Your Guide to Laser Hair Removal on the Eyebrows

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Laser treatment is not suitable for shaping the eyebrows due to their close proximity to the eyes and the consequent risks. However, there are certain circumstances where laser treatment can be used.

Where can Laser Hair Removal safely be used on the Eyebrows?


Uni-brow is the name given to the unsightly hair in between the eyebrows – sometimes even connecting them. Laser hair removal can be used to effect on this area. It is likely that you will require approximately 6 sessions to attain permanent hair reduction.

Why multiple treatments are needed

The reason for so many initial treatments is that hair grows in phases, and not all hairs will be in the same phase at the same time. Laser treatment only works on hair in the growing phase, and so several sessions with 3 – 4 weeks in between will probably be needed.

Above the Brow

Tweezing on male eyebrows

Lasers may also be used to remove the bushy hair above the browline. Possibly the best method is to shave the brow to the required shape, and then laser, to ensure that too much hair is not removed.

It is important not to use waxing or tweezing prior to laser treatment, as they also remove the root of the hair, which the laser targets.

Electrolysis – a good alternative

Electrolysis can be used to shape the lower brow, for permanent hair removal. Electrolysis is highly targeted and treats hairs individually, through insertion of a fine needle directly into the hair follicle. A sharp burst of electrical current is then administered.

Eye Protection

Laser light is very powerful and it is necessary to wear special goggles and keep eyes closed during brow treatment in order to prevent retina damage.

Woman having laser hair removal on her face

The goggles should provide wavelength specific protection to suit whichever type of laser is being used.​

Patch Test

It is most important that a patch test is carried out prior to a full treatment programme being commenced, particularly for the face, which is permanently “on display".

Some clinics will provide these free of charge or at a reduced rate, and some will charge but deduct the fee from the bill.

This will be carried out on a small, inconspicuous area and will give several benefits:

  • It will enable the practitioner to determine the optimum level of laser energy required to achieve the desired results
  • It will give the opportunity to gauge the skin’s reaction and any possible adverse effects
  • It will allow the individual to experience what laser treatment feels like and whether they require any pain relief – it is not, unfortunately, a painfree process, although most find that the gain is worth the pain

The patch test should be carried out at least 3 – 4 days prior to treatment, or even longer, to be completely sure of any lingering effects.

What you Should Ask

It is worth asking whether the practitioner carrying out the patch test will also be carrying out the treatment, as it is preferable.​

A Reputable Clinic​

The importance of carrying out thorough research to ensure that you find an experienced, FDA registered clinician, with a good reputation cannot be stressed enough. For more information about how to go about this, please see our article: How to Find a Reputable Laser Hair Removal Clinic

Is Laser Treatment Suitable for Me?

Laser treatment has always been recommended for light skinned, dark haired individuals.

Close up of woman eyes and eyebrows

Skin Type

Technological advancement over recent years has led to certain lasers that have had some success for those with darker skin, but this would need to be checked with the clinic.

Hair Type

Lasers are not effective for those with blond, grey or red hair.​

You may also want to take a look at our complete round up review of all home laser / IPL devices and our extensive cost comparison analysis.


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