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These Swiss made tweezers from Rubis are elegant looking and made from stainless steel, with a sand-blasted finish to provide a good grip and "feel". We found them to be easy to use and comfortable to hold - overall a top-notch product, with many very favourable customer reviews


4.4 out of 5 Stars

Product Overview

The Rubis Classic Slanted Tip Tweezer is manufactured in Switzerland from top-quality stainless steel, finished with a sand-blasted finish to the steel to give it better grip and a lovely brushed, pewter - like look and feel.

They are a good quality tweezer and this is reflected in the price.  Retailing at just under $30, they are towards the top of mid-range although still not expensive in comparison to other forms of hair removal with their ongoing costs e.g. epilators (replacement parts) or depilatory creams etc.

This shows the tweezers as they arrived - in a nice sturdy box!

​What you Get

Handy plastic cap - use when storing to protect the tips

​The tweezers come in a fairly substantial rigid perspex box in which the tweezers are held in place to prevent any damage - so far, so good! They are complete with a plastic cap to protect the tips.

​There is a leaflet in the box, but this mainly consists of information about the rubis product range and includes nothing useful about the use and care of the product itself, which is rather a shame.

Just in case you would like a bit of information, I have included a few tips of my own further on.​

For information about how to shape eyebrows by tweezing see our article: ​Eyebrow Hair Removal, Shaping, Tweezing and Threading

A Look at the Rubis Slant Tweezer​

​There's no denying that this tweezer has an elegant, slimline and attractive look to it. Whilst my personal preference tends towards the feel and look of a colour coated body, the sand blasted finish to the rubis Slant does largely make up for this - giving it a refined "satin" feel and appeal.

As you can see - a comfortable fit!

Measuring 9.6 cm from its tip to its bottom, I found it fitted very nicely in my hand. Although quite light in weight, it is still sufficiently substantial to use with confidence.

The slanted tip​ makes it the perfect all-rounder for your cosmetic tweezing needs and makes it particularly suitable for shaping eyebrows.

There are several different colours in the Classic range including red, pink, white and black - all made from the same surgical quality steel but with a soft touch coating.

Of course, looks are not everything so how do they stack up in use?

Well, in judging the efficacy of tweezers the three key things to look out for are:

  • Precise alignment - ensures that the tips meet all the way along the slant edge so that hairs are grabbed at either end as well as all the way along
  • Precise Edges - the slant edges need to be sharp and perfectly even to ensure that hair does not slip when plucking
  • Tension - the tweezers need to provide a gentle resistance when squeezing 

The tips meet with perfect precision

As you can see from our photograph, the tips close to meet exactly, edge to edge all the way along.

 Those regular users amongst you will know how important this sort of precision is to the performance of a tweezer and the difference it makes to your tweezing experience!

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to achieve the perfect eyebrow if the hairs keep slipping after you have grabbed them, and breaking off above the surface of the skin (not to mention the risk of ingrown hairs!)

I found this product to be really effective in grasping hairs precisely every time, even the finest, and would highly recommend it. 

Perfect tension for perfect results!

​Although it may be possible to increase the tension in a pair of tweezers, if necessary, by pulling the arms gently apart slightly, you need to be aware that this cannot then be undone, so be really careful.

I found that the tension on the Rubis Classic was absolutely fine, and I would expect nothing less from a pair of tweezers at that price tag, especially from such a reputable manufacturer.

Why Choose a Slant Tip?

It is generally agreed that slant tipped tweezers are the best all-round tweezer - providing both flat edged ability to pick up any stray fine hairs, or precision work by flipping the tweezer over to use the point.​

The reason that they are particularly good for eyebrow shaping is that the slant makes it easier to follow the contour of the brow parallel to the skin, to pluck in the direction of the hair's natural growth.

Tips for the Care of Your Tweezers

  • Cleaning - ensure that tweezers are cleaned properly before and after each use with a suitable sanitizer, such as rubbing alcohol
  • Storage - always replace tip covers and store safely away from children
  • Avoid dropping - take care not to drop the tweezers as this may damage the alignment and reduce their efficiency

Customer Service

There is a sharpening and repair service offered by rubis; for details you need to hunt on their website.

However, I wouldn't get too excited about this as the cost is currently $19.75 plus postage, so very nearly the same as a new pair tweezers of the Classic Slanted Tip variety! 

 If your tweezers are old enough to require this service, you may as well buy a new pair!

Consumer Feedback

A look at reviews on Amazon reveal that the rubis Slant Classic Tweezer achieves a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 from 189 reviews.

Of these, 70% give a five star rating and 12% give 4 stars.​

In truth, 189 is not a huge sample to draw conclusions from, however it does indicate a trend towards customer satisfaction with the product.

How Does the rubis Classic Tweezer Compare?

In order to make a reasonable comparison with this product it would be impossible to ignore it's rival slant tipped tweezer from Tweezerman.  Both Rubis and Tweezerman are big names in tweezer manufacture.

My comparison of the two products found little to pick and choose between quality, precision, and effectiveness.

The Rubis Classic does have a very slightly shorter slant edge​, but to be truthful I didn't find any noticeable difference in performance.

Rubis on the right, Tweezerman on the left - tip comparison

Where the Rubis tweezer did lose out though, was on the customer service side; Tweezerman offer free sharpening for the life of the tweezer, and a 50% off coupon for a comparable replacement pair if the tweezer is not able to be sharpened.​

In addition, the rubis retails at around $10 more than it's Tweezerman counterpart.​

Having said all this, both Rubis and Tweezerman have a loyal customer base and I am sure that each have valid reasons for their individual choice.​

See our review of the Tweezerman​ Slant Tweezer

Things we Liked

  • Quality -There is no doubt that this is a good quality product from a highly regarded manufacturer
  • Versatile - the slant tip is the best all-rounder, offering both ease and precision
  • Comfortable - provides good, grip and consistently effective grasp of hairs
  • Value for Money - although more expensive than many tweezers on the market, if well cared for, should last for years
  • Tip Protection Cover - plastic cover for tip provided

Things we didn't Like

  • Lack of Information - The leaflet enclosed provided no information about care of the product or guidance on how to use it.  Simply, it was an advertising tool for other rubis products in the range
  • No Cover - for the cost, it would be good to have a protective cover for the tweezers included
  • High Cost of Resharpening/Repair Service - at just under $20 plus postage, it is almost the cost of a new pair of tweezers in this range

Our Final Thoughts

Taking everything into account, I have found the product itself difficult to find fault with and I would have no hesitation in recommending it.

Although they may seem a bit pricey in comparison to others on the market, they definitely tick the quality box, which is reflected in their precision and ease of use.

Well looked after, these tweezers should last for many years, and the outlay and cost effectiveness when judged in these terms is still pretty good!


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