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A longer lasting alternative to shaving, Nair Body Hair Removal Cream is great for large areas and is suitable for chest, back, legs and arms. It comes in a convenient and easy to use pump dispenser


3.9 out of 5 Stars

Product Overview

Nair Body Hair Removal Cream comes in a convenient, no-mess pump dispenser and is perfect for covering large areas of the body without the unsightly stubble or risk of ingrown hairs and razor burn associated with shaving.

Nair Hair Removal Cream removes unwanted hair within 3 - 10 minutes and leaves skin hairless for several days. The cream is suitable for legs, arms, chest and back hair and has a pleasant, masculine scent.


  • Works within 3 - 10 minutes
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Results last for several days
  • Hygienic pump dispenser
  • Treats large areas of the body quickly
  • Pleasant scent

How It Works

Nair body hair removal cream should be applied to dry skin in a thick, even layer covering the whole area being treated.  It MUST NOT be rubbed in!  Hands should be washed immediately after use, and you should wait at least 1 minute before showering.​

​Shower as normal but avoid allowing the creamed area to be directly in the main stream of water.  Leave the cream on for at least a further 2 minutes (3 in total).  The product should not be left on for longer than 10 minutes.

The cream works to dissolve the hair below the skin's surface to leave​ it smooth and hair free, with results lasting longer than shaving.

To wipe away cream and hair, use a damp washcloth, taking care not to rub the skin.  Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

You should leave at least 72 hours between treatments.​

​Possible Side Effects

It is recommended to do a trial skin test 24 hours before using the product to make sure no allergies or irritations appear.  This involves using the product on a small area, following the instructions, where hair removal is required.

If any irritation occurs, rinse immediately with cold water and do not use the product.​

The cream should not be used on recently tanned or sunburned, broken, irritated or inflamed skin.

The product is not suitable for use on the head, face, around the eyes, in nose or ears, the nipples, perianal or genital areas.

Is It Effective?

Nair for Men Body Hair Removal Cream is  effective, even on coarser hair. It’s a great alternative to shaving, especially if you are prone to razor bumps or ingrown hairs. 

​It is quick and easy to use, covering large areas of the body and working within 10 minutes, for results that last for several days.

What Customers Think (reviews)​

The product has a star rating on Amazon of 3.9 out of 5, averaged from 20 reviews, with 60% rating it at 5 stars.​  Reviews range from "the best product I ever had" to ​"costly waste", but the majority are positive.

There are comments concerning the fact that the product was painful and gave a burning sensation.  Equally, other reviewers were extremely happy with the product and claimed that it was painless.

 If the instructions are followed correctly, and a test carried out prior to use, it should be possible to gauge individual reaction before using on a large area.

​Some Customer Comments

"​I was hesitant to try Nair because of how "painful" it was and how it felt "burning" but honestly it's not painful to me or does it feel like it's burning. It feels more like itchy than anything else. It removed my hair just fine and I have thick body hair. I guess it just depends on how sensitive your skin is". - OSCAR

"The scent is way better than the original one, the sealable dispenser is a great idea...as the old screw off bottles let air in and rendered the product useless after a while. It's the same product under the skin but I'm glad there's a men's version. Worked fine on the areas I tried, no issues at all"  - The Bruce

Things we Liked

  • Fast Acting
  • Covers large areas
  • Effective for coarse or fine hair
  • Pleasant, masculine scent
  • Convenient pump action dispenser

Things we didn't Like

  • Could be irritating to sensitive skin (based on reviews)


Nair for Men Body Hair Removal Cream  is an excellent alternative to shaving, easy to apply and quick, showing results within 3 - 10 minutes.

This product rates highly along with other hair removal cream favorites.


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    Do you ever feel like you shirt is sticking to you and do you ever get discomfort from this product.

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