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Reviews of All Home Laser Hair Removal Machines:-


Laser Device




Tria Home Laser 4X



Silk'n SensEpil



Boots Smooth Skin Gold



Remington I-Light Pro



Philips Lumea IPL



No!No! Hair Removal System



Our Recommendations

There are two clear leaders in the US market - The Tria 4X and the Silk'n SensEpil.  Both devices are FDA approved and have clinical evidence to prove that they are effective.  FDA approval means that these devices have been given the seal of approval for safety.  You can see our comparison of the two products here.

The main distinction between these two home laser machines is the ability to cover large areas and cost.  The Tria has a very small head size, and even though it's capable, you wouldn't want to use it on large areas of the body - it would simply take too long.  However, the smaller head size does give it the added benefit of being good for use on smaller areas (such as the chin) and areas where precision is necessary.

The SensEpil, however, has a far larger head size and is capable of covering large areas of the body quite easily and efficiently.  In fact, the SensEpil has the largest head size out of all the home laser hair removal machines.​  The drawback of having such a large head size is that it's not great for smaller areas of the body.  

It should also be mentioned that the SensEpil doesn't scale very well in terms of cost.  In fact, the longer you use the device, the more expensive it becomes in comparison to its competitors.  This is because the device uses cartridges that don't last particularly long and are pretty expensive.  Take a look at this for a full breakdown of cost.

Other Worthy Mentions

There are a couple of strong contenders on the scene that are also worth consideration.  The new Boots SmoothSkin device is becoming popular - it was released in 2015 and is a very solid device.  There are a few points to consider, though: 1) it doesn't yet have FDA approval mainly because it lacks the "safety lock" feature that prevents the device from firing if unless it's placed on the skin.  This safety feature is something that both the Tria and SensEpil both have.  2) The device is sold by Boots to the UK market.  US consumers currently have very limited choices to buy this device - we've only managed to find one US seller on Amazon and it's at a premium cost.

Finally the Phillips Lumea is also worth considering.  It's one of the cheapest devices on the market both in terms of up front costs and long term usage (there are no replacement cartridges required and the device has an extremely long life span - most people will never reach the limit and need to replace the unit).    Drawbacks include that the device doesn't have FDA approval and there haven't been any clinical studies done (that we can find) to prove the effectiveness of the device.  The truth be told, the underlying technology for most of the well known home laser machines is pretty much the same, the only variation being whether it's laser or IPL and the fluence (strength) of the energy being emitted.

Final Remarks and Advice for Consumers

Steer clear of some of the lesser known brands in this space.  There are some rogue brands and less than stellar products that aren't worth your money.  Also, even with the reputable brands listed above, make sure you aren't under any illusion about what results are achievable:-

  • ​Laser hair removal is not a method of permanent hair removal.   It's a method of permanent hair reduction.  This means that over time it will likely reduce the number and thickness of the hair on your body.  This requires ongoing usage and may take weeks or months to see long lasting results.
  • These devices are best used on men or women who have dark hair and light coloured skin.  If you have blonde hair or you have dark skin (such as IV or more on the Fitzpatrick scale) then home laser hair removal is not an option for you.  Look into professional laser hair removal (this won't work if you have light coloured hair, but there is a type of laser that can be used on dark coloured skin) or electrolysis as possible alternatives.
  • Some people who would appear to be perfect candidates don't respond to treatment.  Nobody knows why, but this anomaly occurs for a small number of people.  The chances of someone having dark hair and light skin not responding to treatment is really quite low (less than 5%) but it is a possibility.
  • Home laser hair removal is less powerful than professional laser hair removal and so results aren't always as good. 
  • For most suitable candidates, home laser hair removal gives good results and can be a legitimate hair removal method for long term reduction of hair on the body and face.

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