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One of a range of epilators from Philips, a major Brand in the market, this Total Body model (not recommended for facial use) comes with 2 interchangeable epilating caps and complete with a separate manual exfoliation brush. The item comes complete with a 2 year guarantee. At the online retail price of $119, this is not a cheap epilator - so how does it stack up and is it worth the price tag?


3.5 out of 5 Stars

Product Overview

The Philips HP6519 SatinSoft epilator comes with a mains adaptor for corded use only, whilst plugged directly into the mains.

Philiips HP6519 SatinSoft Epilator

Obviously it is therefore for dry use only, and does not have the option of using in the bath or shower, which you might expect for the money.

It has dual speed settings, for either quick efficiency or slower, for the more sensitive areas such as the bikini line or underarms.  This product is not recommended for facial use.

The 2 interchangeable caps included are a double way massage cap and a sensitive area cap, used depending on the area being epilated.

​The item comes complete with a 2 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Contents of the Box

These are the contents of the box:

Philips HP6519 contents of box

In the Box

  • Philips HP6519 Epilating Device
  • Double Way Massage Attachment
  • Sensitive Area Cap
  • Mains Adaptor (100v - 240v)
  • Exfoliation Brush
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Storage Pouch
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Information leaflet (including guarantee details)

Product Features

Corded Use

Although this feature does mean that you are restricted to using it near a mains socket, there are a couple of advantages to corded use:

Philips HP6519 adaptor

Lengthy cord to suit all

Firstly, you don't need to worry about recharging the batteries all the time - you can just plug in and off you go, with no time limit.

Secondly, there is no danger of reduction in power and slowing of the head as the batteries run low - it will be just as powerful from start to finish.

Measuring 8' (2.44m) the Philips HP6519 SatinSoft adaptor comes with a lengthy cord which should suit all occasions.

20 Tweezer Head

The head consists of 21 hypoallergenic, silver-ion discs with 20 catching points, forming the tweezers.

Philips HP6519 Tweezer Head

Close up of tweezer head

They are positioned on a rotating roller, which alternately opens and closes them in a pincer movement.​

As the device glides across the skin, the hairs are grasped between the discs and catching points and they are pulled out at the root.​

As the discs open, the plucked hairs are released.​

The head can be easily removed for cleaning, and can be washed under running water for ease and better hygiene.  It is important to make sure that it is thoroughly dry before replacing.

It is removed very easily by pushing gently to the side in the direction of the arrows  as shown above. ​

To put back on it is simply relocated​ in the opposite direction and clicked into place.

Dual Speed​

Philiips HP6519 Power Switch

Toggles:  fast, slow and off

The dual speed function means that you can use the faster setting for quickness or the slower speed for gentler epilation of more sensitive areas such as underarms and bikini.

When you first press the button to turn the epilator on, the speed setting is automatically on high, if you press again it slows to the lower setting, pressing a third time will turn the device off.​

The pulling action is 733 per second at the faster speed and 666 per second at the lower speed.​

​We would advise that you start with the slower setting, especially if you are a first-time user, to gauge how it feels.

Then, once you are used to the sensation, for the less sensitive areas, you can progress to the faster setting.

Double Way Massage Attachment

This is a clear plastic cap with two rollers which gently vibrate when the epilator is in on and is intended for use on the legs only.

They are designed to roll across the skin, stimulating and soothing it with the aim of making the whole process more comfortable.

The cap is very simply clicked into place over the epilating head​.

Sensitive Area Cap​

This cap is interchangeable with the massaging cap, for use on sensitive skin.

It is recommended for use on the bikini-line, underarms, harder to reach areas and anywhere that you find you require a gentler epilation.

As you can see, the cap slopes down to give a narrower epilation head, thus reducing the number of active epilating discs.

We would advise that you experiment with the slower speed in conjunction with the sensitive cap, at least initially, remembering to keep the skin nice and taut with your spare hand.

Where Can it be Used?

Bikini panties bottoms

Wear Panties or Bikini Bottoms to Epilate Bikini-line

This device is designed for use on all parts of the body, neck downwards and is not recommended for facial use.

If using on the bikini-line we would strongly advise that you wear panties or bikini bottoms so that you can see where you wish to epilate, but also to protect the genital area.

​Make sure to use the appropriate caps for the area being treated, and always keep the skin as taut as possible, to avoid pinching and to reduce pain.


Epilators should never be used on sunburnt skin, blisters, irritated skin, open cuts, moles or warts.

If you have varicose veins, any skin disorder, hemophilia, diabetes or immunodeficiency you should not use an epilator without first seeking medical advice.​

Philips SatinSoft Instructions for Use

We have given a summary of manufacturer's usage instructions for the Philips HP6510 below, to give you a guide.  However, you should of course, ensure that you read any instructions provided fully before using the product.

Philips HP6519 in hand


  • Bath or shower just before epilating to open the pores and make the process easier - making sure to dry skin thoroughly.
  • Skin must be clean, free from grease or chemicals and thoroughly dry
  • It is a good idea to epilate in the evening before going to bed so that any irritation has a chance to disappear overnight
  • Ideal hair length for effective epilation is 3 - 4mm.  If too long, try shaving and then epilating as the hair grows back to the optimum length
  • After epilation, apply a light moisturiser after about half an hour
  • After epilating underarms, use a gentle deodorant which does not contain alcohol, or a deodorising cream specially formulated for use after epilation

​Using the Epilator

Philips HP6519 epilating leg

Head should be at a 90 degree angle to the skin

  • First attach mains cord to the device and then plug into the mains socket
  • Select the desired cap and click into place over the epilation head
  • Press the on/off switch to desired setting (one press for fast, two for slower)
  • Stretch skin with your spare hand so that it is nice and taut and the hairs are standing upright
  • Place the epilator head at a 90 degree angle to the skin with the front of the device facing in the direction in which you are going to move (against the direction of hair's growth)
  • Move it slowly across the skin with minimal pressure - it will take several passes to complete each area


Philips HP6519 Exfoliating brush
  • The exfoliating brush can be used wet or dry using gentle, circular movements across the skin to help prevent ingrown hairs by removing dead skin cells
  • The advice is to use one day before and two days after epilating - thereafter  2 - 3 times a week.
  • If using dry, do not use creams, gels or foams with the brush

Do not use immediately after epilating as this may exacerbate any possible irritation


  • Make sure the device is switched off and unplugged at the mains, then detach the cord
  • Remove the cap from the epilating head and then remove the head from the appliance as described (push it to the right in the direction of the arrows on the back)
  • Brush with the cleaning brush provided to remove the loose hairs
  • Rinse under a tap with warm (not hot) running water
  • Caps and brush can also be rinsed, as can the exfoliation brush
  • Make sure all the parts are fully dry before reassembly and store in drawstring pouch provided

Do not get the actual device wet and never try to detach the discs from the epilating head

Advantages of Using an Epilator

Using an epilator has a similar effect to waxing in that multiple hairs are pulled out at the root, therefore results last for a similar length of time, regrowth is finer and over time the pain becomes much less noticeable.

There are, however, several advantages that epilating has over waxing​:

  1. Epilation does not affect the surrounding skin, whereas waxing adheres to the hair and skin, removing the top layer along with the hair when it is pulled off
  2. Epilating is not messy and is convenient to do anywhere, unlike waxing.
  3. Epilating can be used to remove shorter hairs than waxing - less need for unsightly regrowth between treatments
  4. Epilating is essentially a one-off cost - your epilator should last you for many years if well looked-after​

The other obvious option is shaving, however the results achieved from epilating are longer-lasting and there is no stubble effect often experienced from shaving.

What About Pain?

Epilating can be painful, especially for the first few times.

If you grit your teeth and bear it though, your skin will become accustomed to epilating in the same way it does with waxing, and over time it will become much less of an issue.

​Regrowth becomes finer and sparser, making the whole process a lot easier and quicker.

​We would advise taking a warm bath or shower prior to epilating, which will open the pores and soften the skin so that the hairs pull out more easily.

Exfoliating regularly also helps​ with this, whilst also decreasing the risk of ingrown hairs developing.

​Ensuring that the hair being epilating is the correct length (3 - 4mm) will help to make it more comfortable - the longer the hair the more painful epilating can be.

Holding the skin taut is important as it not only helps the hair to stand up, but also prevents the possibility of pulling and/or pinching of the skin.

How Does it Compare?

​The Philips HP6519 is a good epilator with the added bonus of an exfoliation brush and drawstring storage pouch thrown in - my only reservation is that it is expensive for what you get.

For example the Philips Satinelle ​Advanced Wet & Dry Epilator retails at around $70 and includes 6 accessories.

It has rechargeable batteries, for wet or dry use and includes amongst the accessories a shaving head and comb and a special cap for use on the face.​

Q & A's

Can I swim immediately after epilating?

Providing your skin is not irritated, it should be fine but we would recommend you give it a couple of hours at least before you swim.  If the skin is irritated, leave for at least a day, or until back to normal

Does epilation cause skin irritation?

Redness or irritation is common, but should quickly disappear - it is a good idea to epilate before you go to bed.  If it not completely clear after 3 days, we would advise you to seek medical advice.

Is it OK to use cream on my skin if it is irritated by epilation?

Yes, you can apply a mild, soothing, alcohol-free cream to the skin if you wish.

Why isn't my epilator removing the hair properly?

This could be for a number of reasons:

  • It is possible that you are not holding the device at the correct angle, which is 90 degrees to the skin.
  • Make sure that the hair is the correct length for epilating - the optimum length is 3 - 4mm
  • Make sure to move the epilator slowly across the skin, against the direction of the hair's growth e.g. on the leg, from bottom to top
  • Make sure that your skin in clean, very dry and free from cosmetics or grease - you can use baby powder rubbed into the skin to help it to stand up

Can I use the device in the shower?

No - it is for use only when plugged into the mains and should not be used near water - for best performance your hair and skin must be completely dry

Why does the device start with the fast speed setting?

This is because the fast speed setting is the most efficient and recommended for the larger, less sensitive areas, such as legs and arms.

How long is the mains cord, and is it dual voltage?

The cord is a lengthy 8ft long and the adapter has an automatic voltage selector, suitable for mains voltages 100 - 240v.

Does the product come with a guarantee?

Yes, there is a 2 year manufacturer's guarantee included


Although I like this product, the current online retail price seems a bit steep for what you get.

I would advise that you shop around to see what you can get for your dollar prior to purchasing this product.

​I have recently reviewed several comparable epilators such as the Remington EP7010, The Epilady Legend 4th Generation and the Panasonic ES-ED90-P Epilator.

Things we Liked

  • Easy to Use
  • Effective - works well
  • Easy to Clean - detachable head to clean under water, easy to take apart and reassemble
  • Dual speeds
  • Storage Pouch included

Things we didn't Like

  • Corded - restricted to dry use only, within reach of power socket
  • Cost - relatively expensive for a "no frills" epilator at $119
  • Lack of Information - some provided but had to go to website for full use instructions
  • No Facial Cap - not for facial use, but would expect this function for the price

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