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Consisting of two sets of stainless steel tweezers complete with carrying pouch, all for less than $10, the Ocean Pure Tweezer Set represents truly great value for money. There is one each of slant tipped and point tipped tweezers - for general use and ultra precision respectively. Certainly of better quality than I expected for the price - a mostly positive review


4.1 out of 5 Stars

Product Overview

The OceanPure Stainless Steel Tweezer set of 2 is manufactured in China and consists of a pair of slant tipped and a pair of point tipped tweezers.

They both have a brushed steel effect finish and come complete with a neat little, suede effect , drawstring carrying/storage pouch.

Retailing at around $10 for the set, you get a lot for your dollar.​

The set as it arrived - in plastic box

What you Get

The set is packaged in a semi-rigid plastic container as pictured above.

There are no instructions, but an invitation on the box to contact an email address with any questions or comments.

Having emailed the address for more information I was informed that there is an OceanPure informational website which is closed for revamp for a few weeks - so I will be looking out for that!

I have included a bit of general information about tweezing further on for any tweezing novices amongst my readers.​

A Look at the OceanPure Stainless Steel Tweezer Set

My first impression of both pairs of tweezers was one of pleasant surprise.  To be honest, for the money, I had expected to be unimpressed, but I actually think there is a general look and feel of pretty good quality about them.

Shows the slant tipped tweezer in my hand

Firstly, a look at the slant-tipped tweezers:

Measuring 9.5 cm from point tip to bottom, they are slightly lighter than other brands I have looked at e.g. the Tweezerman Slant or the Rubis Classic​, however they do not feel flimsy or insubstantial to me.

The three things to look out for in a good pair of tweezers are:​

  • Precise Alignment - the tips should meet precisely all the way along the slant so that hairs can be grabbed just as efficiently at each end
  • Tension - just enough to provide a nice, gentle resistance when squeezing
  • Perfect Edges - the edges need to be perfectly even and sharp enough to ensure that the hair does not slip when pulled

Shows how well the slant edge meets all the way along

I think that, for the price, these tweezers meet the three criteria very well.

You can see from the picture, that the slant edges meet precisely, from edge to edge.

The tension on the pair I received was pretty much spot on.​

When I tried using the tweezers, I found that they gripped the hairs well and I was able to pluck the hair cleanly from the root each time.

All in all - I was pretty satisfied with these tweezers in use.​

Now for the point tipped tweezers:

As you can see from the picture below, the point tipped tweezers are more or less the same in length as the slant tipped.

Shows the point tipped tweezer in my hand

​If I am honest, I was not as impressed with the pointed tipped tweezers as I was with the slant tipped.

Firstly, the size;  they are very slightly slimmer than the slant tipped - whereas I would prefer the opposite.  You really need a firm grip and good control to effectively use point tipped, precision tweezers​.

Also, they are not as long as other point tipped tweezers I have looked at, so not as easy to grip and manipulate to precisely tweeze out individual hairs, splinters, ingrown hairs etc.

Left to right; Tweez'em, Tweezerman and Ocean Pure point tipped tweezers

Finally, the tips are not as fine and sharp as some other, more expensive, point tipped tweezers - as illustrated in the picture above

​Of course, it largely depends on what exactly you wish to use your point tips for - the OceanPure are fine for isolating and grasping individual hairs above the surface, but then this can also be easily achieved with the pointed end of the slant tips.

For ingrown hairs where you need to tease out the hair from under the surface to grasp and remove it, I feel that they may disappoint.  Having said that, I have not yet personally been able try it as I have not have the need.

​Given that the OceanPure Stainless Steel Slant Tipped Tweezer is available on its own for around $7, I was left wondering whether it was worth shelling out the extra $3.

Why Choose Slant Tip / Point Tip

OceanPure Slant and Point Tips

Slant tipped tweezers are the "weapon of choice" for eyebrow shaping - the slant tips may be angled parallel to the brow to make plucking in the direction of hair growth easier.

Point tipped tweezers are very precise, and sharp to enable removal of ingrown hairs, splinters etc. from underneath the skin by gently teazing the end up to grasp it and pull out.

Tweezing Tips

As promised, I have included here a few general bits of information about use and care of your tweezers:

  • Make sure your skin is clean and exfoliated before tweezing
  • To open pores and ease plucking, take a warm shower or apply a warm flannel to the area
  • Always sanitize tweezers before and after use - we suggest rubbing alcohol
  • Grasp hair firmly one at a time, as close to base as possible without pressing against it
  • Always tweeze in the direction of the hair's growth
  • After tweezing, use a calming lotion such as Aloe and wait for at least 5 minutes before applying make up.
  • Avoid dropping your tweezers as this may damage the tips and put them out of alignment
  • Store tweezers safely in their pouch, with tip protectors provided.

For information about how to shape your eyebrows see our article: Eyebrow Hair Removal, Shaping, Tweezing and Threading

Consumer Feedback

On Amazon, this product achieves 4.1 out of 5 stars, but this is from only 20 reviews - not really sufficient to provide conclusive evidence of the efficacy and durability.

The slant tipped tweezer sold individually, has 80 customer reviews.  Interestingly, these achieve a higher rating of 4.3 stars.

It would seem that  the evidence so far​, albeit inconclusive, would bear out my own suspicion that the point tipped tweezer is somewhat superfluous.

Guarantee​s and Customer Service

In response to my email to the address on the box I have been informed that any defective product will be replaced within one year of date of purchase.

I would, however,  suggest that you also check the supplier's returns policy 

Things we Liked

  • Value for Money - At $10 for 2 sets of tweezers and pouch, you can't argue that it represents good value
  • Slanted Tips - the slanted tipped tweezers were surprisingly good for the price
  • Storage/Carrying Pouch - a great little addition to keep the tweezers safe

Things we didn't Like

  • Lack of Information - Nothing included with product but an email address.  In response to email there will be an informational website available in a few weeks following "revamp"
  • Point Tipped Tweezer - not as good as some of the more expensive individually sold point tips on the market - perhaps unnecessary in this set?

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the set does offer good value for money but I question whether the point tipped tweezers are really necessary.  They do not seem to me to give added value, given that the points are little different to the pointed end of the slant tip.

So, I guess you would have to individually decide whether it is worth carrying around two pairs​ of tweezers.

Having said this, the difference in price between the slant tipped alone and the set is just $3, so not exactly enough to break the bank, and probably not the biggest decision you will ever have to make!​


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