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A great little epilator with its 72 tweezer head for maximum speed and efficiency. The device's integral design features help to stretch the skin and lift the hairs to make it easier for the tweezers to grab and pluck them. Can be used all over the body, and even on the upper lip and chin. At around $80, not the cheapest on the market but nevertheless, a good, value for money investment!


3.9 out of 5 Stars

What's Included​

  • AP-18 Emagine Epilator
  • 110/240v power cord/adaptor
  • Cleaning brush

Product Overview

Designed for dry use, this device is corded ​to be used only whilst plugged directly into the mains.

It is ergonomically designed with soft touch grip to make it fit comfortably into the hand, whilst its curved shape helps when following the contours of the body.

Its well thought out design also includes silver ion technology​ which provides antimicrobial protection against infection.

The product has a 30 day money back guarantee and 12 months manufacturer's warranty.​

Also available is the Emjoi AP-18R, which has all the same features plus a rechargeable battery ​for corded or uncorded (dry only) use and retails at around $90.

Additionally, there is the ​Emjoi AP-18MS Emagine Epilator for Men.

Product Features

  • 72 Tweezers - currently the maximum number available on the market, for minimum number of passes and increased speed
  • Dual opposed heads - to help hold the skin taut and reduce discomfort
  • Staggered heads - to maximise efficiency and reduce the amount of passes required
  • Lifting fingers - to help ensure that even short and flat hairs are lifted up to make grabbing them easier and reduce risk of ingrown hairs
  • Ergonomic design - easy to hold and comfortable to use soft-touch grip and curved shape, specially designed for women to follow the contours of the body
  • Silver ion technology - reduces risk of infection
  • Glide technology - for ease and comfort and to reduce irritation
  • Dual speed -  slow for fine hair and high for coarser hair
  • 110/240v power adaptor - great when travelling
  • Corded Use - no need to worry about battery running low
  • Cleaning brush

How it Works

Emjoi Tweezer Head

Clearly shows the line of "lifting fingers" at the centre of the head, with 36 sets of  dual opposed tweezers on each side

​The Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Epilator features a series of staggered, dual opposed tweezers each consisting of a set of 3 disks.

In each set, there is one fixed disk and two which open and close to "tweeze" the hair whilst gently stretching the skin, designed to help make the process less painful (although the tell the truth, it didn't seem to make a very noticeable difference).

In the centre of the head is a series of "fingers" which act to lift the hair into an upright position.   This helps to avoid any flat or shorter hairs being missed by the tweezers, and minimises the number of passes required to fully epilate the area.

This action also acts to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs from hair breaking off​ rather than being pulled out at the root.

Use only one side of the epilator for upper lip or chin hair removal (Picture shows Emjoi AP-18R)

Where Can it be Used?

The device can be used for legs, underarm and bikini line.

It may also be used for removing individual hairs on the chin and upper lip, but is not suitable for use all over the face.

When removing facial hair from upper lip or chin with the Emjoi AP-18 it is important to hold the device at an angle so that only one side is against the skin, as recommended by the manufacturer.

How Painful is it?

As you would expect when pulling hair out at the root, there is a level of pain involved, however you are in control of this to a certain extent and the features of the Emjoi AP-18 such as dual speeds and the set of 3 disks are designed to assist you in keeping pain to a minimum.

​There are ways to reduce the pain such as:

  • Take a warm bath or shower prior to epilating to open the pores to make it easier to pluck the hair.
  • Make sure the area has been previously thoroughly exfoliated to remove dead skin cells and bacteria
  • Ensure that the skin around the area you are epilating is held very taut to avoid the possibility of "pinching"
  • Rub in baby powder to further help the hairs to stand up
  • If you are epilating long hairs, trim them down first - the optimum length tends to be 0.5mm - the longer the hair the more painful

Over time, with continued use, the treated areas will develop a tolerance to the process and pain will become less noticeable.​

How Long does it Take?​

This will vary depending on the area to be treated and the amount of hair to be removed, as well as how coarse or dense it is.

As a rough guide though, we found that 10 - 20 minutes was sufficient to do both legs.​

Side Effects?

The beauty of epilators is that there are few, if any, side effects and they are transient i.e. redness and/or tenderness of the skin.

Unlike waxing, epilating only removes the hair itself and the skin around the hair is not affected.

It is not unusual to experience redness and a little tenderness, and we would advise you to use a soothing Aloe or similar to alleviate this.

It is also a good idea to use the epilator in the evening, when you are not planning to go out, if you have not used one before​ to see how you are affected. 

The risk of ingrown hairs is the only really annoying thing, and even this can be reduced and managed by using the correct technique and ensuring that the area is exfoliated regularly.

To avoid possible risk of infection it is important to clean the epilator head thoroughly with the brush as per instructions and sterilise the tweezer edges with a suitable rubbing alcohol on a cotton bud (but not soaking them).​

How to Use

Exfoliating with a loofah can reduce discomfort 

As always, make sure to read all the instructions and cautions provided with the device thoroughly prior to use.

It is advisable to take a warm bath or shower to open your pores, and exfoliate thoroughly to remove any dead skin cells and bacteria. This will make the skin more pliable - the aim being to reduce discomfort from using the epilator.

  • You need an ambient temperature to avoid possible perspiration
  • Treatment area must be clean, dry and free from any chemicals
  • Always attach the adapter plug provided into the device prior to plugging into the mains, then remove the protective cap
  • To turn the device on, you need to press the safety switch lock whilst sliding it to the desired speed - low (1) for fine hair and high (2) for coarse hair  (0 is the power off position).
  • Hold device at a 90 degree angle to the skin with the logo facing you, so that the discs are in an upright position.
  • Hold skin taut with the other hand
  • Glide the unit in short, quick, sweeping strokes in the direction of the hair's natural growth
  • A word of caution - do not press the device into the skin - you need to have contact without pressure so that it glides easily across the surface.
  • Always clean the device after each use and replace the protective cap to store

To clean the unit you must first ensure that it is turned off and unplugged from the mains.

The epilator head is removed by pressing the release button which is located on the front of the device.  The disc cover is removed by pressing both sides and pulling up.

Brush the discs with the brush provided​ to remove all hairs from them and then replace the disc cover by gently pressing until it clicks into place.

The epilator head can then be clicked back into place by lining it up with the teethed wheel on the body, and the protective cap replaced.

To sterilize tweezers and remove any residue, use a cotton swab lightly dampened with a little rubbing alcohol to clean the tips.​

Why Use an Epilator?

Many women opt for epilators in preference to shaving or waxing, some of the reasons for which are outlined below: 

Advantages over Shaving

  • Longer lasting results - as epilators remove hair from the root rather than cutting off at the surface, the results are bound to last longer.  Whilst many manufacturers claim that this can be up to 4 weeks, do bear in mind that the actual length of time depends on an individual's hair regrowth rate and the area being treated.
  • Finer regrowth - epilated hair tends to grow back finer and lighter looking than the "stubble" produced from shaving.

Advantages over Waxing

  • Flexible use - many epilators offer the option of using wet or dry
  • More convenient - less messy and time consuming than waxing
  • Does not affect surrounding skin - epilators pluck the hair from the skin and do not affect the skin, as opposed to waxing, which can remove the surface of the skin along with the hair
  • Treats short regrowth - unlike waxing, epilators can pick up hairs from as short as 0.5mm, lessening the need for unsightly regrowth between treatments

Questions and Answers

Where is it made?

It is manufactured in China

​Are replacement tweezer heads available and for how much?

Yes they are, online from Emjoi.com, currently at around $35.​

Does this make your legs smoother than shaving?

​Yes it does, as the hair is removed from the root

Does it need to be connected to the mains power to use?

Yes it does - there is a rechargeable, cordless option - the Emjoi AP-18R for corded or cordless use (dry only).  The cord provided is very long though - more than 6ft, so should be sufficient for most situations.

​Is the device waterproof?

No and it should not be used in a wet environment - it is for dry use only

​Is hair removed permanently?

No, but regrowth becomes lighter and finer over time, with continued use

Is it very painful?

It is painful, especially for the first few uses, but if you persevere the treatment area does build up a resilience and the pain is much less.  You will find that online feedback almost universally bears this out.​

Can it be used on long hair?

No - we would advise that you trim any long hairs prior to use, the Emjoi AP-18 can remove hair as short as 0.5mm, the longer the hair the more painful it tends to be​

In Conclusion​

The Emjoi AP-18 Emagine epilator is an effective and relatively easy to use device, which offers pretty good value for money.

If you are looking for an epilator that will quickly cover larger areas and are happy with a corded, dry use only version, this is your best choice.

Things we Liked

  • Convenient - to use at home with no mess
  • Cost Effective - one off cost apart from replacement tweezer head (infrequently)
  • Quick - 72 tweezer head makes this quicker to use than other models
  • Corded Use - no need to worry about re-charging battery
  • Dual Speed

Things we didn't Like

  • Pain - can be managed and will improve with use over time
  • Need to be near power outlet - no rechargeable battery option on this model
  • No Additional caps - for trimming or sensitive areas
  • No shaver head included in price - (is available as an optional extra)
  • Noisy


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