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A bottom of the range, no frills epilator from Remington, currently available at an easily affordable price of just $25. If you are in the market for a very basic, functional epilator to use on arms, legs, underarms and bikini-line (not suitable for facial use) and are not interested in the added attachments that come with the more expensive models, this could be a good, value for money choice. Comes with a 2 year manufacturer's guarantee


3.9 out of 5 Stars

Product Overview

The Remington EP7010 is a low-priced, easy to use, basic epilator which is corded, for use via mains electricity operation (100v - 240v).  

Remington EP7010 Smooth & Silky Box

Obviously this means that it is intended for dry use only, unlike some models which are rechargeable and can be used wet or dry.

There is a cap included with the epilator, to help you to hold the device at the correct angle and it also comes complete with a cleaning brush.

As with all epilators in general, it has dual speed settings; the higher speed is for coarser, thicker hair and the slower speed for fine hair or more sensitive areas of the body such as underarms and bikini-line.

Also available from Remington, currently retailing at the slightly higher price of around $45 is the EP7030 Epilator which is rechargeable for cordless wet or dry use and has several additional design features.

What's in the Box?​

Remington EP7010 Epilator  contents

In the Box

Contents of the box shown:

  • Remington EP7010 Smooth & Silky Epilator
  • Perfect Angle Cap (supplied fitted to device)
  • Mains Adaptor (input 100 - 240v)
  • Instruction Leaflet
  • Cleaning Brush

Product Features​

Mains Operation

Remington EP7010 Mains Adaptor

Mains Adaptor with a lengthy cord

The device comes with a mains adaptor for corded use.

Although this means that you are restricted to using it ​near to your mains supply, it does have a couple of advantages, namely:

  • No need to remember to recharge the batteries
  • No need to worry about loss of power as battery runs down
  • You will definitely be able to carry out all your epilating in one go

At just over 1.8 metres (6ft) the cord is fairly lengthy, so not too restrictive and should suit just about everyone.

Detachable Epilator Head

The head is easily detachable by simply pressing the release button on the back of the device and lifting it off.

It is a pretty good size, featuring a series of 40 tweezers for quick coverage of larger areas.

Dual Speed

The device is switched on by pushing the button upwards towards the head, and there are two positions.

It can then be cleaned by rinsing under water.

The first position is the slower speed (picture left) - for finer hair and sensitive areas.

The second position (centre picture), nearest to the head, is the faster speed for thicker, coarser hair.

It is turned off again by simply pushing the button back down (picture right), to the "off" position.​

Perfect Angle Cap

Remington EP7010 Cap removal

The Remington EP7010 comes with a cap fitted to help you to keep the epilator at the right position whilst using i.e. at a 90 degree angle to the skin.

It is removable by pushing off from the back for cleaning purposes, but should always be in place when the epilator is in use, for safety.

To put the cap back on, it is just clicked back into place.​

Where Can it be Used?​

The Device is designed for use on the legs, arms, underarms and bikini-line - it is not recommended that you use it on the face.

It is pretty good for the price for use on the larger areas, and although can be used on bikini-line there is no attachment for this, and it does feel a little awkward.

Generally, the epilators with smaller heads or separate attachments are easier to use in this area.

When using for the bikini-line you should put on your panties or bikini bottoms before you epilate, so that you can see the area you need to cover, and stay well away from the genital region.​

How Long does it Take?​

It is difficult to be explicit about how long it will take as it depends on a number of factors, such as the area being treated, how dense the hair is and the speed you are using.

As a rough indicator, we found that to epilate both legs on the fast speed took around 15 minutes.

You will probably need to epilate underarms weekly, and arms and legs fortnightly to keep them hair-free and smooth.​

How to Use the Remington EP7010 Epilator

You must ensure that you read the instructions which come with the device carefully before use, especially the safety precautions.

Remington EP7010 Epilator

Below is a summary of ​how to use the device, taken from the manufacturer's instruction leaflet:

Manufacturer's Tips

  • If you are a first time user, try on a small area first to get used to the process
  • Optimum length of hair for ease and comfort for epilation is 2 - 5mm
  • Make skin more pliable by bathing or showering and exfoliating prior to epilating
  • Use the epilator in the evening to give any redness or irritation the chance to disappear overnight
  • Use a soothing aloe cream after use to reduce skin irriation
  • Exfoliate regularly to reduce risk of ingrown hairs

Using the Device

  • Make sure skin is free from cosmetics, clean and dry
  • Rub skin to ensure short hairs are standing up
  • With epilator switch in the "off" position, attach the power adaptor to it, and then plug into the mains
  • Turn on to desired speed - low for fine hair, high for coarser hair
  • Hold skin taut with free hand, so that it is flat and hairs are standing up
  • Hold epilator at a 90 degree angle against the skin
  • Glide the epilator over the skin in small, circular movements, without pressing too hard - just very gentle pressure is required
  • For legs, start at the bottom and glide slowly upwards, against the hair's natural growth
  • Underarms and bikini are particularly sensitive, so be sure hair is at the optimum length (trimming first if necessary) and that skin is taut


  • Epilator must be switched off and disconnected from the mains prior to cleaning and should be cleaned after each use
  • Remove the head using the head release button and turn it upside down
  • Brush hairs from the tweezers using the cleaning brush provided
  • Rinse the head under the tap (warm but not hot water) - do not immerse in water
  • Dry completely before re-attaching
  • Remove residue and sterilise by swabbing the tweezers gently with a small amount of alcohol on a cotton pad (do not soak)


  • Do not use on irritated skin, varicose veins, rashes, spots or moles
  • Consult a GP before use if you have diabetes mellitus, haemophilia or immunodeficiency
  • Avoid using when pregnant 
  • Do not share the device for reasons of hygiene
  • Use on the face is not recommended
  • The device may slow down or stop if pressed too firmly
  • The body of the epilator is not washable

How Epilators Work

In a nutshell, epilators work in exactly the same was as your everyday pair of tweezers.

The difference is that they are motorized, and able to pluck multiple hairs simultaneously and very quickly​, so that they can efficiently remove hair at the root from large areas.

Remington EP7010 Tweezer Head

Remington EP7010 Tweezer Head

The Remington EP7010 Smooth & Silky Epilator has 40 metal plates randomly spaced on a ​rotating wheel.

As the wheel rotates the plates are opened and closed, grasping the hairs when closed to pluck them from the root and releasing them again when opened in a continual movement, ready for the next hairs.

What are the Advantages of using an Epilator?​

​So, what are the advantages of using an epilator rather than shaving or waxing?

Well, there are a few clear advantages, and I have outlined them below:

Pros of Epilators v Shaving

  • Longer lasting results
  • Finer regrowth
  • No mess
  • One-off cost - no ongoing outlay

Pros of Epilators v Waxing

  • Surrounding skin unaffected 
  • Less messy
  • Can treat very short regrowth (from 0.5mm)
  • No ongoing cost

Of course, these are just the benefits of using epilators over shaving and waxing and does not account for the down-side, e.g. unlike epilating (or waxing) shaving is painless.

If you would like more information we have published an article outlining the full pros and cons of epilating vs waxing.​

Minimising the Pain

There is no doubt that using an epilator is painful, especially the first few times and in particular when epilating the more sensitive areas of the body.

Exfoliating Exfoliate

Over time, as the skin becomes more tolerant of the process this diminishes and for most people is not too much of an issue.

You can keep the pain to a minimum by following our tips:

  • Exfoliate regularly - removes dead skin cells and bacteria and minimises risk of ingrown hairs
  • Shower or Bath - in warm water prior to epilating, to open the pores and make the hair come out more easily
  • Hold Skin Taut - this is very important, to help the hairs stand up and avoid the risk of the tweezers pinching the skin
  • Use Powder - rubbing in a little baby powder helps the hairs to stand up
  • Optimum Length - if your hair is too long, trim it first to the optimum recommended length for the device as the longer the hair, the more painful it tends to be

Side Effects?​

It is not unusual to experience redness and a slight irritation to the skin from epilating, but it should be very transient, and settle quickly.

Similarly, you may notice tiny red blood spots (especially first time users) and/or an open pore look, again this should disappear very quickly.​

If you epilate regularly, these minor side effects will likely lessen and possibly even stop, as the skin becomes accustomed to the procedure.

They are also reduced due to the fact that growth from epilated hair tends to be finer and less dense.​

Shows how ingrown hairs are formed following epilation

A more worrying side effect can be ingrown hairs, but with regular exfoliation and careful aftercare, the risk can be reduced.

We have published articles dealing with the problem; how to prevent ingrown hairs and how to remove ingrown hairs.

The Remington Smooth & Silky Epilator - Q &A's​

Does is come with a charger?

No, it is mains operated only - it comes with a mains adaptor and is for corded use only.

Can you use it without the perfect angle cap to get the tweezers closer to the skin?

No - you should always use it with the cap in place to avoid the risk of pinching the skin and to keep at the correct 90 degree angle for optimum results.

Can I use it on my face?

No - this device is not recommended for facial use

How long do you need to wait between uses?

It does depend on the individual's rate of hair regrowth, but as a guide, armpits weekly and legs/arms fortnightly

How long is the electric cable?

It is 6 ft which is just over 1.8m long

Can it be use on underarms?

Yes it can - be sure to stretch arm up so that skin is nice and taut 

Is it painful?

Yes it is - especially the first few times you use it.  Try using it on the slow speed setting on an area that is not too sensitive to start with, to see how you get on with it.  After a few uses, the skin becomes accustomed and the pain lessens.

In Conclusion​

If you are in the market for a no-frills, easy to use epilator at a budget price, this is a pretty good buy.

I think it would make a good purchase for someone who wants to try out an epilator for the first time without too much outlay in the process.​

It is effective and can be used on arms, legs, underarms and bikini (albeit that it wouldn't be my preference for bikini)​.

All in all a good little product at the right price.​

Things we Liked

  • Low Cost - value for money and great for those on a budget
  • Dual Speed - adjustable speeds to accommodate different areas
  • No recharging - no need to worry about recharging batteries or loss of power, just plug in and use
  • Detachable Head - easy to do, can be rinsed clean
  • Perfect Angle Cap - to help keep the device positioned correctly whilst epilating
  • Guarantee - comes with a 2 year guaranteed which can be extended to 3 years if registered within 28 days

Things we didn't Like

  • Corded - needs to be used near a mains electric outlet
  • Dry - dry use only
  • No Extras - a basic model

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