Parker 29L Safety Razor Shave Set Review

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Paul McCarthy

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A popular unisex shaving kit that includes a black badger brush, chrome shaving stand and a Parker 29l butterfly open safety razor


4.8 out of 5 Stars

Product Overview

This shaving kit is one of the most popular shaving kits on​ and is the single most highly reviewed product we've come across with a rating of 4.9.  

The kit is designed for use by both men and women, comes with a chrome razor stand, a Parker 29L chrome butterfly open razor and a deluxe badger bristle brush.​

Product Contents

  • Parker 29L Butterfly Open Razor
  • Deluxe black badger bristle brush
  • Chrome shaving stand
  • 5 shaving blades

A Look at the Parker 29L Razor

The Parker 29L razor is a great looking chrome razor with a thin, long handle designed for both men and women.

Simply twist the razor to open the butterfly head and insert the razor blade of your choice - the butterfly mechanism works very well indeed.

The unit is relatively heavy and well-balanced allowing you to use the weight of the razor to apply pressure to the treatment area without any additional pressure.

The razor has a solid brass frame with chrome plating and looks great in the bathroom, especially with the chrome stand that also comes with the shaving kit.

The Deluxe Badger Bristle Brush

The brush is made from badger hair and works up a great lather with the shaving cream of your choice.

In the initial usage, a few hairs came loose, but this didn't happen after the first time.  ​

The brush is ergonomic and, as you can see from the picture on your left, looks great.

The Chrome Stand

This is a really stylish and fancy looking stand that holds both the brush and the razor in one unit (as you can see from the picture on the right).

​The stand is side-laying, which makes it more stable then some of the vertical stand-up ones that are on the market.

Our Final Thoughts

Reviewers from all over the web have been singing the praises for this product and no wonder...This product is really great value for money - in my opinion, this is the best shaving kit that you can buy in this price range.  While it's not expensive, the product has a premium feel to it and it really looks great in the bathroom.

The razor itself has a good weight to it and doesn't feel cheap or tacky in any way.  The long thin handle has been purposely designed so that it's suitable for both men and women and the chrome plated finish looks great.​  The balance is near perfect and it has decent weight behind it for a nice easy shave.

It's worth noting that this shaving set doesn't come with soap so recommend purchasing along with the Taylor Sandalwood shaving cream.  We'd also recommend you pick up a nice set of double edged razor blades, like the Personal 100 count.

Things we Liked

  • Great value for money -- Less than $70 for such a really good quality razor, brush and stand is one of the best deals that you can get in the market at the moment
  • Premium feel to it - While the product is relatively cheap, you wouldn't immediately realise it. The chrome finish gives a nice premium feel and it looks great in the bathroom.
  • Sturdy stand - The chrome stand is sturdy and side-laying for greater stability.
  • Good lather - the premium badger hair brush is well made. While it lost a few hairs on the first shave, thereafter it performed really well and lathered up the shaving cream perfectly.

Things we didn't Like

  • Stand had slight wobble-- We're not sure if this was a defect with our product or a more widespread issue, however our stand had a very slight wobble (barely noticeable)

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