The Best Pre Shave Oils – Roundup Review

If you find that soaps and creams don’t really work for you, or you are looking for an additional moisturizer while shaving, then a pre-shave oil may be a good alternative or addition to look into.

Pre-shave oils are applied to the skin before any other shaving products and provide an extra layer of protection and moisture against irritations and cuts.

Pre-shave oils can also be used as a replacement for shaving creams or soaps.

Only a few drops of pre-shave oil are needed to cover the face. The oil is not meant to be a lubricant, but rather helps create more supple skin, which in turn helps avoid nicks and cuts.

Excessive use of oil will just clog the razor and make it difficult to shave correctly. Two or three drops are more than enough to start, especially if you are using the oil before applying lather.

There are quite a few different types of pre-shave oils on the market, but here is a round-up review of our favorites to help you with your choice.

Pacific Shaving Company All Natural Shaving Oil

This all-natural oil won’t clog pores and leaves skin feeling hydrated and fresh after every shave.

It’s a big favorite and comes highly recommended by both men and women.

The 2 oz bottle retails at a little less than $25 and will last up to 400 shaves, which is a huge bargain if you compare with the cost of shaving cream.

Pacific Shaving Company All Natural Shaving Oil works really well on sensitive skin and skin that is prone to razor bumps and irritations. 

Editor's choice

American Crew Lubricating Shave Oil

American Crew’s Lubricating Shave Oil’s non-greasy formula is a great favorite with those who are prone to acne or greasy skin.

This all-natural, fragrance-free shaving oil contains eucalyptus and clove, both soothing and anti-bacterial ingredients to help combat irritations and spots. The 1.7 oz bottle retails at less than $14 and lasts for months, even if you shave once a day.

As with all other oils, only a couple of drops are needed per shave. If you use more you risk clogging the razor and weighing the hairs down.​

Shave Secret Oil

Another 100% natural oil, Shave Secret Oil comes with a hint of menthol and is completely cruelty free as it has never been tested on animals.

The little 0.8 oz bottle retails at just under $8 and can be found online and in some retail and/or drug stores.

If you shave every day it will most likely last 6-10 months and it is a huge favorite with those who shave their heads as well as their faces.​

King of Shaves AlphaOil Shave Oil for Sensitive Skin

King of Shaves AlphaOil Shave Oil Cooling Menthol Sensitive Skin was created specifically for those with sensitive skin.

It has a cooling menthol agent that helps soothe skin.

A 0.5 oz bottle retails at just under $10 and will give you an average of 100 shaves.

You really only need 2-3 drops of the oil for a good shave and it is important not to use much more otherwise you risk clogging your razor.

The oil is fragrance-free and therefore perfect for those who aren’t keen on scented oils.​

Dermalogica Close Shave Oil

Dermalogica’s Close Shave Oil is a favorite of those who moustaches, sideburns and goatees, as the oil does not need to be washed off the face post-shave, and therefore moisturizes the areas that remain unshaved, leaving skin healthy and hair shiny.

It is also a lot easier to use shaving oil for the styling of moustaches and goatees as you can see what you are doing and there is less risk of going wrong.

A little more pricy than others on the list, this shaving oil retails at $20 for a 1oz bottle, but it is definitely worth the higher price as it really lasts for months.​

The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Oil

Last but not least, The Art of Shaving’s Sandalwood Oil makes it to our list because it is one of the most popular shaving oils out there.

People do however seem to either love it or hate it. That said, it is a good shaving oil made from a mix of olive and castor oils with the addition of sandalwood essential oil.

The scent is slightly reminiscent of sandalwood, so if this doesn’t really float your boat you would be better off trying the unscented version.

The oil lifts the hairs and protects the skin to help provide an irritation-free shave but can get a little sticky if too much is applied.

The packaging is pretty classy, but it does also retail at $25 for a 2oz bottle.​


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