Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost

There is no doubt about it, electrolysis is an investment. But an investment with results that really make it worthwhile in the long run.

Electrolysis is the only form of hair removal that the FDA has approved as permanent, and it works on any type of hair and skin tone, so what you end up paying over the course of six months or a year (or more) will basically pay itself off once you don’t have to worry about purchasing shaving and waxing products ever again.

Cost and Treatment Sessions

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What It Depends On

It’s difficult to provide one average cost for electrolysis as it depends on a number of different factors such as the area being treated, the amount of hairs being treated and also where you are being treated as prices can vary quite significantly depending on the electrologist and the area.

At the same time the number of treatments required also depends on a number of different factors, stemming from nutrition and hormone levels to the area being treated and the density of the hairs being treated.

Sessions can last from 5 minutes for a few hairs to an hour for a larger, more densely haired area.

Scheduling the Treatment

The rule of thumb is that generally your electrologist will schedule longer sessions in the beginning and cut them down once the hair starts to thin out. It is important to remember that each hair is treated separately and for some areas this can mean many sessions.

A certified electrologist will be able to devise a customized treatment plan based on your lifestyle, hair density and requests, and for optimal results it is always best to follow this treatment plan.

However, a certified electrologist will also not settle for a set amount of sessions before beginning treatment as there are too many variables at play.

Treatment sessions are usually scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Because of how time-consuming the practice is, the areas that are the most often treated are facial (upper lip, eyebrows, chin and side burns) and the neck, however it is also quite common to see electrolysis work on legs, arms, the back and chest.

The Cost Depends on the Treated Area

It is just important to remember that the larger and more densely-haired the area, the longer each treatment will last, the more treatments you will need and the more expensive it will be.

For a small to average sized area one can assume that bi-weekly sessions from 6 months to a year will be required, with touch-up sessions here and there afterwards for any dormant hair follicles that are suddenly reactivated.

We can assume that on average it will take approximately 20 hours to complete the lip and chin area, or about 25 sessions.

Average Cost Per Session

There is no real average cost when it comes to electrolysis. While some places may charge $30 for a 30 minute session, other places may charge $110 for an hour.

As stated above, it really depends on the area that you are being treated in, as larger cities are generally more expensive than smaller towns.

Look for a Certified Electrologist

While a cheaper session may seem like a bargain, especially if you are looking to treat a larger, more time-consuming area, it is important to always make sure that the electrologist is certified, fully trained and experienced before you make your move.

A good idea is to ask for before and after examples so you can evaluate the electrologist’s proficiency for yourself. Bearing in mind that regulations vary by state, you can always check if an electrologist is certified.

Cost Average on Certain Areas

It is therefore very important to not choose your electrologist based on price alone. With the above in mind, we can provide some large cost averages based on areas treated.

Please note that these are really only baseline averages and only a consultation with an electrologist will give you a real idea of full cost.


Low Average

High Average

Lip and chin









Bikini Line



As you can easily determine from the table above, average costs can differ significantly. If you are not entirely sure you want to invest this much money in treatment, but would like to try electrology we advise starting with a small area such as the upper lip and going from there.

Outside of the time and cost factor, electrolysis is not for everyone as it can be quite painful.


The beauty of electrolysis is that once a hair has been treated it will not grow back. This means that the money you spend is not being washed down the sink – you are actually going to see long-term and permanent results.

While the procedure is time-consuming, and depending on the area treated, can end up being costly, it is a great investment for those wanting to throw away the razor for good.

Before making any type of investment of this genre, it is always important to consult with different operators to see what type of pricing and average number of sessions you may expect to need to see results.

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