone trying it for the first time do as I have done & start with the mild ones, on the shorter time applications & move their way up.

    I would definitely recommend Nair to anyone else. It’s resulted in a lovely smooth finish. Furthermore it didn’t have any of the chemical odour generally associated with depilatories.

  • Avatar David says:

    Hello Paul, is using the Tria 4X safe on the genital area? I know that dark/brown are very sensitive the laser beam, but how dark/brown should it not be?
    For example, let’s say if the device’s sensor indicated that the skin tone is safe, are there any chances of burns?

    Also, how permanent the Tria option is? I mean I would have to use it frequently, don’t I?

    • Sue Sue says:

      Hi David
      The Tria 4X should not be used anywhere that the skin may be darker. The manufacturer states the following warning: “Do not use the Tria 4X for ears, nipples, genitals or around the anus areas where there is more sensitive skin, a darker skin tone and/or greater hair density and where use of the Tria 4X may cause serious skin injury.”

  • Avatar charles says:

    removing pubic hair on men or women is the greatest,especially if you make it a part of your lovemaking!then she can go down on you,and you can go down on her,without picking hairs out of your teeth later
    sooooooo KOOl
    try it youll love it!!!

    • Avatar Stevephen says:

      When I ask the guy’s at work about guys shaving down stairs they say only gay guys do that but they don’t know that I do it and I’m certainly not gay what do u think I just think it feels good.

      • Avatar Gossa says:

        I stay sooo much cooler in the summer with a good manscape down south. Even shaving my upper body makes a huge difference in the summer heat.

  • Avatar Jag says:

    I want to get rid of my all Gental hairs from ,m front under and over B and back seat I Need to know tna cost price and session involved

    Thanking You/

    Jag Mohon

    • Sue Sue says:

      Hi Jag
      Thank you for your question – however, I’m not exactly sure what you are asking here? – what method of hair removal are you considering? If you let me know this, I will be able to supply a better answer.

  • Avatar dan says:

    Has anyone tried the no-no thermal epilator (advertised heavily on TV) for male genital hair removal?

  • Avatar KL says:

    Don’t shave it! The stubble comes back in hours, and you’ll get stuck in an endless self-conscious cycle of shaving. This changed my life. I picked up an Epilady, not a big one, but one of those little ones that’s not too intimidating. Here’s how to do it.

    1. Pick up some Mandalay cream at the drug store to slightly numb the skin.
    2. Take a hot bath, or use a hot towel to open the pores and soften the hair a bit.
    2. Try to get a little hard and make sure the skin is tight, and epil away!

    You may have to do it in a couple of stages, but afterward you’ll have a smooth shaft for days (or weeks), with no stubble. I can’t tell you how relived I felt when the hair was gone, and I had no stubble fears. Don’t be a pussy! It’s not bad at all, and after once or twice, and with the relief you’ll feel, you won’t mind it at all.

    You’re welcome!

  • Avatar Greg says:

    I picked up an epilator by Remington at Wally World for $35. I used it on my arms l, stomach and chest so far. The arms and stomach weren’t so bad, but the chest was a bit brutal. It took 2 sessions over 2 days to do the chest. Seems to have worked well and only had a few minor bumps for a day (it wasn’t razor burn or ingrown hairs, just swollen from yanking the hairs out).
    I can’t shave with a razor frequently or I get really bad razorburn, so I’m glad I tried the epilator. I am going to do my legs and backside next, and when enough hair grows on my armpits again I’ll hit them with the epilator. After that I’ll see if I’ve got the courage to try the crotch/genital area. Wish me luck!

  • Avatar Edskie says:

    Hi there,

    what is the best Cream Mens Hair removal that can be used in the genital area and towards your bumbum area? Most of these cream applications does not suggest the use to these areas so I am kind a hesitant in using them. I just received my Nads Mens Hair removal and it says the same thing that it cannot be used in those areas – so are they really safe to use in the genital and bumbum areas?
    Anyway, right after I receive this Nads hair removal I tested in me thumb hair finger for at least 5 minutes and washed it off and the hair just wash off as advertised and it was great, but I am more concerned in those specialty parts.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Avatar Charles Feller says:

    cccc Can anyone use he Magic Shave Cream. It appears to be made for A African Americans. I’d prefer this rather than Nair.

    • Avatar Paul says:

      Yeah it seems to be marketed specifically for black men. I’ve read that darker skin is less sensitive so can handle harsher depilatories but I’ve seen people with white skin use it successfully.

      If you go for it, I definitely recommend doing a patch test first to see how you react.

      • Avatar Gary says:

        I used it as my first cream and it worked just fine, of course I shaved first,good results for a beginner in this quest for no pubic’s

    • Avatar Ramone Starr Dubois says:

      I am a black man and I use magic shave cream exclusively. I’ve tried Nair, Nivea and Gellet’s creams in the past and ended up with burns on my boys, and still covered with hair, no matter how long or short I leave it on. I haven’t really had that problem with Magic, except when I used the formula for bald heads, (that I wouldn’t recommend for downstairs). But I think magic is gentler and I recommend trying it on a small area first to judge the timing.

  • Avatar N3UTR4L says:

    Why did the article purposely leave out other methods like tweezing/plucking, threading, & waxing?

    I have been using a salon brand(commercial grade) hair trimmer/clipper for the main pubic areas & testicles then using tweezers for the penis shaft & area surrounding it that becomes part of the shaft once penis is erect.

  • Avatar Nigel says:

    I recommend sugaring as a longer lasting and more effective way to remove pubic hair. I have been visiting a waxing salon about every 5 weeks for about two years now to get this done. The pain is not too bad and seems become a bit less with each visit. The results are great: smooth skin which stays smooth until the next salon visit.

  • Avatar Gary says:

    I want to be smooth all around my penis, balls and anal area plus I don’t want the stubs to come back too quickly. Is Nair or Magic the best way to go?

  • Avatar Gary says:

    Great site good info for me a beginner to the smooth look, sorry I didn’t find it a couple of days ago oh well it only hurt for a short time. I’ve taken notes and a list of items you have recommended. I bought a Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler to do some trimming with, confused on using Fusion Proglide clear shave gel. I guess rub it on and shave it off with the Styler? I’m off to the store tomorrow for some Nail or Magic I really like the look and feel of naked/smooth pubic areas. Is the Nair products good for chest hair too? Thanks again for a good site

    • Sue Sue says:

      Hi Gary – Nair for Men Body Cream is suitable for use on male chest, back, legs and arms.

      Thank you for your positive feedback – glad you are enjoying the site!

  • Avatar Gary says:

    How often can I use the cream Nair for Men, once a week, every other day, or everyday ?

    • Sue Sue says:

      Hi Gary, you shouldn’t use Nair every day and the manufacturer recommends that you wait at least 72 hours between applications. However, I would not advise using more frequently than once a week at the most.

  • Avatar Gary says:

    I’m learning a lot on this site. Thanks for the opportunity to interacting with comments and questions

  • Avatar Swarup Haldar says:

    Very informative. Kudos to your effort

  • Avatar Ponvelmurugan says:

    Very useful .

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