5 Steps to Finding the Best Electrologist in your Area

Electrolysis is a very effective form of hair removal when done by a fully trained professional.  

As with most industries, there are some cowboy electrolysis "practitioners" that don't really know what they're doing and that's why it's fundamental that you do your homework before choosing the right service provider for you.  Here's our easy 5 step guide to make sure that you choose the best electrologist for you:-


5 Key Points to Finding the Perfect Match


Word of Mouth

Obviously word of mouth is the best way to start your search for an electrologist.  However, given that hair removal is a bit of a taboo subject for many people, it can be difficult to find anyone in your social circle who openly talks about their hair removal experiences.​

So that brings us on to the following points...​


Choose a Regulated State

It's highly recommended that you carry out your treatment in a state that is regulated.  Currently there are 34 regulated states in America:




District of Columbia








New Jersey

North Carolina













New Hampshire

New Mexico

North Dakota


Rhode Island​



In these states, you can ask to view the practitioner's license.  Be sure that the service provider you choose can produce an in-date, valid license.  This is one way of ensuring that you're not dealing with a cowboy practitioner.


Look for Voluntary Certifications

Some consumers may not find it feasible to travel to a license governed state because of their location or travel constraints.  In these situations, it's fundamental to look at other signals of the service provider's knowledge, capability and professionalism.

There are two main voluntary certifications called the CPE (Certified Professional Electrologist) and CCE (Certified Clinicial ​Electrologist).  These qualifications are very similar, the main difference being that they are sponsored by different associations.

​There is another voluntary association called the CME (Certified Medical Electrologist) - this is mainly electrologists who also offer practice laser hair removal.

Any practitioner who is a member of any of the above associations is a very big plus and we strongly recommend that you choose a member of one of these associations as your electrolysis practitioner.  This advice remains the same whether you're planning on receiving treatment in a licensed regulated state or not.


Ask for a 15 Minute Sample Treatment

We recommend that you ask for a sample session so that you can assess whether the treatment is right for you.  Some things for you to consider during your treatment are:-

  1. How does the treated area look / feel post treatment?  Do you have much discomfort?  How long does it take to heal?  Did you have any scabbing?
  2. Are the hairs removed with resistance or do they slide out easily?  The correct electrolysis procedure should ensure that hairs are removed without resistance - if you ever feel like your hair is being "plucked" out, then that's a warning sign that the electrologist isn't very skilled.
  3. A practitioner that has modern machinery.  Apilus is one of the best newest electrolysis machines that is recommended.
  4. Check for good sterilisation practices:  The American Electrolysis Association ask for hand washing, gloves, sterile disposable probes and sterile tweezers.

Some practitioners may even give you a free 15 minute trial session in the hope that you'll like the results and sign up for extended treatment, although the majority understandably try and charge for their time.


Talk to Past Clients

In instances whereby you're unsure of the claims made by the practitioner, we suggest that you ask for previous client references so that you can talk directly to other people that have gone through this treatment before.

If the practitioner has nothing to hide, they will usually be more than happy to put you in touch with a client to give you some reassurance.

If, however, the practitioner can't provide this information, we suggest that you think twice about going ahead with this particular service provider.​

Questions you should ask your Practitioner

Remember that the purpose of the initial consultation is for you to decide whether you want to employ this practitioner.  That makes you the interviewer and the practitioner the candidate.  

Here are some questions we recommend you ask the practitioner during your initial consultation:-

  • What brand and model of electrolysis machine do you use?
  • Has the device been cleared for use by the FDA?
  • How much experience do you have with this device?
  • Why do you use this device over other devices that are on the market?
  • Do you have any professional affiliations relating to electrolysis?
  • How many clients have you treated with this device?
  • What side effects have you noticed with this device and how long do they last?
  • What is your policy if the procedure doesn't work and I don't get the results that I'm expecting?
  • How painful will the procedure be?
  • How many sessions am I likely to need?
  • Can you provide any client details who have had positive results and haven't had treatment for for at least a year?
  • If I still have remaining hair after the number of sessions that you recommend, what is your policy?
  • Do you have any results guarantee?
  • What is your policy if I receive scarring or other forms of permanent skin damage from the treatment? 

Concluding Thoughts

We firmly recommend that you have a consultation with more than one practitioner so that you can choose the one that you're most comfortable with.  

Electrolysis for permanent hair removal involves a number of sessions over a long period of time and so it's really important that you sign up with an electrologist that you trust and are completely comfortable with.

Don't rush the decision - make sure you take the time to research and find the best practitioner for you!​

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