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The No!No! Pro Hair removal system with its patented "Thermicon" technology, is marketed as a professional quality hair removal device. This system uses different technology to laser hair removal and is intended for all skin and hair types and for most areas of the body including the face.


2.2 out of 5 Stars

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Product Contents List

  • Hair removal device
  • Silver buffer
  • Cleaning brush
  • US Power supply
  • 2 Thermicon tips
  • User manual CD

Product Overview

The No!No! Removal System is designed specifically for use at home.  It does not use light and therefore cannot be classified as a laser device.

The device uses pulsed heat, delivered through the replaceable tips, to ​singe and crystallize the hair, which is then removed by using the buffer to exfoliate the area.

It has advantages over laser treatment in that it has no side effects and is pain-free, and is safe for facial hair removal.​

The Three No! No! Hair Removal Devices

There are currently three devices in the No!No! hair removal range by Radiancy.  

No!No! 8800 Series

Silkn original model

No!No! Pro 3

Silkn SensEpil Device

No!No! Pro 5

Silk'n Flash & Go

​The 8800 Series replaced the original "Classic" model, and it has now been largely superseded by the Pro Models.

No!No! 8800 Series v No!No! Pro

It is difficult to find reliable information as the information on the official website only appears to apply to the No!No! Pro.  However, the principal difference between the models is that the Pro is  more powerful than the 8800 model, with the Pro 3 having three different settings, whilst the Pro 5 has five.

Both models have FDA clearance to sell directly to consumers.

Although the No!No! hair removal system is marketed as safe to use on the face, the 8800 model requires the purchase of an additional "small area" kit at around $50 in order to do so.

Product Features

Indicator Light

The No!No! device has  blue and red lights - to indicate when it is being correctly used, at the correct speed.

Replaceable Thermicon Tips and Buffer

A wide tip for large treatment areas and a small tip for the face and smaller, more sensitive areas is included with the product.

It is recommended that the tips are replaced at  3 month intervals, although reviews vary and product efficiency seems to dictate​ how often replacement is required.

Wide Replacement tips currently retail at around $26 for 3 plus buffer

Replacement narrow tips with buffer currently retail at about ​$22.00

3 or 5 Settings (Pro only)

Power strength can be altered depending on sensitivity of area and thickness and density of hair.

Who Will it Work For?

Unlike lasers, that use light to target dark pigment at the base of the hair follicle, the technology used by No!No! just uses heat.

3 women with different hair and skin types

For this reason, skin and hair type are irrelevant for this device and so it is suitable for use by anyone, although the manufacturers do say that it may take longer to work for coarse hair.

​The manufacturer does not recommend that it be used for eyebrows, genitals or nipple area.

They also advise against using on tattooed areas, as a precaution, due to lack of clinical data.

How Does it Work?

The patented technology used is based on the principles of thermal transference, using a thermodynamic wire to conduct pulsed heat to the hair, singeing it and causing it to crystallize.  The aim is to transmit the heat down the hair shaft to the root to damage it and reduce re-growth.

Cross section of a hair and hair follicle

The buffer is then used to exfoliate the area, removing the residue of treated hair.​  It is normal to notice a burning smell as the hair is singed - the manufacturer reports that this proves that the system is working correctly.

The device has a built-in safety mechanism to ensure that the levels are correct and overheating does not occur.

The device is intended to glide smoothly over the skin, with no pulling, tearing or scraping, in a single motion without stopping and starting.  A green signal light confirms that it is being used correctly, at the correct pace.  This changes to red to warn of incorrect use.​

How Long Does it Take per Session?

Using the No!No! device is likely to take a similar amount of time as shaving, and the technique used is similar - continuous strokes in the direction of the hair's growth.

The skin should be clean and completely dry prior to use.​

A little longer will be needed to exfoliate with the buffer and moisturize using a non-astringent cream.

How long for Long Term Results?

Initially, it is necessary to use the device 2 - 3 times a week for at least 3 months, with some noticeable results after 4 - 6 weeks.

If you are looking for a quick fix, this is definitely not the product for you.  The majority of the poor reviews about this product appear to be from individuals who are disappointed with the results and give up after a few weeks​.

It is important to understand that this is not, and nor does it claim to be, a permanent hair removal device.  It will require you to continue its use indefinitely, albeit less often than when you first start.​

Possible Side Effects

No!No! has no reported permanent side effects.  

The only reported transient side effect from No!No! is a slight reddening of the skin immediately after use, which passes within hours and can be soothed with cream.​

Is It Effective?

Consumer Reviews

It is impossible to ignore the number of negative reviews abounding with regard to this product.

Although there have been clinical studies showing good results, it appears that a great deal of perseverance is needed over a considerable time.

​It may well be that the manufacturer's claims, together with a $200+ price tag, just raises the expectations of the consumer too high.

​There are certainly some favourable reviews but all mention that it takes time and multiple treatments to achieve desired results, and that treatment is ongoing. 

The product comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee, and many people have commented that when they attempted to claim their money back they were advised to give the product longer.  

Given that it seems to require at least 3 months of regular use to achieve noticeable hair reduction, perhaps the 60 day money back guarantee should be extended.​

Clinical Studies

The Summary below is an excerpt from a clinical study carried out last year, which is published in full on the official No!No! website.

[Efficacy Evaluation of Hair Removal Using the no!no!™ Thermicon™ Technology - Sustained Use] September 2, 2014

Our objective was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a thermal, hand-held treatment device (no!no!™ with Thermicon™ technology) with sustained use.

Methods: Forty-four subjects with blonde, brown and black hair and self-reported Fitzpatrick skin type II-VI received twice weekly treatments on each leg (left and right, total sites = 72) and each arm (left and right, total sites = 88) for twelve weeks.

Images were taken at baseline, 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 13 weeks. Quantitative hair counts were made by an independent evaluator who was blinded to the subject, test site and visit date.

Results: The treated sites exhibited statistically significant hair reduction compared to baseline.

For Legs; the overall mean hair count reduction from baseline for 13 weeks was 35.2%. The mean percent change from baseline for 13 weeks was 33%. The percentage of subjects (% Success) with a 30% or more decrease in hair count at 13 weeks was 59.7%.

For Arms; the overall mean hair count reduction from baseline for 13 weeks was 43.6%. The mean percent change from baseline for 13 weeks was 41.3%. The percentage of subjects (% Success) with a 30% or more decrease in hair count at 13 weeks was 65.9%.

Conclusion: With sustained use, the no!no! with Thermicon technology safely and effectively removed hair, independent of hair color or Fitzpatrick Skin Type, with no pain and lasting results (13 weeks).

There are 3 other clinical studies published on the website and they all reach the conclusion that sustained use is required to achieve hair reduction.

Furthermore, hair will gradually return after a period of time if use of the device is stopped. There is currently insufficient data available to clearly identify how long this would take.​

How Painful is No!No! Hair Removal?

​It is marketed as a pain-free treatment and most reports bear this out, with only a few mentions of a sensation of heat when going over the same area several times.

In Conclusion…

Things we Liked

  • Different Strength Settings (Pro) - Choose the energy level setting that's right for you
  • Can treat large or small areas - with tailored tip and buffer sizes, can be used on almost all areas
  • Suitable for face - with the exception of the eyebrows
  • Pain-free
  • No Side effects

Things we didn't Like

  • Replacement Parts - The replacement tips and buffers are fairly expensive.
  • Commitment Required - high number of sessions over a long time to see results
  • Negative Reviews - it is impossible to ignore so many negative reviews, although the explanation may well be the level of commitment required for this product to achieve its potential
  • Lack of Data - Current lack of clinical data to substantiate the long term efficacy of the device

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