The Best Products for Removing Hair on Breasts

Many women will experience the joys of breast or nipple hair at least once in their lives, some of them dealing with it from puberty, others during or after a pregnancy or the menopause.

The main issue with removing hair on the breasts is that it is a sensitive area, especially the area on and around the nipples, and therefore it isn’t always easy to find a technique and a product that works well for every individual.

List of Best Products for Breast Hair Removal

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We will look through the efficacy of different methods for this area of the body and provide product recommendations.

The Best Products for Removing Hair on Breasts

Trimming and Tweezing

When it comes to nipple hair trimming the hairs down to just above the skin level may be all that you need to do if you have lighter hairs. For darker hairs this may not work, so tweezing can be a great option, especially if you only have a few hairs in the area.

If you decide to pluck the hairs it’s always best to trim any long hairs (nipple hair tends to grow quite long) down a little to avoid the hair breaking below the skin level. Only use professional style tweezers and always clean them with alcohol before use.

It’s best to take one’s time to ensure the hair is plucked at the root and doesn’t break. To make the procedure as easy as possible it is best to shower beforehand in order to open the pores.​

Recommended Tweezer

Crave Naturals Preciso Tweezers

Highly accurate stainless steel tweezers with case.


Shaving is definitely not a recommended hair removal method when it comes to the nipples due to the sensitivity of the area and how prone it is to ingrown hairs.

One could technically shave hair that appears on or between the breasts, but there are other methods that will provide a more efficient and lasting result.

Hair Removal Creams

This is another method that is not recommended for removing nipple hair.

Unless you want to feel the burn that is, because the area just doesn’t react well to the chemicals in hair removal creams.

An ingrown hair on the area may be painful, but that is nothing compared to a chemical burn!

Hair removal creams are however a great option for hair between the breasts, and a much better option than shaving.

Just apply, leave for the recommended amount of time (never leave for longer) and wipe off. The area should remain hair-free for up to 5 days on average. Again, NOT for use on the nipples.

Recommended Depilatory Products

Veet Gel Sensitive Formula 13.50 oz

Gel depilatory product suitable for legs and body


In regards to nipple hair, you can wax the area, but it is probably best left to a professional as they will use the correct techniques and type of wax. In any case, whether you have it done in a salon or you do it at home it is going to hurt!

Waxing may be a good option for the first pass, and then you can pluck them out as and when they grow back.

Waxing is a great option for hair on the breasts themselves and for hair between the breasts – and this can be done by a professional or yourself in the comfort of your own home without an issue.

You can expect hair-free skin for 4-6 weeks.

If you decide to use this method remember to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis as this helps avoid ingrown hairs. Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit  is a great option for those who like a spa-type wax at home.

Gigi’s kit comes with everything that you need, including the wax warmer, for a professional style wax. It’s great for both the beginner and for the seasoned waxer, and works very well on sensitive areas.

If you prefer to use cold wax strips, Parissa’s Wax Strips can be used to remove excess hair that grows between the breasts.

You can easily cut the strips into a size that works for you and the treatment can be done in just a few minutes.

Keep in mind that your skin may be a little red afterwards so it’s probably best to wax before you go to bed and not before a day at the beach!

Laser hair removal & Electrolysis

If you are tired of all of the plucking and waxing and looking for a more permanent solution to removing hair on the breasts, then laser hair removal and/or electrolysis may be an option for you.

Before deciding on one of these options it is best to consult with several professionals to see what type of results and prices they offer. It is very important to ensure that any laser treatment is provided by a fully licensed and trained physician.

Laser hair removal is a good option for hair on and between the breasts, as long as it is on the darker side. Laser works by targeting the melanin in the hair, so the darker the pigment, the better the result.

Laser works best on individuals with lighter skin and darker hair, and does not work on blond, red or grey hairs.

Laser may not be a great option for hair around or on the areola as it is a darker area of the body and this will most likely make the laser less effective, not to even mention the pain factor on the sensitive area!

Electrolysis works best on smaller areas as it is such a lengthy process, and it can work well on nipple hair. It is however painful, and not all professionals like to work on the area due to how sensitive it is.

If you are used to plucking the area and want a permanent solution, then electrolysis is definitely something to look into. If you only have a few hairs to treat then a couple of sessions may be enough to get rid of the hairs for good!


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