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Micro Tweeze is a waxing product designed to be warmed in the microwave, and used without the need for strips. It is simply spread onto the skin and pulled off. This small, 0.5 oz jar is suitable for small areas such as upper lip and chin, and there are thin spatulas included to use for shaping eyebrows. Currently available at around the $6 mark, it is competitively priced. It is also available in bigger tubs, more suitable for other, larger areas such as legs, arms etc. This product is simple and effective to use, but just how easy is it? All in all, a somewhat mixed review


3.0 out of 5 Stars

Product Overview

Micro Tweeze No Strip Microwavable Hair Removal System

Micro Tweeze is a Brand manufactured in the US for American International Industries.

​This particular item contains 0.5 oz (14g) of product, sufficient for use on facial and small areas, and is currently available for around $6.

Included with the kit is 3 shaped wooden spatulas and a  set of instructions within the  leaflet.

The wax is yellow in colour and odourless, designed to be used without strips.​

Also available is the larger, Micro Tweeze​ 8 oz which would be a better purchase for waxing larger areas.

What's in the Box?

Micro Tweeze No Strip Hair Removal - in the box

Contents of the Box

  • 0.5 oz (14g) pot of microwaveable wax
  • 3 Shaped wooden application spatulas
  • Instruction leaflet

A Look at the Product

Microwaveable Wax

The wax is odourless and firm, and should be heated in the microwave until it begins to melt.

The instructions say that you should microwave for 30 seconds and then at 15 second intervals thereafter until it starts to melt.

I found that it took 2 minutes in my 1200w microwave for the wax to start melting and reach the desired consistency.

Micro Tweeze wax after 2 minutes microwaving

After 2 minutes in microwave

The instructions further state that it is not necessary or desirable to melt the whole lot, so I stopped when about the top third was sufficiently melted.

The wax needs to be melted enough to spread easily on the skin, taking care not to overheat to avoid the risk of burning.

Test a small amount on the inside of your wrist to make sure that it is comfortable, prior to use.


There are three spatulas included in the kit, one has a flattened end and is wider, for the larger areas (shown on the left) and two are thin and pointed at one end (shown on the right) for more intricate areas such as for eyebrow shaping.


The ingredients list is shown below, to check for any known allergies.

Micro Tweeze Ingredients

List of ingredients photographed from the box

For safety, you should always perform a patch text 24 hours prior to use on a small area, to check for adverse reactions.

If your skin is normal after 24 hours, you can proceed with the full treatment, but if you have any irritation, do not use the product.

How to Use the Product​

The wax should be heated as per the instructions given above, and tested on a small area to ensure it is not too hot.

  • Firstly, make sure that all make-up and oil is removed from the area being treated, and that it is thoroughly dry
  • Using an appropriate applicator apply a generous amount of wax to the area, ensuring that you spread it on in the direction of the hair's natural growth, in a narrow strip.  You need the wax to be thick enough not to break or crumble when you remove it.
  • It helps to have a sufficiently thick "end" to the strip so that it is easier to grasp
  • Pat the wax down in the direction of hair's growth to make sure that it is well adhered
  • Pull the skin taut with your spare hand
  • While the wax is still pliable zip it off, against the direction of the hair's growth, in one quick, firm pull, at a 45 degree angle to the skin


Always read all the instructions fully before use, paying particular attention to any precautions:

Varicose Veins

Do not use on varicose veins

  • The product should not be used on skin that is compromised, sunburnt, irritated or broken
  • Not suitable for use on moles, warts or varicose veins
  • Not for use on eyelids or eyelashes
  • Should not be used for inner ear or nose hair
  • Not for use on nipples or genitals
  • Do not use if you are using Retin-A, Alpha Hydroxy Acids or other chemical exfoliants

Obviously microwaving can cause the product and its container to become very hot, so caution should be taken when removing from the microwave.

How Effective is it?​

There is no doubt that this product does work, but I found it to be quite tricky to use.

Personally, I think it would be difficult to use on eyebrows, although there are undoubtedly some proficient waxers who would disagree:

Micro Tweeze Wax after melting

Wax adheres to spatula during use

I found that you need to be fairly quick in applying and then removing the wax because if it dries too much before you remove it, it simply cracks and crumbles and becomes ineffective.​

For me, using it on the eyebrows would therefore be problematic.  Also, I found that the spatula gets clogged with wax in use, making it more difficult to use.

I think I would advise purchasing additional spatulas - although they can be cleaned afterwards with hot water, that is not practical during treatment.

The wax dries quite quickly, and I found that I needed to re-heat it several times.


Waxing is always painful, but I found this product to be comparatively gentle.

There are ways to minimise the pain using medication, such as oral painkillers or skin-numbing creams.  There is more information in our article about best products to relieve pain while waxing.​

Top Tips​

If you are waxing for the first time, it is advisable to start with a less sensitive area of the body e.g. legs, to allow you to get used to the feel.

For more sensitive areas, apply baby powder to the area prior to treatment and rub in, to stop the wax adhering to the skin.

Make sure that you hold the skin as taut as possible with your spare hand.

Always apply wax with the direction of hair growth and remove in the opposite direction.​

Advantages of Waxing for Hair Removal?​

Waxing is a popular form of hair removal for many reasons:

Waxing is pretty easy to do at home and the technique can be mastered with little practice.

Due to the fact that waxing removes hair from the root, the results are much longer lasting than other popular D.I.Y. methods such as shaving and depilatory creams.​  

The results of waxing can last for several weeks, whereas shaving is often a daily task and creams last just a little longer than shaving.

Hair regrowth from waxing tends to be gradually finer and sparser with regular use, with none of the stubble effect often experienced when shaving.​

Waxing is relatively quick, removing multiple hairs simultaneously as opposed to the slowness of tweezing.

Tweezing is undoubtedly best for eyebrows, due to the precision that plucking each hair individually can give.  

However, if you have thick, bushy eyebrows or mono-brow, it can be very time-consuming.  Then waxing is a good option to remove the majority of the unwanted hair, then you can finish shaping with your tweezers​.

Product Q & A's​

Do strips come with the product?

No - strips are not required, you simply spread on the wax, fairly thickly, and then smooth down and remove whilst still pliable.  The wax needs to be spread more thickly than that which requires strips, to avoid splitting.​

Are spatulas included?

Yes, there are 3 provided but I would suggest you purchase some extras, so that you have spares when the wax adheres to the spatula, making it difficult to use​.  They can be cleaned and re-used afterwards.

Is it OK for sensitive skin?​

Yes, it should be, but do make sure to perform a patch test first just to be sure.  I would suggest you rub in some baby powder​ to the area being treated first. 

How long do you have to heat the wax for?​

The instructions suggest that you start with 30 seconds and then increase in 15 second increments.  As an indicator it took 2 minutes in a 1200w microwave to melt sufficient product to use on a small area.  It is a good idea to stir it as you go, and melt some at a time - you will need to re-heat it as it hardens quite quickly.​

Can you use it for eyebrows?

Yes, it is fine for eyebrows if a little fiddly!

Is it easy to use?

Yes it is very easy to use, with a little practice to test how melted the wax should be and how thick to put it on.  Not as easy as pre-waxed strips for shaping eyebrows.​


I have concluded that this product is effective and easy to use for most areas, given a little trial and error, but a bit tricky for intricate areas such as eyebrows.

You need to be sure to put it on thick enough, and remove it while it is still pliable to avoid it breaking up and being ineffective.​

It does need to be heated for longer than stated, and it hardens quite quickly so you need to be prepared to reheat a few times during treatment, and I would advise that you purchase some additional spatulas.

All this said it is a good, value for money product.

Things we Liked

  • Inexpensive -- at around $6 for this small pot - containing enough product for several treatments of small facial areas
  • Easy to heat - just warm in the microwave
  • Effective - good for coarse hair
  • No Residue - I found that there was none of the wax residue often experienced

Things we didn't Like

  • Fiddly - practice needed to perfect if using for eyebrows
  • Not enough spatulas - more spatulas required as they become clogged with product during use

For the past 12 months, I have been testing and playing with all sorts of hair removal products for Hair Free Life. My goal is to provide the most accurate and up-to-date hair removal consumer information on the internet. When I'm not photographing, reviewing and researching hair removal products I play the drums in a samba band and am a volunteer for the Swindon Lions! Got any questions? Write to us below:

  • Avatar Vera Richardson says:

    I am highly disappointed with this product. I purchased it after reading the instructions. However; the product is not even close to the suggested use. First, it takes about 2 minutes, not 15 seconds heating time to get it soft enough to spread. I find it difficult to spread it thick because keeps moving with the spatula. I wasted my money, once I heated it I could not return it for a refund. I definitely will not purchase this again.

    • Sue Sue says:

      Hi – sorry to hear that you did not find this product successful. As I mentioned in the review, I also found that it took about 2 minutes to heat sufficient wax, and also that you needed to be very quick using it. You do have to be quite firm when spreading the product to get it to adhere properly. You don’t mention what area you were using it for? – I found it worked well for me for the fine facial hair on my upper lip. However, I confess I didn’t try it on any more challenging areas.

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