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Suitable for men as well as women, this Sally Hansen kit consists of 6oz of microwaveable wax product, spatulas, strips and finishing oil, together with a comprehensive instruction leaflet. Retailing at around $11 it is an inexpensive and effective at-home hair removal product.


3.5 out of 5 Stars

Product Overview

Manufactured in the USA, Sally Hansen Lavender Spa wax kit retails at around $11 to provide an an inexpensive at-home hair removal solution.

Sally Hansen Lavender Spa Wax Kit

It is microwaveable, for ease of heating and is suitable for sensitive skin, on all areas of the body.

There are​ plenty of the cloth strips and spatulas provided in the kit, and there is a small bottle of finishing oil, to help remove any excess wax and leave the skin smooth.

The wax is a synthetic-looking, mid-violet colour and has a mildly lavender-scented​ odour which, as you would expect, becomes slightly stronger  with heating.

What's in the Box

Sally Hansen Lavender Wax Kit - in the box

Contents of the Box

  • One 6 oz (170g) Jar of Lavender Spa Wax for body
  • 8 Wooden Application Spatulas
  • 20 Woven Cloth Pulling Strips
  • One 0.5 fl oz (14.7ml) bottle of Azulene Finishing Oil
  • Instruction Leaflet

A Look at the Product

The first thing I noticed when I opened the pot was the violet colour - as I mentioned, it is synthetic looking and although this is not to my taste, it is pleasantly and not over strongly scented.

It is designed to be heated in the microwave only; the lid and inner plastic cover must be removed first.​

At this point the wax becomes soft, pliable and easy to use with the wooden spatulas provided.  Once it starts to cool and thicken again, you will need to re-heat to keep the correct consistency, or the product becomes ineffective.


The product is suitable for sensitive skin, but it is always a good idea to check the ingredients in case there is anything that you know affects you:

Photograph showing the ingredients in both the wax and oil,  taken straight from the box

Azulene Oil

Sally Hansen Lavender Spa Kit Oil

Azulene Finishing Oil

This is a pale bluish coloured, unscented oil used to remove excess wax from the skin after treatment, whilst moisturizing, softening and calming it.

It is a small bottle, but a little goes a long way.  

It can also be used to help clean off any small spillages. Alternatively any other oil that you have may serve this purpose just as well if you would rather conserve the Azulene Oil for your skin.

Where Can it be Used?

The Sally Hansen Lavender Spa wax kit is designed to be used all over the body;  arms, legs, underarms, bikini line and can even be used by men for back and chest hair.

How Easy is it to Use?

There are comprehensive instructions provided with the kit - but here is a basic outline, to give you an idea:


Sally Hansen Lavender Spa Wax Kit

Warm to an easily spreadable consistency

  • Hair should be at least 1/4" long, but not longer than 1/2"
  • Wash skin with soap and water to ensure it is free of all creams, lotions etc. and then make sure it is thoroughly dry.  Wait for at least an hour after showering or bathing before using wax.
  • Use baby powder or similar to make sure the skin is completely dry - it will also ensure that the wax adheres well to the hair
  • Remove lid and inner plastic cover from the pot and microwave on a plate for 30 seconds on high (based on 1200 watts).  The wax should be melted to a spreadable consistency - if not microwave again for short bursts until it is, but no more than 1 minute in total - and leave in the microwave for one minute afterwards before removing


woman waxing leg
  • Test on the back of the hand to ensure the wax is comfortable, then apply thinly to the treatment area, with the spatula, in the same direction as the hair's natural growth
  • Take strip and press down smoothly and firmly against the wax 2 or 3 times, again in the direction of hair's growth
  • Hold skin taut with the spare hand whilst ripping the strip off quickly and firmly, back along itself against the direction of hair growth as close to the skin as possible
  • Work in sections, removing all hair from each section before moving on to the next

After Treatment

  • Wipe skin with Azulene Finishing Oil to ensure any residual wax is removed
  • Replace inner plastic cover and lid firmly onto pot and store remaining wax in an upright position
  • Wait at least 24 hours before swimming or exposure to sun

Always read all the instructions carefully and fully before using the product, and do not use on irritated or broken skin.  

Certain medical conditions affecting the skin may preclude use of waxing for hair removal - if in doubt seek medical advice.

Advantages of Waxing at Home

There are pros and cons of all types of hair removal, but here we are only concerned with the pros of home waxing.

This can be looked at in two parts, namely the advantages over waxing at a salon and the advantages over other home hair removal methods:

Home Waxing vs Salon

The most obvious advantage is the cost, with home waxing kits available from around $12 upwards, against a salon fee of at least $30+ for two half legs.  Most kits will give you sufficient for at least a couple of half leg treatments.

There is also the convenience of being able to carry out the procedure in your own home and at your own convenience.  No need to wait for an appointment - and then perhaps not being "in the mood" or being tight for time. 

Then, of course, if you are reticent about "baring all" to another unfamiliar individual, home waxing provides a personal and private way to carry out the process.​

Home Waxing vs Other Methods​

Other at home options are shaving, depilatory creams and epilating.

The results of waxing last longer than shaving or depilatory creams, both of which remove hair at the skin's surface.  Shaving is generally a daily task and depilatory creams last a little longer, whereas the results of waxing can last anything from 1 - 6 weeks depending on the area and individual regrowth rates.

​Waxing is quicker than using an epilator - removing hair from fairly large areas in one tug!

Regrowth after waxing tends to gradually become lighter and finer over time, with regular use, unlike shaving and creams which have no effect on regrowth.  Shaving can also often lead to a stubbly effect.

Is it Painful?

Waxing is a painful process as it pulls hair out by the root.

There are ways to minimise the pain using medication, such as oral painkillers taken 30 minutes prior, or skin-numbing creams and sprays and there are also other, more natural precautions you may take.

These are outlined in our articles 8 top tips to minimise pain while waxing and best products to relieve pain while waxing.

In general, the pain is worst the first few times you wax as the skin becomes more tolerant to the process over time, with regular use.

In addition, hair regrowth gradually becomes lighter and finer, so the time between treatments is increased.​

Product Questions and Answers

How many strips are provided?

There are 20 cloth strips provided

Can this product be placed on a candle warmer?

There is no reason why not and in fact, once the wax has been warmed to the correct temperature in the microwave, placing on a candle warmer will likely serve to keep the wax pliable and reduce the need to re-microwave.​

Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

​Yes it is, but if you are worried, we advise that you do a patch test by trying a small area first and wait for 24 hours to see how your skin reacts.  Use a baby powder or similar on your skin prior to use.

How long does hair need to be?

To effectively remove hair with wax, it needs to be at least 1/4" long so that it adheres well.  It should not be longer than 1/2".

Is there a danger of burning the skin?

Yes, overheating the wax can cause burns.  Never microwave for longer than one minute, but start with 30 seconds, and then increase in increments of 15 seconds until the correct consistency is achieved.  Leave in the microwave for one minute after heating before removing the pot and carefully test a small amount on the back of your hand to ensure that the temperature is comfortable, before use.


This product is effective, but it can be messy so you do need to take care when using to avoid getting wax on clothing, carpeting etc.

It is pleasantly scented, inexpensive and with a little practice works well.

The addition of the oil is useful for removing residual wax and making the skin feel lovely and silky after waxing.​

All in all, a good value for money purchase, if you are in the market for a home waxing kit.​

Things we Liked

  • Inexpensive - Good value for money and way less expensive than a salon
  • Convenient - to use at home
  • Sensitive Skin - formulated for use on sensitive skin
  • Microwaveable - easy to heat
  • Easy to Use - once you get the hang of the correct method
  • Cloth Strips - plenty provided, also wooden spatulas
  • Finishing Oil - Azulene provided to clear excess wax and moisturize skin

Things we didn't Like

  • Slightly Gaudy Colour - synthetic looking and not to my taste
  • Painful - but the same can be said for all waxes, and it will reduce over time
  • Time consuming - can take a while to do large areas
  • Messy - can be messy and oil required to "clear up"

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