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A good, low priced value for money home waxing kit including 4 types of hard wax beans, wooden spatulas and protective collars - everything you need to get started. Heater keeps the wax at optimum temperature for safe and effective use, with easy to clean removable pot. All in all a great little, easy to use waxing kit currently available online for around $24.


4.8 out of 5 Stars

What's in the Box

This is what you get in the box:

Lansley Wax Warmer Kit - in the box
  • Lansley Electric Pot Heater
  • 4 Packs of Different Flavor Hard Wax Beans
  • 10 Wooden Applicator Spatulas
  • Check
    5 Wax Warmer Protection Collars 
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    Instruction Leaflet (not shown)

Product Overview

The electric heater is a neat, attractive looking device, with its transparent turquoise lid and matching temperature control knob.

The removable pot has a convenient 500 ml capacity, easily sufficient to for a full treatment in one go, and which can be used to contain various different types of wax.

Lansley Wax Warmer Home Waxing Kit

The temperature ranges from 160°F - 240°F, with an automatic shut off to avoid the danger of overheating.

The four different packs of natural wax beads include one specifically designed for bikini line, and the wooden spatulas are large sized.

The addition of 5 protective collars complete the kit, to help keep your warmer in pristine condition.

The product comes with a 30 day satisfaction money-back guarantee.

A Look at the Features

The Heater

Lansley Wax Warmer Kit

The pretty, transparent cover enables you to see the wax as it melts, so that you can tell when it is ready.

There are 3 ventilation holes in the cover to prevent condensation.

The easy to clean, removable can is made from an aluminium alloy and has a 500 ml (14oz) capacity.

The outer, white shell is made from heat-resistant, non flammable material which complies with FDA/FCC requirements for approval.

The heating controls are clear and very simple to use.

The temperature ranges from 160°F - 240°F so that the highest temperature can be used to melt the wax quickly in around 10 - 15 minutes.

Lansley Wax Warmer Controls

Once melted, the temperature can be lowered to keep the wax at whatever temperature is comfortable for you (somewhere between 90° - 110°) whilst keeping it at the correct consistency.

There is a built-in cut-out to stop the wax from overheating.

The Wax

The four hard wax beans supplied with the heater are in 3.5 oz (100g) packets and in 4 different flavors:

Lansley Wax Warmer Kit - Beans

As you can see, the purple beans are specially designed for the sensitive bikini area, made from chemical and toxic free natural resins.

The beans are suitable for all types of skin, ideal for smaller areas such as facial, underarms, bikini, eyebrows as well as legs and arms.

The Extras

There are 10, large sized disposable wooden spatulas supplied as part of the kit to get you going. You may wish to add to these by purchasing separately, as they are only practical to use for one session.  Smaller applicators are better where precision is required e.g. eyebrows.

The protective collars are placed around the top of the pot to prevent the melted wax from dripping onto your heater.

Lansley Wax Warmer Kit extras

How to Use

The warmer is very simple to use and comes with full instructions.

You simply place the beans in the removable pot, replace the cover and then turn on the heater to a high temperature to melt.

Once the wax is melted and is of a thick, syrupy consistency when stirred, which is very soft but not actually runny, it is ready to use.  

Turn the temperature down to somewhere between about 90 - 110 to maintain at the correct consistency.

Always test a small amount of wax on the inside of your wrist to make sure that it is comfortable and not too hot before proceeding.

You do not need strips with hard wax, you just spread a thickish layer on following the direction of hair growth, allow a few seconds for the wax to cool slightly and then remove in the opposite direction.

Any residual wax can be removed with oil - baby oil or coconut oil, for example.

To clean the pot, scrape any stubborn bits with a spatula, then oil can be used with a paper towel to wipe out the inside.  

If you have too much wax left in the pot following a treatment, you can save it and re-heat next time.

Waxing Tips

Here are a few top tips to get the best results when using hard wax at home:

  • Clean - Skin should be thoroughly cleansed and free from cosmetic products.  It is ideal to exfoliate the skin regularly between waxing sessions to keep the pores open and unclogged.  This also helps to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.
  • Hair Length - Hair should be around 1/4" in length for best results.  This means that it is long enough for the wax to adhere to properly, but not so long as it will drag painfully on the skin and risk breaking off.
  • Baby Powder - A little baby powder rubbed into the skin will ensure that it is moisture-free, especially with areas such as underarms or bikini.  It also helps the wax adhere better to the hair and provides a barrier between wax and skin.
  • Check
    Sufficient Pressure - it is important when applying the wax to use sufficient pressure that the wax properly sticks to the skin.  Apply the wax in the same direction as the hair grows naturally.
  • Check
    Clean Edges - when applying the wax keep the edges straight and clean - you need to apply it fairly thickly, with a thicker bit at the end to get hold of when you come to remove it.  If the wax is applied too thinly or unevenly, it will break and not pull out all of the hair efficiently.
  • Check
    Remove Firmly - gently push up the thicker wax at the end of the strip until you can get a firm grip and then swiftly remove it in one pull, in the opposite direction to hair growth.  Pull it back on itself, as close as you can to the skin, rather than up and away from it.
  • Check
    Apply Pressure - Immediately after removing strip, apply pressure with the heel of your hand.  This helps to reduce swelling and eases the stinging sensation. 
  • Check
    Moisturise - Use a soothing moisturizer e.g. Aloe lotion or the like after waxing.


All in all, we found the Lansley Wax Warmer to be an aesthetically pleasing, effective, low cost waxing kit, which includes all you need for several full body treatments.

Lansley Wax warming Kit

The electric warmer is suitable for use with most different types of wax and allows you to keep the wax at the correct temperature while you take your time.


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