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This product is made from 100% natural ingredients and certified cruelty-free, so a good choice if the environment and animal welfare are important to you. It is microwaveable and safe for use on all parts of the body, coming with washable, reusable strips and wooden applicators - almost everything you need for effectively removing your hair at home. Overall, a very positive review.


4.8 out of 5 Stars
Sugar Strip Ease Hair Remover

Product Overview

Sugar Strip Ease is a 100% naturally produced product, containing just pure sugar syrup and water.

Manufactured in the UK, it is certified as cruelty-free and vegan by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International.

It is easy to use and can be warmed in a pan or microwaved and is safe for use on all areas of the body, including the bikini-line and face.

Sugar Strip Ease retails for around $20 (for a 9oz jar) so not the cheapest, but a reasonable price for a good quality, natural product.​

​Other products available and sold separately are Sugar Strip Ease Talc, for use prior to treatment and Sugar Strip Ease Soothing Mist to calm the skin after treatment.

What's in the Box?

  • One 250g (9oz) Jar of Sugar Strip Ease Product
  • Fifteen non-fray washable pulling strips
  • Two large wooden application spatulas
  • One small wooden application spatula
  • Instruction sheet
Sugar Strip Ease Hair Remover - in the box

Contents of the box

A Look at the Product

The first thing I noticed when I opened the jar is the lovely, gentle, almost honey-like scent - much as you would expect from pure, natural ingredients.

Sugar Strip Ease Ingredients

Picture of the box showing the ingredients

It is thick and sticky and is designed to be warmed, either in a pan with water, or in the microwave, at which point it becomes softer and more runny with a similar consistency to a thick syrup.

Sugar Strip Ease in the pot

Thick and Honey-like

The product should be spread thinly, for best results, and the 9oz jar contains approximately sufficient for three half-leg treatments for both legs.

Where Can it be Used?

woman waxing leg

Sugar Strip Ease is safe to use all over the body, commonly it is great for the leg, underarm, bikini-line and upper lip areas.

The strips provided are a good size (7cms x 20cms) for covering large areas​, and they can be cut down for upper lip or bikini area as required.  They can be washed clean with warm water after treatment, for re-use next time.

How Easy is it to Use?

The following is a promotional video showing exactly how to use the product on each area of the body.

​Of course, as a promotional video this is designed to encourage you to buy certain products, but used as an instructional tool, it is helpful.

There is a full set of pretty comprehensive instructions included on the leaflet provided with the product.

​Heating the Product

The product can be microwaved in its jar with the lid removed, on a plate, as shown in the video, on a low or medium setting for 60 seconds (based on 650 watts).

Sugar Strip Ease

This should bring the contents to a warm (not hot) temperature and to a runny consistency.

Alternatively, you may heat it in a saucepan of boiling water which has been removed from the heat, without removing the lid.

Leave until it reaches the correct consistency, ensuring that no water can enter the jar.

Take care when removing from the water.

In both cases stir thoroughly with the wooden spatula before use.

​Patch Test

It is always best to perform a patch test when using any products.

You can do this by applying to a small area and leaving for a couple of hours - if no adverse effects are seen, you can then proceed.​

Do not use on irritated or sunburnt skin and avoid exposure to the sun immediately after treatment

A Few Tips​

Sugar Ease Strip - cut down

Cut strip to size for Upper Lip treatment

  • Skin should be thoroughly cleaned using a mild soap - avoid using any alcohol-based or other astringent product.
  • Dry the area carefully and use talc to ensure that all moisture is removed.  Strip Ease Talc is available to purchase separately, but any baby powder or suchlike will be just as effective.
  • Always test the temperature of the product on the back of your hand before applying to ensure that it is not too hot
  • Apply the mixture thinly, in the direction of hair growth and add the strip immediately, pressing firmly, in the direction of hair growth
  • To remove pull backwards along the strip, in one quick, firm movement (do not pull upwards), holding the skin taut with your spare hand
  • For upper lip, cut strips into smaller pieces and using the small spatula, work from the corner of the lip towards the centre, in one small section at a time
  • Any residue can be wiped easily away with a wet washcloth, using warm water
  • After treatment, a soothing lotion can be applied to calm the skin - again Strip Ease soothing mist is available, but any non-astringent moisturiser will do just as well.
  • The strips can be washed and reused and spillages can be cleaned up with warm water
  • Once cool, the plastic inner cover should be replaced and the lid firmly closed

Why Choose Waxing/Sugaring for Hair Removal?

​Waxing and sugaring are often put in the same category due to the fact that the way in which hair is removed is very similar, although there are major differences in the products themselves and their ingredients.

These are a few of the advantages of waxing or sugaring compared to other at home hair removal methods:

  • Lasting Results - longer lasting than shaving or depilatory creams, can last anything up to 6 weeks depending on treatment area and individual regrowth rates
  • Smooth Skin - leaves your skin very smooth, unlike shaving which can lead to a stubbly effect when hair starts to grow back, usually within a day
  • Quick and Easy - with very little practice, you can become proficient in its use and cover large areas more quickly than e.g. depilatory creams or epilators
  • Inexpensive - relatively inexpensive, depending on the product and especially in comparison with salon treatments
  • Versatile - safe for use on virtually all parts of the body
  • Finer Regrowth - over time, with regular use, regrowth will appear finer and sparser, and you need to carry out treatments less frequently (any pain will also lessen as the skin becomes accustomed to the process)

Sugaring has an added advantage of containing only natural ingredients, typically sugar, lemon and water and is water soluble - so very easy to clean up afterwards.

What About the Pain?

Waxing and sugaring is a painful process, as it involves pulling hair out from the root.

However, if you prepare the skin as advised and perfect the method, you will keep it to a minimum, and over time and with regular use your skin will become more accustomed to the process.

You can take steps to minimise the pain e.g. using pain-numbing products and exfoliating regularly.

For more information about reducing pain from waxing, we have published the following articles:

Top Tips to Minimise Pain while Waxing

Best Products to Relieve Pain while Waxing​

Sugar Strip Ease Q & A's

Braun FaceSpa 830 how to use

How do you wash the strips?

They can be easily rinsed out with warm water and then dried naturally​

​How long does it last?

There is approximately sufficient product in one jar to treat 3 pairs of half legs.  For smaller areas more treatments will be possible

How often can the product be re-heated?

You can keep reheating the product as many times as required until it runs out - do make sure to replace the inner plastic cover and lid securely to store​

Does it smell?

Yes, it has a very pleasant and natural, honey-like scent​

​Will it reduce regrowth?

Over time, with regular use, regrowth will appear finer and lighter - making treatments easier, with more time in-between


If you are looking for a natural, cruelty-free product to use in the comfort of your own home, then this product is a good choice.

It is a relatively inexpensive and effective option which has a lovely, feel-good scent and produces good results to leave the skin looking smooth and clear.​

Overall, I really liked this product.​

Things we Liked

  • Inexpensive - around $20 for a 9oz jar
  • Use Anywhere - safe for use all over the body
  • Natural - made from 100% natural ingredients
  • Good Results - and feels good on the skin
  • Easy Clean Up - cleans easily away with warm water
  • Microwaveable - can be heated safely in the microwave for convenience
  • Eco friendly & Cruelty Free
  • Quick and Efficient
  • Lovely Scent

Things we didn't Like

  • Pain - as with all similar hair removal methods, some pain is inevitable
  • Time Consuming - takes a little while to completely clear an area
  • Basic - this is a no-frills (if good quality product) - talc and after care lotion needs to be purchased separately

For the past 12 months, I have been testing and playing with all sorts of hair removal products for Hair Free Life. My goal is to provide the most accurate and up-to-date hair removal consumer information on the internet. When I'm not photographing, reviewing and researching hair removal products I play the drums in a samba band and am a volunteer for the Swindon Lions! Got any questions? Write to us below: