Great Gifts for Bald Headed Men – 10 of the Best

We all know that men are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, be they friend, family or loved one.

We also know that bald can be beautiful, and nowadays many men are taking the choice to shave their heads.

That said it opens up a great opportunity for various gift options and we have selected 10, from grooming to amusing reading, that we believe have appeal, will be well-received and not break the bank.

Our Top Picks

Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Hair Clipper Pro

From the Philips Norelco range, this versatile hair clipper comes with a head shaving attachment for an all-in-one male grooming device.  Rechargeable for convenient cordless use.  Available for around $160 - a special gift for the special man.

This is a great all-round shaver, suitable for the face and head from a well-known, quality Brand.  Rechargeable, cordless, wet or dry use and complete with zipped travel pouch.  A lovely looking device for around $95.

A handsome little set comprising long-handled razor (good for reaching back of head), badger bristle brush with chrome and ivory coloured handle and a stylish looking chrome stand.  A lovely gift for any man in your life for $75.

HeadBlade Headshaving Kit - MOTO Razor

This kit by HeadBlade includes one designer MOTO razor, one HB4 refill kit (includes 4 blade cartridges) and a bottle of HeadSlick shaving cream, all in a box for perfect gift-giving.  Currently available online for around $42.

Bee Bald 6 piece Gift Set

A complete set of shaving and skin care creams - includes daily cleanser, pre-shave exfoliating cream, shaving cream, post-shave balm and moisturiser. Everything he needs to keep his bald head soft and beautiful for around $32.

Sir Hare Shave Oil for shaving your head

A premium pre-shave oil that replaces shaving cream and soaps for the scalp and increases the glide of razor or shaver across the head.  Reduces irritation and moisturises.  Would make a lovely gift for a friend, from a child to their Dad or as a luxury stocking filler at $16 a bottle.

With a Body Like This Who Needs Hair? T-shirt

An amusing gift for either friend or loved one, this cotton t-shirt comes in a range of colours and sizes and sports the words "with a body like this who needs hair?"  Good quality, good fun, good value at an affordable $16.

Bald is Beautiful Coffee Mug

Perhaps a good gift for a work colleague, friend or as an extra little something for your man, this white coffee mug with "Bald is Beautiful" slogan is bound to make him feel good for around $15.

Vbiger Beanie Hat and Scarf Set

A knitted hat and scarf set with cosy, fleecy lining for maximum warmth and comfort.  Available in a range of colours. This is the perfect set for the bald man to keep his head and neck warm in the winter for just $11.

Bald n Dashing by Cameron M Clark

Perfect for hubbie or dad if they are thinning on top - a lighthearted, paperback book that takes a philosophical look at the problem. Encouraging a practical approach and filled with examples of great men who are bald either by choice or not.  A wonderful, thoughtful little gift at $10.

A Closer Look at What you Get

A good quality product from a well known Brand, which comes with a full 2 year warranty.

Included in the box is:

  • Norelco QC5580/40 Hair Clipper Pro De​​​​vice
  • Head Shave Attachment
  • Hair Combs
  • Power Cord
  • Storage Case
  • Cleaning Brush
Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Hair Clipper 180 degree rotating head

This device is specially designed for cutting hair or shaving the head, with a 180 degree rotating head for reaching difficult areas.

The head shaving attachment provides a smooth, close shave whilst the hair clipper attachment has 14 built in length settings from 0.5mm - 15mm.

It is rechargeable for convenient cordless use, but can also be used whilst plugged into the mains - a useful feature.

All in all this is a versatile device, with the option of a completely bald shave or closely clipped look which we think would make a very welcome and special gift for $160.

The ES-LA63-S Arc4 Shaver from Panasonic will shave the scalp for a smooth, bald head and also gives a perfect shave for the face.

It has a great design, with the blades of the 4 blade foil shaving head set at the optimal 30 degree angle for a close shave.

In the box:

  • ES-LA63-S Arc4 Electric Shaver
  • AC Charger
  • Protective Cap
  • Travel Pouch
Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Shaver
Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Multi-Flex Pivoting Head

It features a flexible, pivoting head to follow the contours of the head and face closely and can even be used in a circular motion.

The batteries are rechargeable, there is a 10-stage LCD display indicating shaver functions and battery level, and the device can be used wet or dry.

This product comes with a full 2 year manufacturer's warranty and represents good quality, versatility and value for money at the $110 price tag.

Such a lovely gift to both give and receive.

The Parker 29L shaving set is presented in a gift box to make it ideal for Christmas, birthday or any special occasion.

It consists of safety razor, brush and stand:

Parker 29L Razor

The butterfly opening safety razor is made from chrome plated brass, with an easy twist to open handle for replacing blades simply and quickly.

Its handle is long and slim, for a good reach with a textured finish to give a firm grip.

Parker MIBB Shave Brush

This premium brush with chrome and ivory, heavyweight handle and badger bristles  is luxuriously styled to look and feel good.

The denseness of the bristles means that it can easily work up a generous lather to make shaving a pleasure.

USS3 Low Profile Shave Stand by Super Safety Razors

Parker 29L storage stand

The design of the stylish looking curved chrome stand is both attractive and practical.

It not only provides safe storage for the razor, keeping it from the bathroom surface and out of harm, it also holds the brush upside down for thorough and efficient drying after use.

A lovely looking set for around $75, which we believe represents good value for money for a quality product.

HeadBlade manufacture a number of funky head razors, specially designed to resemble various vehicles whilst make head shaving with a razor easier and less liable to nicks and cuts.  They have been developed and improved over time.

HeadBlade Moto Headshaving razor

This newest MOTO model, named for its similarity to the MOTO GP racer, features:

  • Dual axis suspension - to allow the blade to pivot up and down following the head's contours, whilst at the same time the body moves from side to side, for a super-close, clean shave.
  • Narrow body - great for shaving around the ears.
  • Finger ring - designed for a good grip, the finger ring has been made larger and softer than previous models for improved comfort and ease.
  • Roller Ball - wheels have been replaced with a ball at the front for improved maneuverability around the head. 

As well as the razor, an HB4 refill kit in included, consisting of four replacement, 4 blade cartridges.

The kit is completed with a 5 oz bottle of HeadSlick mentholated shave cream, essential for a good, close shave to aid smooth gliding across the head.

We think this would make a great, thoughtful and trendy-looking gift for any man looking for a clean, smoothly shaved bald head, without breaking the bank at around $42.

HeadBlade HeadSlick Mentholated Shave Cream

This is a complete set of good quality grooming and skin care products for taking good care of a bald head.

Bee Bald Skin Care Kit

In the kit:

Cleanser - a 4 fl.oz. tube of cleanser with a slightly exfoliating property for daily use to clean the skin and remove any dead skin particles to leave it fresh and smooth.

Pre-Shave Scrub - in a 3 fl.oz. tube, for use prior to shaving to deep clean and remove dead skin cells, dirt and oils which can clog the pores and prepare the skin for the optimum close shave.

Shaving Cream - a 6 fl.oz. tube of light, creamy shaving cream to help the razor glide smoothly and closely across the scalp.

Post-Shave Balm - in a 2 fl.oz. tube, a little goes a long way.  Used to alleviate the skin of any irritation, nicks or bumps caused by shaving, it provides a soothing effect.

Moisturiser - finally a 1.7 fl.oz. tube of moisturizer for daily use to hydrate and moisturize the skin to keep is soft, smooth and wrinkle-free.

The whole set is of good quality and smells great, presented in a box for easy wrapping and giving, available online for around $32.

Sir Hare is a pre-shave oil that can replace shaving creams, gels etc. or be used in conjunction with them.

Ingredients:  Grapeseed oil, fragrant and essential oils (not specified), vitamin E and tea tree oil.

It comes in a small, 30ml bottle, but a lot does go a long way and the light fragrance is clean and fresh.

Sir Hare Gentleman shave oil for bald heads

Pre-shave oil is an essential aid to shaving the sensitive scalp, to increase razor glide and reduce the risk of unsightly irritation, ingrown hairs, nicks and cuts.

It also helps to moisturize and condition the scalp to keep it healthy.

It is fair to say that it is pricey for the size of bottle, however you are paying for quality and this is why we believe it makes such a good, thoughtful and pleasing gift.

You could always add the Sir Hare shaving soap for a further $15, to enhance the gift for that special man.

Available in black, navy, royal blue or purple with attractive graded yellow - orange lettering, this 100% cotton lightweight t-shirt is fun to wear.

A good choice for the bald man with a sense of humour, sizes range from small up to triple XL.

It is a standard, classic fit t-shirt with double-needle sleeves and hem.

With a Body Like This Who Needs Hair? T-shirt

Would make a good gift for a friend, or perhaps a stocking filler or light-hearted extra at just $16.

A high quality, white, 11oz ceramic mug with black "Bald is Beautiful" lettering which is 100% microwave and dishwasher safe.

Comes with a money-back guarantee.

You can't really go wrong with this mug - we think it would be a good idea for a secret Santa, stocking filler or perhaps for a child to give to Dad, at just $15.

Bald is Beautiful Coffee Mug

The Vbiger beanie hat and scarf set is knitted in acrylic with a cozy fleeze lining for a lovely feel (especially for that bald head) and added warmth retention.

The hat is completely stretchy, so one size fits all.

The round scarf/neck warmer with knitted outer and fleece lining completes the set, to keep head, ears, face and neck snug and cosy.

Vbiger Beanie Hat and Scarf Set

Available in a range of colours: black, coffee, light and dark grey, Khaki, red and blue, there should be something to suit everyone.

Not only an attractive gift, but a practical necessity for bald heads, so thoughtful too.

All for just around $11 online.

Bald n Dashing!: Hair Loss by Chance, Bald by Choice! - a 64 page paperback book, ideal for the balding man to help him embrace his baldness.

The book includes a lighthearted look at the benefits of baldness, things to avoid as a bald man,  actions to take and much more.

It also gives many examples of famous men who have chosen to become bald as well as recounting the author's own experiences.

Bald n Dashing by Cameron M Clark

A thoughtful gift that may just hit the spot for just $10


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