Electrolysis Hair Removal For The Face

While many women deal with some type of facial hair on a regular basis, ranging from light, barely noticeable upper lip hair to dark, coarse chin hairs, it is something that can cause feelings of annoyance or embarrassment, self esteem issues and even depression in very severe cases.

There are many hair removal products that exist specifically for different areas of the face (waxing, hair removal creams, tweezers, laser treatments, electrolysis), but the only treatment that can be considered a permanent solution is electrolysis.

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is the only form of permanent hair removal currently approved by the FDA. This means that all other forms of hair removal available on the market at this time (laser, IPL, waxing, hair removal creams, shaving etc) are considered anywhere between temporary to semi permanent, depending on the treatment you use.

While you may see some type of a reduction in hair growth with other types of hair removal products, electrolysis is the only one that can provide you with complete hair removal, permanently. However, this permanence does not happen overnight.

Electrolysis is performed by a certified professional who will insert a thin needle, or probe, into the hair follicle and will then apply a current to the follicle in order to destroy it. It is only possible to destroy a follicle during a certain period of the hair’s life cycle, the anagen phase, so in order for treatment to be successful several sessions will be required.

The number of sessions required to be effective will really depend on the area treated, the density of the hair, hormones, genetics, health and any medical issues that the patient may have.

How Fast is the Result? 

On average results can be seen anywhere between 6 and 18 months of regular bi-weekly to monthly treatments. On top of being the only permanent form of hair removal, unlike laser treatment that does not work well on lighter hairs, electrolysis has positive results on lighter and darker hairs as well as on any type of skin tone.

Possible Pain and Risks

While it is invasive and may cause some slight pain or irritation during the treatment, if performed by a professional the risk of scarring or skin damage is slight.

As electrolysis is done on one hair at a time it makes for a very time consuming process, which is often why it is best contained to smaller areas, like the face or the neck.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatments for the Face

Electrolysis is not just available for women, men can also benefit from the treatment, even if their facial hair tends to be darker and coarser. It is, however, the best and only option for women to permanently remove pesky facial hair.

Where Can You Use Electrolysis?

It could be a tiny area, like the eyebrows, if you are tired of waxing or tweezing them on a regular basis and would like their shape to be more defined. You could use electrolysis on the sensitive upper lip area that always stings when waxed and where hair bleach often discolours the skin.

It can be done on the chin area or the jaw line where unsightly dark hairs persistently appear however often they are plucked, due to genetics or hormones or another health reason. Electrolysis can also be used on sideburns, to either tame them or make them disappear.

Woman with mole on upper lip

Basically, electrolysis can be done on any part of the face, as long as it not in the nose or ears as performing the procedure on any type of mucous membranes is against regulations. Moles are also off-limits unless the patient provides written consent from his or her physician.

Choose Your Electrologist

It is very important to choose your electrologist wisely. A professional will provide clean and safe treatments, will follow all regulations and safeguards and will do everything to minimize pain and any risks of scarring or skin damage, which you want to avoid on the facial area at all cost.

While electrolysis is pricy and results are not immediate, if you weigh the costs of regular hair removal over a lifetime with that of 2 years worth of electrolysis treatments it may be worth your while, especially if you are dealing with a small area on the face.

Hirsutism and Electrolysis

Photo of man with hairy chest

Hirsutism is the appearance of hair growth in a male pattern on the female body. This is mainly caused by a hormonal imbalance due to genetics, illness or a syndrome such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

PCOS creates a hormonal imbalance that causes an excess of androgen hormones to circulate in the body which can then cause the appearance of hair on the face, neck, chest and back.

Mild hirsutism may not be too noticeable, but moderate to severe hirsutism, with its black, coarse hair, can cause distress and self-esteem issues. While women can remove the hair with all types of hair removal products, the only form of hair removal that will have a lasting effect on hirsutism hair is electrolysis.

As electrolysis is perfect for smaller areas like the face, and this is one of the main areas affected by the hirsutism, as well as being the most visible area on the body, it is highly recommended to try electrolysis.

How to Reach Permanent Results?

While expensive and not immediately effective, you can assume, with the average of one 15 minute session a week for 6 months and then follow up sessions on a monthly or bi-monthly basis for the next 6 months that you will see real, permanent results.

This is however, all dependent on each case, and a professional electrologist physician will explain the procedure, the risks and the potential results before starting the treatment. Some people may need shorter or longer sessions more or less frequently.

It is more common for hirsutism patients to see some regrowth after treatment, in these cases it is advised to combine electrolysis with hormone medication after discussion with a doctor.

Some people may find the process a little painful and would rather have shorter sessions for a longer period of time, or vice versa. It all depends on how you and your electrologist would like to proceed.

Why Would You Choose Electrolysis for the Face?


  • Large possibility of real permanent hair removal
  • Expenses may counter out the amount spent on hair removal products or procedures over a lifetime
  • Anyone can be treated with electrolysis 
  • Works well on smaller areas like the face
  • Professional treatment by a physician
  • Very effective


  • Expensive
  • Requires multiple sessions
  • Invasive and can be painful


However you look at it, facial hair is always going to be something that people want to get rid of, male or female. The sheer amount of products on today’s market aimed towards removing or reducing or hiding facial hair shows that.

The only treatment that can provide any kind of permanent results is electrolysis. While expensive and not immediately effective, over time electrolysis, as long as it is performed by a professional in a professional setting, can provide you with very long lasting results on your face.

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