Feather Hi Stainless Double Edge Razor Blade Review

Product Overview

The feather double edge blades come in packs of 10, 20, 50 and 100 and are one of the most popular blades on the market.

These blades are renowned for being very sharp, because of this, there have been many discussions on shaving forums about how safe they are.  

They're imported from Japan and are on the more expensive side of blades.  The 100 pack costs around 30 cents per blade compared to 10 cents that some other blades work out at.  

That said, it's still extremely good value for money in comparison to the cost: results ratio that you would get from a typical cartridge razor.

Product Contents

​With the 100 pack, you're going to receive a box that contains 10 sets of 10 blades that looks like this:-

Each individual pack of 10 looks like this:-

Review of the Blades

Feather blades are renowned for being the sharpest blades that money can buy and when you shave you can really feel it.  

Feather razor blades are known for being the sharpest blades in the market - the razor glides across the skin without any downwards pressure even on thick, dense beards

With some blades, you need to apply a little bit of pressure to the razor to make sure that you get a really nice close shave.  With these blades, however, that is not only not necessary but ill-advised.

Even for people with dark and denser hair, this particular blade will "cruise" across the surface with a lot less friction than other less sharp blades.  

The sharpness and closeness of the shave with these blades are so noticeable that many people only use two passes for a complete shave, whereas they would usually require 3 passes with other blades.  Obviously this is a massive time saver.

Of course, what makes these blades so great, is also their possible downfall. With such great sharpness comes a very real possibility of shaving nicks.  While it's not unsafe to shave with this blade, you need to pay good attention to your technique to make sure that you don't nick yourself - it's certainly easier to nick yourself with this blade in comparison to other, less sharp blades.

​If you're the type of person that grows really thick, dark and coarse hair then you will love this blade - simply allow the weight of the razor to glide across the surface of your skin without applying any downward pressure for your closest shave yet.

Product Size Options

Feather blades retail in the following sizes:-

If you're just starting out and are not sure if the blades are going to be too unforgiving for you, then go with the 10 blade option as a test and then you can upgrade to the larger pack later.

Also, you may notice that there is slightly different branding on some of the packs:-​

Feather blades come in an a variety of different brands

Don't be fooled - these packages all contain the same double edge feather razor blades. For some reason, these razors are sold with a variety of different brand colours, but the underlying product is the same.

Our Concluding Remarks

​This is my favourite blade because it gives me the same result with two passes that other blades can only give me with three passes.  

It's certainly easier to nick yourself and would advise caution for beginner shavers, but if you're confident with your technique and you're the type of person that likes a really close shave, then this is the blade to go for.

Things we Liked

  • Effortless shaving - No downward pressure required - simply use the weight of the razor to apply pressure against the skin
  • Efficient - For many people this blade achieves in two passes what most other blades can only achieve in three passes

Things we didn't Like

  • Easier to nick yourself - if you're new to safety razor shaving and haven't yet developed a solid technique, then you may find it easier to nick yourself with such a sharp blade.
  • Slightly more expensive - these blades are on the upper end of the price range spectrum.  You can expect to pay around $0.30 per blade with the 100 pack as opposed to $0.10 per blade with other brands.

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Paul McCarthy

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These are renowned for being the sharpest blades on the market and give an extremely close shave. Perhaps not as smooth as some of the other blades available, but in terms of razor sharp cutting ability, these are the best that money can buy


4.8 out of 5 Stars

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