Round Up of The 5 Best Wet Shaving Sets for Men

We've taken the time to put together our favourite five wet shaving sets for men categorised by both cartridge and safety shaving.

Safety Shaving Kits with Razors

Merkur Shaving Gift Set

This is marketed as a gift set, and is actually one of our favourite we shaving products available on the market at the moment.

Anyone who has any kind of experience with wet shaving knows that the Merkur is one of the best brands of razor available on the market​.  

This particular set comes with a beautiful chrome plated Merkur #128 razor that would look good on any bathroom shelf.

The set also comes with a matching chrome plated bowl and ​stand.  

Finally, a 100% pure badger brush is included along with a 2.25 ounce shaving soap that when both used together can create a beautiful, rich lather.​

Side note:- One of the editors of this site actually purchased this exact shaving set and has completely switch to using this set for his shaving.

If you're looking to spend less than $100, then we highly recommend this as one of the best kits for the money.  This kit is also beginner friendly.​

Note: This set doesn't come with any blades. If you don't currently have a favourite brand, then we recommend getting the Merkur 30 pack to begin with.

Editor's choice


Parker 96R Safety Shave Set

This gift set contains a beautiful butterfly opening safety razor and comes complete with a pure badger brush and chrome stand.

In terms of quality, the Merkur and the Parker are on a similar level.  Everyone has their own personal opinion about which they prefer - it's largely subjective - both are quality razors.

This set rivals the Merkur set in many ways - both in terms of aesthetics and quality they are on par with eachother. 

This set doesn't come complete with a shaving soap, which is why the Merkur set got the edge.  ​Nevertheless, this would make for a great shaving kit for yourself, or as a gift for someone else.  Highly recommended.

Royal Shave Black & Chrome Shaving Set

This is a really great all-in-one shaving kit that comes complete with razor, stand, razor, shaving soap, 2 packs of 5 blades and even a mug!

One of the reasons why I included this in the list is due to the ​fantastic Edwin Jagger DE 86 razor that's included with the set.  This is one of my favourite razors - it's chrome plated with a polished black acrylic handle for great aesthetics, but it also gives a great precision shave with it's small head size.

​One of the nice things about this set is that you actually get two sets of blades.  The blades included are Derby blades and Wilkinson Sword blades.  

Derby blades are renowned for being smooth and Wilkinson are much more at the sharper end of the scale, so you have the opportunity to experiment with both to see which best suits you.

This kit also comes complete with a shaving soap, 100% pure badger brush and stand.

This is one of the few kits where you literally have everything you need to start safety shaving - no extra purchases required!


Cartridge Shaving Kits with Razors

Edwin Jagger Mach 3 Shaving Set

If you, or the person that you're buying this shaving set for, prefers to use a cartridge razor, then this is one of the best kits on the market.

Edwin Jagger, an iconic brand in the wet shaving industry and the favourite brand of many wet shavers, is known for producing high quality products.  This gift set is no different.

The product comes with a ​Gillette Mach 3 razor, matching shaving stand and 100% pure badger brush.  

Not only does everything come in a beautiful matching cream colour, but the entire product is packaged in a great looking gift box ready to be given to someone special.

4 Piece Mach 3 Shaving Set

This product retails for less than $40 and so is a budget shaving set that's very good value for money.

The set comes complete with a handle that fits a Gillette Mach 3 razor head​, stand, bowl, soap and brush. 

Clearly, given that the set is less than $40, the quality isn't up to the same level as some of the more premium products that we've featured on this page, however we feel that it's the best product in the "budget" category.​

If you need a complete shaving set and don't have much money to spend, then this is the option for you.​

4 Piece Shaving Sets - Brush, Stand, Mug and Soap

Van Der Hagen Luxury Set

If you're looking for a shaving set but already have a razor, then this could be a good fit for you.

The product comes complete with a glycerin based soap, 100% pure badger brush, s tand and shaving mug.​

A lot of people are very complimentary about the soap that comes with this product - it has a great scent to it and it's very easy to whip up a great lather with the brush.

Generally, in the shaving brush world, you get what you pay for - however this badger brush really isn't a bad brush at all considering that the entire package retails for less than $25.00.

All in all, a great gift set for someone who is on a budget.  It doesn't compete with the more luxury sets out there, but it makes the perfect father's day gift.​

What About Blades?

Some of these gift sets don't come with blades so you may wish to purchase them on the side.  If so, then I recommend you check out our razor blade sharpness guide - it will give you the complete range of well known razor brands and links to a few places where you can buy blade sample packs on the cheap.​


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