Remington I-Light Pro vs. Remington IPL Pro Plus Quartz

There are currently several Remington IPL machines on the market and this seems to be the cause of some confusion between two of them, the Remington I-Light Pro and the Remington IPL Pro Plus Quartz.

We have created a clear comparison of the two devices for you so that if Remington is the brand you are looking at, you can make the choice that works best for you and your needs.

Quick Overview

Remington I-Light Pro​

One of the first home laser/IPL hair removal devices on the market, this one marks the first in a line of quality Remington products.

The Remington I-Light Pro is an FDA-approved IPL device for hair removal at home.

It comes with a 5 level intensity selector, a skin tone sensor and a surface detector. The replaceable bulb contains 1,500 flashes.

Remington states that if you follow their guidelines of regular treatments every 2 weeks for 6 weeks you can expect results that last up to 6 months. This is not sold as a permanent hair reduction device and can only be used on skin tones up to IV on the Fitzpatrick scale.​

Remington IPL Pro Plus Quartz

The Remington IPL Pro Plus Quartz is the latest development in Remington’s line of home IPL devices.

This one is also FDA-approved, and Remington state that it is efficient enough to provide permanent hair reduction results when their treatment plan is followed correctly.

This device also comes with 5 intensity settings, a skin tone sensor and a surface detector. The replaceable bulb contains 30,000 flashes.

As with the I-Light Pro, the Pro Plus Quartz only works on skin tones up to IV on the Fitzpatrick scale.​

Ease of Use

This is probably the main source of confusion for people when they are comparing the devices.

Apart from the color (copper for the I-Light Pro and purple for the Pro Plus Quartz), they look exactly the same.

They are both so easy to handle with their light and ergonomic hand unit, and while they are not cordless, the cord doesn’t seem to create any issues, even when treating harder to access spots.

Both devices come with the choice of 5 different intensity settings, and have an automatic safety locking function when the device detects that it is not placed completely over the skin or if the skin is too dark.

In the case of functionality and ease of use both devices are on par with each other.​


The I-Light Pro and the Pro Plus Quartz both have a spot size of 2cm2 and operate at wavelengths of 650-1100 nm.

There are approximately 2 seconds between pulses. So while the spot size is not as big as the Silk ‘n SensEpil, the time between pulses is short enough to cover areas pretty rapidly.

The main difference between the two devices is that the Pro Plus Quartz operates at a higher power than the I-Light Pro, making it more effective.

Neither machine is to be used on the face or neck as per the manufacturer’s instructions. There is a higher risk of burns and skin irritations when used on this area.

If you are looking for an at-home laser device that you can use on the face we suggest the Tria 4X. As with all laser and IPL devices, you can expect better results on darker hair and lighter skin.

These devices do not work well on light hairs (blond, grey and red) because they are attracted by the pigment in the hair and will skip it if it isn’t dark enough. For now, it is best to look at other options when it comes to permanent hair reduction of lighter hairs.


The I-Light Pro retails at around $220 and the Pro Plus Quartz at approximately $400.

It’s important to remember that the I-Light Pro light cartridges only contain 1,500 flashes so will need to be replaced a lot more frequently than the Pro Plus Quartz cartridge that contains 30,000 flashes.

For reference, one I-Light Pro cartridge will account for 2-3 full body treatments; underarms, lower legs & bikini line. One Pro Plus Quartz cartridge will cover approximately 50 full body treatments; underarms, lower legs & bikini line.

I-Light Pro replacement cartridges cost $20. The Pro Plus Quartz replacement cartridge costs $100 (if you ever need it).

What to expect in terms of results

This is where you will find the greatest difference between the two products.

While the Pro Plus Quartz is a lot more expensive than the I-Light Pro, you are really paying for a better, more solid and more effective device.

Both machines operate in the same way and aim to reduce the regrowth of hair over time, but the newer, more powerful Pro Plus Quartz gives you the option of looking at a much higher percentage of permanent hair reduction.

As it stands today, there is no proof that the I-Light Pro can provide results for any longer than 6 months.

This means that you will always be required to go through several treatment sessions every year or even every 6 months, buying replacement cartridges along the way.

So, while the Pro Plus Quartz may cost more upfront, you are still looking at experiencing a significant reduction in hair even after a year, and while you may need a touch up session here and there, you will not be required to go through a full treatment again.

Remington suggest treatment sessions for both devices as follows: every 2 weeks for 6 weeks and then as needed.

Customer reviews suggest that you may need to follow this schedule for up to 3 months to see long-lasting results.

Clinical trials

While Remington state that they have clinical data proving that participants had an average of 66% less hair 12 months after the 3 session treatment for the Pro Plus Quartz and 47.8% fewer hairs after 6 months for the I-Light Pro, we couldn’t find the written proof of the existence of these trials.

That said, customer reviews are another efficient way of seeing efficacy, and while the I-Light Pro seems to live up to its expectations, the Pro Plus Quartz appears to exceed them, as long as you are patient and use the device religiously for several months.

This means that you may need to use the device for longer than 3 sessions.

Comparison Table

Remington I-Light Pro

Remington IPL Pro Plus Quartz

Ease of Use

Very easy to master and very ergonomic


Average spot size but fast pulse rate

No. Flashes per Bulb




$200 + $20 for a replacement cartridge

$400 + $100 for a replacement cartridge


Results last up to 6 months

Permanent hair reduction results


So basically it boils down to paying for the results that you want. If you are looking for longer lasting, somewhat permanent results, then you would be better off going with the newer and higher priced Pro Plus Quartz.

If you do not want to spend as much money and don’t mind settling for less permanent results then the I-Light Pro may be for you, however, there are some more effective devices on the market now for a similar price. Both devices are pretty solid and live up to their reputations.


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