Stop the Bleeding! The Best Products for Treating Shaving Cuts

Shaving nicks happen, they're inevitable, but sometimes they happen at very inconvenient moments.  You can't exactly head out for a date with bloody toilet paper attached to your face, can you?

Luckily there are some awesome products that you can pick up cheaply that will take care of cuts and nicks so that the bleeding stops pretty much straight away and you can get on with your life!​

The Best Products for Treating
Shaving Cuts

This is the most common form of cut, where you just nick yourself with the razor and a small amount of blood runs from the wound.  There are a number of products that are designed to help with situations like these...

The Alum Block

The​ alum block is used to rub all over your face and has great antiseptic properties.  Lots of have the alum block as part of their post shave routine.  

You simply rub the block over the treated area and you'll find that it gives great feedback on the quality of your shave.  You'll feel a burning sensation ​over areas that have been irritated or cut and the coagulant properties of the block will help the blood to clot faster.

You would use an alum block for wider areas, rather than for an individual clot.  If you have irritated a relatively large treatment area from switching to a new razor or blade, then the alum block would be a good choice.

Gentleman Jon 3.9 oz Alum Block

A block of this size will last many months, if not years with daily use.  Well worth the investment​

Styptic Pencils

Styptic pencils go back a long way - they were commonly a standard part of a shaving kit, before the days of the safety razor, when straight shaving was more common practice.

These pencils deliver ​a "styptic" to the wound which promotes hemostasis (the scientific word for "stops bleeding").  Where as the alum block is used on large treatment areas, this device is commonly used on a cut by cut basis.

If you nick yourself with the blade, you can run use the pencil to apply a small amount of the​ substance directly to the cut.  It will pretty much immediately stop the bleeding, far faster than any amount of tissue paper!

Clubman Styptic Pencil

The pencil looks and feels of chalk but can be used to treat cuts. Simply lightly wet the end and apply.  No stinging, no fuss and no more bleeding!

Healing Gels

These gels are very similar to the styptic pencil in that they will seal off larger wounds from your shave.  Brands, such as Proraso, have put together "blood stop" solutions that you can apply directly to the wound almost instantly will prevent further bleeding.

Proraso Shave Cut Healing Gel 10ml

This product is great for the larger abrasions with visible blood.  Otherwise know as blood stop, this product is a coagulant that helps your blood clot fast.

How to Use These Products - Video Demonstration

Geofatboy, from,  has put together a great video tutorial on how you can use these products to help heal any shaving nicks or cuts that you may have:-​


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