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Revlon's Expert Slant Tip Tweezers are attractively finished in black with a diamond embossed pattern for a good grip. Retailing for less than $7 they are certainly not going to break the bank and are at the budget end of the tweezer market. For the price, we found them to be effective and good value for money overall


4.4 out of 5 Stars

Product Overview

The Revlon Expert slant tip tweezer is manufactured in China from stainless steel and has a special embossed black coating to give a better grip.

​These tweezers retail at less than $7 and are therefore an affordable addition to your beauty toolkit.

For the price, you get a well aligned, attractive and practical pair of effective slant-tips from a well-known and respected manufacturing ​Brand.

Shows the Tweezers, complete with packaging

What you Get

The product comes packaged on a card with plastic covering and a bit of bubble wrap to protect the tips.

The information on the front and back is mainly extolling the virtues of the tweezers, the key elements being: 

  • ​Perfectly aligned tips for high precision
  • Easy Grip
  • Perfect Tension for superior control

Shows a close-up of the embossed finish "easy grip" feature

The small type includes information about the Revlon guarantee against defects, together with information about how to return the product if necessary.

I found it disappointingly sparse, really - I think it would have benefited from a bit of use and care ​information, and have added a few hints and tips of my own later in this article.

Also, it is always good to have a tip cover for storing tweezers, or some sort of pouch to keep them in good condition and help them to last longer - unfortunately not included with these.​

​A Look at the Revlon Expert Slant Tip Tweezer

My first impression of these tweezers was pretty good, and I really liked the easy grip feature.  It has an almost "crocodile skin" type effect which gives a nice, comfortable feel in the hand.

​They measure 9.4 cm from tip to bottom and are shaped to widen out at the grip for more control, measuring 1 cm at the widest point.  

Shows the size of the tweezers in relation to my hand

The picture above gives you an idea of how that looks, bearing in mind I do have quite a small hand!

The three major things to consider when looking for a good, well designed tweezer are:

  • Precise Alignment - the tips need to meet all the way along i.e. hair can be grabbed just as effectively at each end
  • Sharp Tips - to ensure that once the hair is grabbed it doesn't slip
  • Tension - they need to have a gentle resistance when squeezed together

Revlon Expert - aligned tweezer tips

I tested these tweezers and found that the alignment was good - I was able to grasp hairs easily and on the whole the hairs were removed cleanly.  I did, however, have a couple of slippages.

The tension in the tweezers is quite firm in comparison to some of the others on the market.  

Some people might actually like this, however, I  have stiffness and slight arthritis in my fingers, so feel that it may become more difficult for me to use them over a prolonged period e.g. to reshape brows.​  

Obviously no problem at all for the odd stray hairs.

Why Choose Slant Tipped Tweezers

Slant tipped tweezers are the perfect "all rounders" of the tweezer world due to their versatility and ease of use.

Slanted tip of the Revlon Expert - great for brows

The slanted flat side of the tweezer is just perfect for eyebrows; they can be easily angled to follow the contour of the brow, making it easy to grasp and pluck hair in the direction of growth.

The tweezers can be flipped over to use the pointed end of the slant for more precision, as and when required, without the needle-like sharpness of point tipped tweezers.

Tips for Tweezer Care and Use

As promised, here are a few tips on how to get the best from your tweezers and help them to last as long as possible:

  • Sterilize Tweezers before and after use - you can use rubbing alcohol for this. I would recommend Beauty Secrets Cleansing Alcohol, as well as killing germs it has a pleasant smell!
  • Open Pores by having a nice hot shower before you start tweezing.  This will also soften the hair and skin and help the hair follicle to give up its hair cleanly from the root.  Alternatively you can use a hot flannel against the treatment area for a few minutes for a similar effect.
  • Exfoliate to ensure that any dead skin cells, bacteria or other matter are removed.  This will help prevent infection and also ingrown hairs.
  • Grasp Hair individually as close as possible to the skin without exerting pressure.  Removing hair one at a time will help to ensure that each hair is removed from the root and prevent ripping.
  • Pluck firmly and quickly in the direction of the hair's natural growth.  This is very important to help prevent breaking the hair above or just below the surface.
  • Store Tweezers Safely, preferably protecting the tips.  Do avoid dropping the tweezers which can damage the tips and put them out of alignment, potentially rendering them useless.
  • After Tweezing apply a toner to close the pores and a soothing lotion such as Aloe Vera can be used.

The above represents a few basic tips for tweezing - for more information see our articles: 

How to Pluck your Eyebrows with Tweezers

How to Avoid Ingrown Hairs from Tweezing

How to Remove Ingrown Hairs with Tweezers​


Revlon offers a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects as follows:

"Revlon will replace with same or similar tool, at no charge if implement fails due to defective material or workmanship."​

The instructions for returning defective tweezers are to pack in a padded envelope together with a description of the fault and mail it, insured, to Revlon allowing 4 - 6 weeks for return (valid in the US and Canada only).

The wording further states that the guarantee will be void if the tweezers are rusted or deemed to be abused.

So How Does the Revlon Slant Tip Compare​

I have looked at the OceanPure slant tipped tweezer, which is in a similar price bracket to the Revlon Expert to see how they stack up:

​So firstly I looked at the three key elements:

Alignment​ - both sets of tweezers arrived well - aligned and I was able to grasp hair easily.

OceanPure tips shown left with Revlon Expert on the right - both well aligned but clearly the OceanPure are the sharper of the two

Sharp Tips - Actually, for me the OceanPure ​just edged it here - I did not have any slipping when I used them, and as you can see from the picture, the tips are more finely sharpened.

OceanPure top and Revlon bottom - shows the width of gaps to indicate difference in tension

Tension - both sets of tweezers were well tensioned, but my personal preference was for the OceanPure slants as they had less resistance than the Revlon tweezers

Other Considerations?

Well, the Revlon Expert tweezers definitely win on grip - I like the way they widen and the feel (and look) of the embossed finish.​

Shows OceanPure on the left and Revlon Expert on the right

A nice little bonus that is included with the OceanPure tweezers is a storing pouch to keep them in.

Both offer guarantees - Revlon as outlined above and OceanPure say they will replace any defective product with one year of date of purchase.

Overall, I think that they stack up fairly evenly and in the end it would simply come down to personal preference.

Both, on the whole, represent good value for money.​

See my full review of the OceanPure Slant  - although the review is actually for a set of 2 tweezers, the slant tip is also available individually for much the same price as the Revlon Expert.​

If you are wondering what the advantage would be in paying a bit more, I have also reviewed the slant tipped offerings from Tweezerman and Rubis.

Things we Liked

  • Value for Money - For less than $7, a good quality little tweezer
  • Well Aligned - tips easily grab the hair
  • Grip - nice style grip and widening for ease of use and good control

Things we didn't Like

  • Tips - Not as sharp as some comparable tweezers - some slipping
  • No Covers - no tip cover or pouch included
  • Lack of Information - a bit of advice would be an added bonus

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the Revlon Expert is a pretty good quality tweezer for the price.

My only reservations were around the tension and ​sharpness of the points.

I think the tension issue is likely to be a matter of personal preference and the key issue here is whether the tweezers are sharp enough to get a good firm grip on the hair.​

I have to say that for the majority of the time I was able to remove the hairs cleanly from the root, but to say that they were perfect would not be accurate.


For the past 12 months, I have been testing and playing with all sorts of hair removal products for Hair Free Life. My goal is to provide the most accurate and up-to-date hair removal consumer information on the internet. When I'm not photographing, reviewing and researching hair removal products I play the drums in a samba band and am a volunteer for the Swindon Lions! Got any questions? Write to us below: